Sierra Leone is committed to global peace and security – president Bio tells UN Assembly

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 September 2020:

Sierra Leone’s president Julius Maada Bio sent a statement to the United Nations which was delivered  by the country’s former minister of foreign affairs and now Sierra Leone’s Representative to the UN – Mr Alie Kabba (Photo above), on the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations – which took place on Monday, 21st September 2020.

The statement reads:

H.E. Mr. Volkan Bozkır, President of the Seventy-Fifth Session of the General Assembly, H.E. Mr. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Abdou Abarry, President of the Security Council, Excellencies, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I congratulate you, Mr. Presidents, on your assumption of the responsibility to steer the work of the Seventy-Fifth Session of the General Assembly and the Security Council and assure you of Sierra Leone’s full support during your respective tenures.

“I congratulate and commend Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for his sterling leadership especially in this Diamond Jubilee Anniversary year.

“Excellencies, Sierra Leone is delighted to join other Member States in commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations. In spite of an unprecedented and disruptive global health crisis with attendant severe economic and social impacts, our challenge is to emerge stronger and better by broadening and deepening dialogue and cooperation across borders, sectors, and generations. (Photo: Alie Kabba  – right). 

“Our collective commitment to multilateralism will therefore determine how fast our world recovers and whether we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Excellencies, the signatories of the Charter intended that the United Nations will be a centre for harmonizing actions to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, and achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character.

“Complete adherence to and implementation of the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations is therefore critical now more than ever. But the seemingly unending cycles of conflict, the devastating impacts of climate change, and the spread of terrorism in recent history, continue to question the effectiveness of our organization and our ability to promote peace and decent life for all on a sustainable planet.

“We should collectively generate innovative ideas for fostering peace and better living standards for all. We should implement reform measures in the three major organs of the United Nations, in particular the Security Council, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this noble institution.

“Excellencies, Sierra Leone is committed to advancing our collective ambition and energy to maintain global peace and security, mitigate climate change, and achieve the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

“We look forward to working with you and all Member States in upholding and fulfilling our collective objectives as set out in the United Nations Charter. I thank you.”

In another development, UN Secretary General has appointed a new UN Representative for Sierra Leone. He is Nigerian – Babatunde Ahonsi, who has been approved by President Maada Bio to serve as the new UN Resident Coordinator in Sierra Leone.

According to the UN official statement, Mr. Ahonsi brings more than 20 years of experience in international development to the position, which he has acquired with the United Nations and externally.

Most recently, he served as the acting United Nations Resident Coordinator in China after occupying leadership positions with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), including Representative in China, Country Director for Mongolia and Representative in Ghana.

Prior to joining the United Nations, Mr. Ahonsi held senior programme management positions with the Ford Foundation in West Africa and worked as Country Representative for the Population Council, an international non-governmental organization in Nigeria. He also lectured at federal universities in Nigeria.

Mr. Ahonsi holds a bachelor’s degree with honours in Sociology from the University of Lagos in Nigeria and a doctorate in Population Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK.


  1. President Bio’s commitment to global peace and security is in line with his actions of killing innocent people and marginalizing dissenting voices in the country, for it speaks in the context of UN’s definition of what global peace and security entails. It is a known fact that the United Nations is a Eugenics organization, whose main objective seemingly is to get rid of as much people as possible in underdeveloped regions. This is especially true for black Africa and African people across the globe, as there have been several cases that can attest to the organization’s unquenchable thirst for purging black bodies. One of UN’s multiple cases that seek to destroy black lives was perpetuated in Kenya, years back, which is estimated to have sterilized five hundred thousand women in the country.

    Another example of UN’s atrocity in a black nation is one that was orchestrated in the Republic of Haiti, which the United Nations themselves admitted to have perpetuated. The incident led to thousands of deaths. Also, Blacks in South Africa were faced with fury that had left 34 underpaid miners shot dead by the police, simply for protesting for a better work wage. None of the personnel who were directly involved were held accountable. The UN did not budge. Instead of holding President Ramaphosa accountable he was awarded the highest position that a person can hold in a supposed sovereign country. No sanctions from the UN…nothing!

    So you see, President Bio’s commitment to global peace and security to the UN is right on the money. For UN’s definition of peace and security has its own limitation, and it isn’t necessarily based on the textbook definition of what peace and security entails.

  2. As the United nations celebrates it 75th anniversary, since its foundation, our country has been a strong and supportive member of the ideals and principles of it founding members, as represented in the charter of the United Nations. which is to maintain world peace. Never mind if our government don’t adhere to the same ideals and principles, when it comes to the way they are running things in our own country. It seems like this president and his supporters have a special charter or agenda for Sierra Leone. Since that day, 27th September 1961, when Sierra-Leone was led by its newly minted Prime minister Sir Milton Margai, and the then minister of external affairs Dr. John Karefa-Smart, it was a moment of joy for every Sierra-Leoneans when we took our rightful seat in the general assembly of the UN as a newly independent state. Since then, we have always played an active role in this world body.

    That moment of joy for our country came shortly after we were admitted to the world body by an act of proclamation by the General assembly of the United Nations. Sierra-Leone can proudly say it has been a contributor to UN peace keeping operations, from the 1960s Congo crisis, to more recent hot spots like Somalia, Darfur, Mali etc. At the same time we have also benefited from the ideals of the UN to keep world peace. During and after our civil war, we had one of the largest UN peace keeping operations force in the world.

    We are eternally grateful for the role the UN played in bringing peace to our country. Our own contribution to world peace would not have been possible with out the gallant service of our men and women members of the Republic of Sierra-Leone armed forces. We owe our men and women in uniform a dept of gratitude for flying our Sierra Leone flag in hot spots no one else dear to go. Perhaps the only institution left that is trusted by the Sierra-Leone public. And it should stay like that. If recent events were anything to go by, we can see president Bio is trying hard to inject his tribalistic tendencies in the military. We Sierra-Leoneans should be vigilant. Because politicising our military is not only dangerous but damn right wrong. Not in my name. May God bless Sierra-Leone.

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