Sierra Leone police search Dr Blyden’s property for evidence

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 May 2020:

Police in Freetown entered Dr Blyden’s property yesterday, after breaking the door to gain entry to search for evidence they say could incriminate her for an alleged offence of ‘subverting the state’.

After a thorough search they took away several items including documents  and a large portrait of former president Koroma. According to reports, the search took over two hours to complete.

Following requests by readers to watch a longer version of the recorded AYV TV report of the search, the Sierra Leone Telegraph has gained access to this video which you can watch below (courtesy of AYV TV):



  1. The country is in darkness, nothing good is happening in our beloved country Mama Salone. Our past, present leaders should come to one encounter, building the peace of this country, if not, hmmmmm as a prophetic servant of God, giving an advice to the leadership of this country, if the peace don’t settle, war is about to come in this Nation, I am crying to the leadership of this Nation, build the peace and preach the peace to the people of this Nation. Haaaaa, if not hmmmmm, war is about to come, that says the Lord. Preach the peace to the people of this Nation.

  2. In my personal opinion, I believe that we have to trust our institutions to perform their duties because majority of our law enforcement officials are patriots who are sacrificing their lives just to protect lives and properties in our beloved country. But from a layman point of view regarding investigation, after watching the whole video clip, I am curious to know the significance of the portrait of the former president but we have to be patient.

    Finally, investigating members of a political party accused of the death of a journalist, or treason for taking a loaded gun to the statehouse or subversion against the state by collaborating with people spreading fake news to destabilize our country should not be regarded as harassment, because in our current democracy they will have their day in court to prove their innocence.

  3. I can’t believe what we are seeing and hearing. When has it become a crime to have a portrait of a past leader in any parts of the world? Is this officer really serious? We have been praying for this government to be successful but it is turning out to be the worst in the history of our beloved country. Which political party will bring us out of the mess we are in? Our Mama Salone has become a banana republic. God help our people.

  4. Because we don’t want chaos and anarchy in Sierra Leone, the International community must help some individuals with a “safe passage” out of Sierra Leone, before some “mumus” will come out and speak. Some people are “mumus” today, because they fear, their human rights will be violated and they will be subject to barbarity and unlawful incarceration, if they come out and speak. It’s really regrettable. Safe passages have been granted to individuals in two West African countries in recent times. The Ivory Coast and The Gambia.

    These countries are now carrying on their lives without a dictator at the helm. The International community has to step in now, help Sierra Leone with a similar formula, if President Bio and the Bio SLPP don’t want to engage with the opposition on sorting the MESS, that the Bio SLPP has created. God bless and help the International community find an exit strategy formula to save Sierra Leone from chaos and anarchy. It’s a shame, that no one is talking about Coronavirus these days.

  5. They were adamant in the beginning when all started, but now, the tone has softened, which indicates an error in the arrest and violation of Dr Sylvia Blyden’s human rights. The arrest of Dr Sylvia Blyden has become “bone na throat” for President Bio, the “Bio SLPP” and the Sierra Leone Police. I just feel sorry for the new Inspector General of police IG Sovula and the Sierra Leone Police for been Scapegoats in this unnecessary crisis.
    Really SAD to see the spokesman there, trying to defend finding evidences, that they will never find. Also, the spokesman have realised the seriousness of the violation of human rights, which is exactly what Dr. Sylvia Blyden is subdued to. That’s why he mentioned it in my view.

    What do our police and judiciary authorities think of when the whole world, especially our development partners and investors see such reporting live on camera? Again, more evidence to the ICC for gross violation of human rights in Sierra Leone. The spokesman was on some sort of damage control, but those soft words won’t fly in the face/eyes of the international community and the ICC. Bottom line, Dr Sylvia Blyden will be released unconditionally, because she has done nothing wrong. God keep you safe Dr Sylvia Blyden and see you soon.

    • You’re right my brother, thanks for saying the truth. If we all can say the truth where it is, trust me Sierra Leone will be a better place for our future. May God gives us the grace to overcome our negative thought.

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