Pastor Joshua fires back over controversial testimony of Sierra Leone government official

Ihechukwu Njoku: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 August 2019:

After news was widely circulated that a Sierra Leonean government official was ‘sacked’ following her testimony at T.B. Joshua’s church in Nigeria, the Nigerian cleric has responded by releasing a video of the lady’s controversial testimony.

International media outlets such as CNN reported the story of Mrs Fatmata Edna Kargbo, the Chief Protocol Officer of Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio, whose testimony of ‘God’s blessings in her life’ after visiting Joshua’s church in Lagos, Nigeria, sparked public concern in Sierra Leone.

Kargbo was invited for questioning by Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission after insinuations were rife at the speed of her apparent rise in wealth.

However, Joshua’s television channel, Emmanuel TV, released the video of Kargbo’s actual testimony, which she shared on Sunday 21stJuly 2019.

According to Kargbo, after visiting The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) – “the house I constructed for 10 years without finishing – in exactly 14 years, I was able to complete it through the grace of God!”

This contradicts the narrative implied by most media reports that the Sierra Leonean politician amassed excessive finances within the short timeframe of her appointment as Bio’s Chief Protocol Officer in April 2018.

The clip released on Emmanuel TV also paints Kargbo as a patriotic figure who championed the cause of her nation during the deadly Ebola outbreak in the nation in 2014.

A letter from then President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma to Joshua, requesting his assistance in the nation to battle the deadly virus, is revealed, alongside a donation of $50,000 to Sierra Leone and 4,000 bottles of ‘Anointing Water’ to help curb the spread of the disease.

Kargbo reveals she personally received the gifts from Joshua – which were sent in a private jet chartered to the tune of $50,000 – and ensured they reached the affected areas, claiming that the regions where the ‘water’ reached were later declared Ebola free.

Although most media reports claimed Kargbo had been ‘sacked’ from her job, a statement from the presidential office indicated she had only been placed on leave pending the outcome of the corruption investigation.


About the author

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist.


  1. Who will be able to challenge The Almighty GOD? THE WINNER IS SPORTED ONLY AFTER A COMPETITION. OUT GOD REIGNS. God bless Prophet TB JOSHUA.

  2. Natasha Oloishiro
    The comment you made “Don’t forget that GOD can still rise up the Ebola virus as a punishment to that NATION” proves that you are not a Sierra Leonean because no patriotic citizen can wish that for our nation. So as a Sierra Leonean, I will ask the Almighty GOD/ALLAH to REBUKE that EVIL Statement.

    Your comment continued “They are not after Fatmata, they want PROPHET T.B JOSHUA to fail”. As a Sierra Leonean I will categorically state that our country is one of the most religiously tolerant nations in our region as compared to Nigeria where religious intolerance is the order of the day.

    The present situation in Sierra Leone is very tense because of the fight against corruption and has nothing to do with Ebola and I personally believe that every good deeds should remain secret because you are doing it for the sake of the Almighty and he is the only one that can reward you. Instead of using the good gesture that was made during the difficult and trying times around the world, (because to a degree Ebola affected even Nigeria, Great Britain and the USA) just to defend Mrs. Fatmata Kargbo who happens to be the Chief Protocol Officer of our current president.

    Please advise your Prophet that this is not about him but the credibility of a current government official who is alleged to have finished building her mansion within a year after her appointment by president Bio who is leading the fight against corruption.

    Finally I believe that the release of this statement by your prophet is an attempt made to put his thumb on the scale of justice, in order to influence the scope of the ongoing investigation by the Anti Corruption Commission. My only advice as a commoner to your respected prophet is to stay away from politics and leave all his burden to the Almighty.

  3. Why question GOD’s BLESSING, and there is enough evidence. Don’t forget that GOD can still raise up the Ebola virus as a punishment to that NATION. They are not after Fatmata, they want PROPHET T.B JOSHUA to fail. Thanks PROPHET T.B JOSHUA for giving them sleepless nights.

    • Indeed, as Natasha rightly said and I quote “Why question GOD’s BLESSING”. You are perfectly right to make that statement Natasha. Don’t worry Natasha. It seems that the issue is becoming a SPIRITUAL WARFARE and we are ready for it. We have all the RELIGIOUS TOOLS in the BIBLE to give the BELIEVERS VICTORY and an OVERWHELMING DEFEAT to the PREACHERS of SATAN and the DEVIL.

      Let’s just do what we must do as believers and continue to pray for PASTOR T. B. JOSHUA, former President Koroma and Fatmata Edna Kargbo who have been portrayed as unhelpful with this very HOLY and kind GESTURE from PASTOR T. B. JOSHUA. I would one day pay the pastor a visit to express my APPRECIATION and SINCERE GRATITUDE to him for helping SIERRA LEONE in times of need. It’s going to happen. AMEN AND AMEN. GOD BLESS OUR DEAR PASTOR.

  4. Chaplain Chris said in his comment: “My advice: Start preparing for your eternal HOME; leave – yes I say leave TBJ alone. God bless you as you consider my piece of advice.”

    Wow…Man of God, I got goose bumps when I read this. Are you really threatening someone for expressing their opinion? But you are a man of God. Please, why not be kind and pray for them instead? That way, you will both be assured of a warm and cosy place in heaven. My advice sir, and its one which I think Pastor Joshua himself would approve.

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