Pastor Joshua fires back over controversial testimony of Sierra Leone government official

Ihechukwu Njoku: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 August 2019:

After news was widely circulated that a Sierra Leonean government official was ‘sacked’ following her testimony at T.B. Joshua’s church in Nigeria, the Nigerian cleric has responded by releasing a video of the lady’s controversial testimony.

International media outlets such as CNN reported the story of Mrs Fatmata Edna Kargbo, the Chief Protocol Officer of Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio, whose testimony of ‘God’s blessings in her life’ after visiting Joshua’s church in Lagos, Nigeria, sparked public concern in Sierra Leone.

Kargbo was invited for questioning by Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission after insinuations were rife at the speed of her apparent rise in wealth.

However, Joshua’s television channel, Emmanuel TV, released the video of Kargbo’s actual testimony, which she shared on Sunday 21stJuly 2019.

According to Kargbo, after visiting The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) – “the house I constructed for 10 years without finishing – in exactly 14 years, I was able to complete it through the grace of God!”

This contradicts the narrative implied by most media reports that the Sierra Leonean politician amassed excessive finances within the short timeframe of her appointment as Bio’s Chief Protocol Officer in April 2018.

The clip released on Emmanuel TV also paints Kargbo as a patriotic figure who championed the cause of her nation during the deadly Ebola outbreak in the nation in 2014.

A letter from then President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma to Joshua, requesting his assistance in the nation to battle the deadly virus, is revealed, alongside a donation of $50,000 to Sierra Leone and 4,000 bottles of ‘Anointing Water’ to help curb the spread of the disease.

Kargbo reveals she personally received the gifts from Joshua – which were sent in a private jet chartered to the tune of $50,000 – and ensured they reached the affected areas, claiming that the regions where the ‘water’ reached were later declared Ebola free.

Although most media reports claimed Kargbo had been ‘sacked’ from her job, a statement from the presidential office indicated she had only been placed on leave pending the outcome of the corruption investigation.


About the author

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist.


  1. Who will be able to challenge The Almighty GOD? THE WINNER IS SPORTED ONLY AFTER A COMPETITION. OUT GOD REIGNS. God bless Prophet TB JOSHUA.

  2. Natasha Oloishiro
    The comment you made “Don’t forget that GOD can still rise up the Ebola virus as a punishment to that NATION” proves that you are not a Sierra Leonean because no patriotic citizen can wish that for our nation. So as a Sierra Leonean, I will ask the Almighty GOD/ALLAH to REBUKE that EVIL Statement.

    Your comment continued “They are not after Fatmata, they want PROPHET T.B JOSHUA to fail”. As a Sierra Leonean I will categorically state that our country is one of the most religiously tolerant nations in our region as compared to Nigeria where religious intolerance is the order of the day.

    The present situation in Sierra Leone is very tense because of the fight against corruption and has nothing to do with Ebola and I personally believe that every good deeds should remain secret because you are doing it for the sake of the Almighty and he is the only one that can reward you. Instead of using the good gesture that was made during the difficult and trying times around the world, (because to a degree Ebola affected even Nigeria, Great Britain and the USA) just to defend Mrs. Fatmata Kargbo who happens to be the Chief Protocol Officer of our current president.

    Please advise your Prophet that this is not about him but the credibility of a current government official who is alleged to have finished building her mansion within a year after her appointment by president Bio who is leading the fight against corruption.

    Finally I believe that the release of this statement by your prophet is an attempt made to put his thumb on the scale of justice, in order to influence the scope of the ongoing investigation by the Anti Corruption Commission. My only advice as a commoner to your respected prophet is to stay away from politics and leave all his burden to the Almighty.

  3. Why question GOD’s BLESSING, and there is enough evidence. Don’t forget that GOD can still raise up the Ebola virus as a punishment to that NATION. They are not after Fatmata, they want PROPHET T.B JOSHUA to fail. Thanks PROPHET T.B JOSHUA for giving them sleepless nights.

    • Indeed, as Natasha rightly said and I quote “Why question GOD’s BLESSING”. You are perfectly right to make that statement Natasha. Don’t worry Natasha. It seems that the issue is becoming a SPIRITUAL WARFARE and we are ready for it. We have all the RELIGIOUS TOOLS in the BIBLE to give the BELIEVERS VICTORY and an OVERWHELMING DEFEAT to the PREACHERS of SATAN and the DEVIL.

