Sierra Leone government school buses will be allocated fairly – says transport minister

A.B Sheriff: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 August 2019:

In support of Sierra Leone’s Free Quality Education Programme which is a flagship of the Bio led government, the ministry of transport and aviation this week announced that the fifty school buses bought by the government from China, will be fairly allocated across the districts in the country.

Transport minister – Kabineh M. Kallon, made this announcement at the ministry of information and communication’s weekly press briefing which was chaired by the deputy minister of information and communication – Mamadi Gobeh.

Transport minister Kallon said that since the arrival of the fifty government school buses, they have had several meetings with stakeholders including the ministry of finance, ministry of education, ministry of local government and all the district councils in the country, to discuss how many buses will be allocated to each district.

Kallon informed the press that the fifty buses cost $4,980,000, manufactured by the Golden Dragon Company in China and insured by the National Insurance Company of Sierra Leone.

He said it has been decided that the buses will be allocated to the districts as follows: Kailahun 2, Kenema 5, Kono 3, Bombali 3, Koinadugu 1, Tonkolili 2, Falaba 1, Portloko 2, Karene 1, Kambia 1, Bo 6, Bonthe 1, Moyamba 1, Pujehun 1, Western Rural 5 and Western Urban 12, bringing the total allocated to 47. The remaining 3 buses he said, will be reserved for any emergency.

‘’During our meetings held with stakeholders, we agreed to set up committees to monitor the operation of the school buses. The committees comprise of the Chairman or Mayor of the district, the Director of Education, District Officers, Youth Representative, Provincial Secretary, Civil Society Organisation, Women representative, Sierra Leone Teachers Union, and Sierra Leone Police. The buses will be operated on a cost recovery basis,’’ minister Kabineh Kallon said.

He added that the government will ensure that the daily bus fare per child will meet the affordability of parents, and will be agreed before the launching of the buses which is scheduled for the 13th September, 2019.

The allocated buses will be made available to the districts a day or two before the launching ceremony which will be organised by the committee members of each district.

Transport minister Kallon also informed that the bus manufacturing company has provided a month’s training for the all the drivers and technicians. (Photo above: President Bio launching the National Free and Quality Education Programme).

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation – Brima S.T Kebbie spelt it out clearly that the government school buses will only be used by government and government assisted school pupils, and will not be available for use by teachers and private schools.

But the one million dollar question that remains unanswered, is how or what mechanism will be set up to help bus conductors and drivers identify pupils who are attending government and government assisted schools.


  1. Teacher Harouna, my dear fellow Sierra Leonean, the fact remains, you cannot shy away from your utterance/insinuations. You see, the merit of every discussion or debate is based on context. In case you forget, let me bring you back to memory lane. This whole back and fort between you and I came about after I refuted the labeling of me being an hardcore APC loyalist by Komba Fenga.

    In response to my refutation, let me quote an excerpt from you comments directed at me again “Why is it easy for SLPP, NGC and C4C folks to publicly declare their political identity but when it comes to APC guys the process is akin to going to a dentist to have a root canal done? In Sierra Leone, it is not difficult to identify a person’s political affiliation or ethnicity“

    Again, in the context of the topic of discussion, any learned individual who can read and comprehend the english language will simply deduce your Insinuation. I have stated emphatically on several occasions on this platform that I don’t belong to any political party; however, you are insisting otherwise. According to you, since politics in Salone is ”ethno-regionalism” you are certain I am an APC loyalist. So I clearly do not understand why you are running away from your statement. Again, its all about context sir.

    Now, I clearly could not comprehend your claim of me being emotional when it comes to politics. Are you insinuating that you are not expressing your emotions here in this platform whenever you are contributing to a given topic? May I state that emotions is synonymous to feelings, sentiments, passion etc etc; by all indications, all participants in this forum are expressing their emotions whenever they contribute, so I am not sure why that should even be a point of contention.

    • Young4na and Teacher Harouna, may I appeal to you both to end this personal to and fro. It is seriously becoming monotonous and a distraction to other forumites. Please, let us address the issues facing our country and leave out the personalisation of comments. Thank you.

  2. Mr Thomas – somehow,I missed your warning to everyone on this platform to keep their comments brief,and not exceeding more than 4 paragraphs. My girlfriend just drew my attention to it right now. So from now on,I will do my best to remain alert to your warnings at all times.It won’t make any sense to delete parts of it,so I suggest you delete the whole thing…Blessings.

    • That’s fine Mr Conteh. But it would be unfortunate to delete the whole piece, simply because of its length. I have taken the view that, it is worthy of our readers’ attention, and will therefore be published as an article, if that’s ok with you.

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