Sierra Leone – cholera another disaster waiting to happen   

Moses Moore Jr

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 August 2017

Sugary Mount Sugar Loaf is all sour and pale. The diarrhoea that caught the sweet Mount days ago has left it anaemic. The fatal frequenting of mud and rocks devastated the whole immune system of the mount, exposed it to harsh weather conditions and rendered it inert and lifeless. How sad.

Cholera and its kindred bacterial family (water and food borne diseases) stand to be another catastrophic ticking bomb that will claim countless lives if care is not taken.

After the winnowing flood that left residual slurry and mud across Freetown and ferried faeces, decomposed human remains, garbage and unhygienic materials to most of our door steps, we note with the highest sense of caution that a robust hand washing and hygienic precautions be promoted to discourage an awaiting cholera outbreak.

We call on the general public to keep the habit of handwashing: wash hands before and after eating; wash hands after using the toilet. Wash household utensils before use.

Sterilise or boil those things that were covered in the flood. Don’t eat cold food outside the streets. Ensure you warm and properly cover food. Boil water before use.

We refuse to receive the superfluous and grotesque outpouring of  condolences or sympathies when an onslaught of intense slaughter could have been prevented.

The profound expressions of sympathies in such event are merely lame, insincere and un-healing. The cholera threat that hangs over us can be prevented. Let’s do all we can to prevent Cholera.

#together we can beat it#

Please give generously to the Freetown Flood Disaster Emergency Appeal to help the Freetown Flood Victims by clicking on this link:

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  1. I do hope Cholera will not reach to the height people are thinking. Sierra Leone has suffered and is suffering all the calamities one can think of. This somehow is the price for the massive theft and corruption the country is experiencing.

    With all the money the international community has given for the civil war rebuilding and the EBOLA epidemic disease, there is nothing even to pay workers. People try to live their lives with the meagre money they can find, and this situation has contributed to this disaster. The government has been silent in curbing corruption, greed and take your bag and run away behaviour.

    Until Dr. Koroma can show that he is serious about Sierra Leone, calamities such as what has just happened will become an everyday threat.

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