      Let’s just do what we must do as believers and continue to pray for PASTOR T. B. JOSHUA, former President Koroma and Fatmata Edna Kargbo who have been portrayed as unhelpful with this very HOLY and kind GESTURE from PASTOR T. B. JOSHUA. I would one day pay the pastor a visit to express my APPRECIATION and SINCERE GRATITUDE to him for helping SIERRA LEONE in times of need. It’s going to happen. AMEN AND AMEN. GOD BLESS OUR DEAR PASTOR.

  4. Chaplain Chris said in his comment: “My advice: Start preparing for your eternal HOME; leave – yes I say leave TBJ alone. God bless you as you consider my piece of advice.”

    Wow…Man of God, I got goose bumps when I read this. Are you really threatening someone for expressing their opinion? But you are a man of God. Please, why not be kind and pray for them instead? That way, you will both be assured of a warm and cosy place in heaven. My advice sir, and its one which I think Pastor Joshua himself would approve.

  5. BRAHIM, I only cited one example – Bishop Gilbert Deya – which you can google. And said example is neither “unfounded nor baseless”. So there!!

  6. It’s really sad and unfortunate that we are blending POLITICS and RELIGION. What is happening now, defines who we are as believers. Are we talking here about UNCHURCHED PEOPLE, BELIEVERS and NON-BELIEVERS? SAD. Frankly speaking, I don’t see any wrong doing by Mrs. Fatmata Edna Kargbo.

    Also, there is no proof of any SPIRITUAL ABUSE by PASTOR T. B. Joshua whatsoever. Are we right to judge our pastors according to the bible? Or, should we pray for them to serve us through Jesus Christ? Let everyone just read EPHESIANS 4 VERSES 11 through 16. By reading this scripture spells out clearly who our pastors are. Our Pastors simply are the head of our churches under Jesus Christ who is our Chief SHEPHERD. ARGUE!

    Let us face facts here, our PASTORS are like our HEARTS or NERVOUS SYSTEM, whichever way you want to look at it. The Nervous System for example receives information/data from our BRAIN (in this case Jesus Christ), through the SPINAL CORD (our Pastors) and finally to the NERVES (the congregation/church goers). DISCUSS!

    The problem we are now facing is when we reverse the way we think about the SPIRITUAL HEIRACHY ( The NERVES first, Then The SPINAL CORD and then The BRAIN). When we do that, we have problems in my view. That is precisely what is happening now. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s read our Bible and make sure we understand what the SCRPTURES say.

    Moreover, the initial reports that were circulated all over social media were not accurate. I am very happy that the writer did everything to shed light on the truth by providing the video. But some are still telling us it’s LIGHT YELLOW when it’s WHITE. Even with the video. Can you imagine?

    Bottom line, former President Koroma, Mrs. Fatmata Edna Kargbo and Pastor T.B. Joshua don’t deserve this row. Also, let’s wait and see the outcome of the ACC investigations. I don’t see any wrong doing involved in this case. I hope to be proved wrong. Please leave former President Koroma, Mrs. Fatmata Edna Kargbo and Pastor T. B. Joshua alone. GOD will surely BLESS them for this UNFAIR ROW. AMEN AND AMEN.

  7. In my personal opinion, one thing that is unique about Sierra Leone is religious tolerance, so its rather unfortunate to see pastor T.B. Joshua dragged into politics which according to our norms is a no go area since religion and politics is like oil and water that will never mix.

    The reality on the ground is since the commission of inquiry was launched in Sierra Leone by the New Direction government, every opportunity that the supporters of the opposition APC party has, will be exploited just to discredit the ruling SLPP to prove that the APC party is not the only corrupt party. They watched that video clip but decided to distort the massage by spreading fake news on social media.

    I hope and pray that the people of Sierra Leone will give our Anti Corruption commissioner time to investigate; and refrain from religious incitement by making derogatory statements against any religion, because our nation will always be one of the most religious tolerant in the world.

    • Why must we always blame the past government for everything? I am sure it’s not their decision to send her on leave and asked she is investigated.

  8. Mr Browne – clearly is at a loss as to how genuine Faith actually works. I am Muslim, and I have many Christian friends who have received their healings and blessings through fervent belief, and consistent acts of faith. Prophet Joshua has used his gifts to help and cure thousands of people, and there are countless testimonies to authenticate such a praiseworthy claim.

    Your skeptical mindset will never be able to appreciate the invisible gifts of the spirit. It is only an evil demonic mind that doubts all things supernatural. But love is different, it appreciates, celebrates and believes all things, seen and unseen. All your examples are unfounded and baseless. So Prophet Joshua keep on doing the good work of saving souls and helping the poor that you are doing. I Thank you Sir!

    • I thank you Sir. Prophet T. B.Joshua is a true prophet of God, whatever names the unbelievers decide to call him. He is anointed from above and nobody can change that. I love you prophet. Emmanuel.

