Sierra Leone High Commissioner in UK and his British counterpart met in London

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 December 2018:

The Sierra Leone High Commissioner to the UK – Mr. Tamba John Sylvanus Lamina, met with the UK High Commissioner to Sierra Leone – Mr. Guy Warrington at the Sierra Leone High Commission office in London this week.

Both diplomats discussed bilateral relationships and matters of common interests, especially trade and investment opportunities for Sierra Leone.

High Commissioner Lamina stressed the need for both diplomatic missions to closely work together, to deepen the historical relationship between Sierra Leone and the UK, for the good of the people of both countries. (Photo: Sierra Leone High Commissioner to UK – Tamba Lamina – left and British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Guy Warrington – right). 

The British High Commissioner – Mr. Guy Warrington was on a courtesy visit to the Sierra Leone High Commission in London, on Thursday, 13th December, 2018.

The two diplomats explored potential partnership working and practical measures to help promote trade and investment opportunities in furtherance of the economic development of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Warrington said that Sierra Leone has many investment opportunities, especially in tourism, agriculture, agro-processing, fisheries, and mineral resources.

But these opportunities need to be well packaged and promoted internationally to foreign investors, as well as to Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora, he said.

Mr. Lamina warmly thanked Guy Warrington for the visit and expressed hope that this would be the beginning of a new partnership working between both High Commissions to further the development of Sierra Leone

British High Commissioner Warrington returned to Freetown yesterday – Friday, 14th December.

In another development, the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas and his wife, Dr Fawzia Iyamide Thomas, met with High Commissioner Lamina at the Sierra Leone High Commission office in London on Friday.

They discussed a wide range of issues, including the important role Sierra Leoneans in the UK Diaspora could play in the economic development of Sierra Leone. (Photo: Mr. Abdul Rashid Thomas, Dr Fawzia Thomas – left and High Commissioner Lamina – right).

The meeting explored strategies for promoting UK Diaspora investment capital, entrepreneurial and management expertise for new business start-ups; investment in existing businesses, through share capital and partnership formation; promote innovation through skills and knowledge transfer in collaboration with local businesses in Sierra Leone.

Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas spoke about the need to create a new and sustainable space for leveraging and harnessing diaspora investments in agro-processing, fisheries, and tourism.

Sierra Leone needs over $500 million investment in agro-processing, fisheries, tourism, and farming.

High Commissioner Lamina emphasised the major role that Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora could play in leveraging this massive capital investment, if the country is to progress through business development and job creation.

He also said that the Sierra Leone High Commission in the UK will be prioritising and focussing on harnessing the capital investment potential, expertise and skills that Sierra Leoneans in the UK can contribute to the development of Sierra Leone.

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