Sierra Leone needs infrastructure and support systems for food security – says president Bio

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 March 2023:

Last week, President Bio took part in high-level discussions in Doha on global challenges to food security, indigenous knowledge systems and their applications, emphasising the direct impact of climate change on food production.

Asked by the moderator – Zainab Al Bakri about his thoughts on the impact of climate change on agriculture in Sierra Leone, President Bio said, “Erratic weather patterns affect the agriculture sector. Lately we have had a lot of flooding and that is impacting how we can quickly produce food for our people”.

But many of his critics would say that after five years in office, and with tens of millions of dollars spent on developing agricultural systems and infrastructure in Sierra Leone, food security should no longer be a problem for millions of Sierra Leoneans who are now facing starvation.

President Julius Maada Bio was speaking on a panel including Hakainde Hichilema – President of Zambia; and Mr Jaidev Shroff – CEO of UPL Jaidev, a well-recognised global leader in the Chemical and agri-inputs industry with over 30 years experience in India and internationally.

Speaking on the state of the agriculture sector in Sierra Leone, President Bio said there is need to find a way to strike a balance between sustainable agriculture – one that supports the environment, and one that produces sufficient food.

“Indigenous methods of food production remain paramount. We have most conditions necessary to embark on food security in our country, but we need certain infrastructure and support systems in place,” he said.

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