Sierra Leone charity wins life-saving solar powered vaccine refrigerator

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 April 2019:

Dulas are pleased to announce that the winners of the vaccine refrigerator competition are Set4Life Australia (S4LA).

S4LA is a grassroots, not-for-profit organisation providing direct support for the people of the Yiben area in Sierra Leone.

Working with the community and their dedicated champion Minkailu Bantama (Mallam), S4LA have recently established a Maternal and Child Health Post (MCHP) which serves more than 1,000 people in 17 communities.

Yiben is located in Koinadugu District, has no road access and is half a day’s travel to the nearest town of Fadugu. Vaccines are currently brought in as needed by foot, boat or bike so winning the Dulas solar powered refrigerator will enable the clinic to store their life-saving vaccines locally.

Mallam the coordinator and manager of the health project said “Yiben and surrounding area are some of the most remote and deprived communities in Sierra Leone. A fridge in Yiben will save many lives, without it essential medicines would spoil”

The VC30SDD refrigerator ( has a capacity of 25.5 litres and is the smallest in the Dulas range of Solar Direct Drive (SDD) Vaccine Refrigerators.

It’s the perfect product for this remote clinic as its compact size means that it is easily transportable. The VC30SDD has an autonomy time of over 72 hours, keeping vaccines safe and alleviating functionality concerns through rainy or dull periods.

Drawing on over three decades of experience in the solar refrigeration industry, the Dulas range of Solar Direct Drive refrigerators are designed to be the most reliable vaccine storage solution available on the market today.

Guy Watson, Head of Solar International Operations at Dulas said “We are happy to donate the vaccine refrigerator to the community of Yiben and support Set4Life Australia’s work which provides better health services for women and children”.

About Dulas

Dulas first developed solar powered vaccine refrigerators over thirtyfive years ago and since then has delivered thousands of fridges to over 72 countries. Working alongside humanitarian organisations and supporting global vaccination programmes, their fridges have helped saved many lives.

About Set4Life Australia

The charity was established in April, 2015 to support the remote and disadvantaged community of Yiben in northern Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries with among the lowest life expectancy and highest maternal and infant mortality in the world. Their goal is to support access to facilities and services that will improve health outcomes for all, with a focus on maternal and reproductive care and children’s health.

Images: Courtesy of Mallam and Set4Life Australia

Contact: Corrie Jones 01654 70 5055

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