  9. Njoku, going to the Synagogue to collect blood money from tb Joshua to deceive people will no longer work, rather you are destroying your life with such money. All the places evil water of tb Joshua reached had the most casualties of people because they turned deafening ears to hygiene to believe demonic water. God is watching you all. The day of judgement come soon.
    Go and read “THE T.B.JOSHUA I KNOW” on Amazon you will be shocked of information the Synagogue is keeping away from people.

    • It sounds to me your mind is already pre-wired to believe any negatives about TB Joshua. Who is Amazon? Have you checked the background of who is behind what you claim to be on Amazon. My assurance to you; you will soon acknowledge TB Joshua ISN’T the evil person you have been made to believe. I don’t blame you, because, I USED TO THINK LIKE THE WAY YOU DO NOW. I pray the Good Lord locates you. Peace.

    • I have heard you very well my sister but let me tell you that people have different beliefs. The one you are spoiling his name, that is the one we are going die believing in, because we have seen many miracles from him.

    • Brethren we all need to pray for the enemy of our souls. The devil is at it again. TB Josua did what he did as a servant of God instructed to do by God almighty. And today you want to call it evil or bloody money? Ok, so what did your “true church” did to help the people of this country during the ebola epidemic?

      TB Josua is always opposed by so called “Christians” for merely doing as the Bible commands us. Why? Because modern Christians want to to amass wealth to themselves and give a blind eye to the needy.

    • Emmanuel, Good morning, TB JOSHUA, TB JOSHUA, You yes you, you can’t do the prophet of God any harm. Isaiah 54 vs 17,
      Our Lord Jesus Christ also faced the same thing while on earth, but after His crucifixion on the mount at golgotha the day turned to night (THEY) (YOU NOW) discovered that He is a true Son of GOD. My advice: Start preparing for your enternal HOME; leave – yes I say leave TBJ alone. God bless you as you consider my piece of advice.

    • Thank you Jesus. Unbelievers are quick to call names. What have you to offer the poor and needy in our world of today. Prophet T. B. Joshua has shown the difference by helping the poor and needy. If you read your Bible, God is happy when we do charity. Emmanuel

  10. My friend go over the piece properly. Kargbo said she personally received the gifts from Tb Joshua’s private jet and routed them to the targeted areas. Don’t be miopic. Former president Koroma requested for his prayers and he sent the money with some anointing oil which was received by madam Kargbo.

  11. Mr. Michael Koroma, can you go through the video again before you ask the question of what did former Prezo do with the money? I think that will help answer the questions you are asking or the answers you seek to the money.

  12. Thanks to the Almighty God we have started getting some chili and encouraging news again. We are now waiting to see how some of our contributors are going to handle this then. Come on guys we can’t wait to read your comments.

  13. What a fascinating story. Well done Sierra Leone Telegraph for giving us more insight into this story. But what I am very curious to know, and what no doubt would be of interest to the ACC and the commission of inquiry, is what did former president Koroma do with the $50,000 that the pastor said he donated to president Koroma to help fight the Ebola virus?

    Will the ACC be looking into this question as part of its investigations into the Agnes Kargbo case? And will the ACC be inviting the former president to give evidence about the $50,000 to help the ACC determine what exactly happened to the $50,000 that should have benefited the people of Sierra Leone?

    There must be accountability and full disclosure, please Mr ACC! I am not calling for the arrest of the former president – just accountability, plain and simple!

  14. LoL These religious charlatans and pious frauds, the TB Joshuas of this world, feed on the gullible. During the Ebola scourge TB Joshua announced that washing with saline solution (salt water) will protect and cure you from the virus and lots of Sierra Leoneans headed for the shops and markets to buy salt. But alas it was bogus, even the BBC reporter Umaru Fofana was taken in!

    Then there was the case of his colleague (a Kenyan) Bishop Deya in London with his ‘miracle babies’, a scam him and his wife practiced on gullible women who are infertile but anxious to have babies. That scam could not pass the scrutiny of the courts.

    • God bless TB Joshua… Let me ask you just one question. Did you hear the man of God physically or on TV advising people to take salt, or is it on one of those fake news? Cuz that is a false accusation.. You don’t have any proof.

    • You know what you are saying. Tb Joshua and Deya are in different leagues. Jesus healed, blessed and delivered and before he parted to heaven he said; ‘these signs shall follow those who believe in me. In my name they will stretch their right hand and healing powers will flow..,’Mark 16;17-18

    • Another lies. Since when have you ever heard of prophet T. B. Joshua talking about salt or using salt on Emmanuel TV. Brethren please get your facts right. Emmanuel

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