Sierra Leone popular musician Steady Bongo says – Salone we want no more war

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 02 May 2020:

As Sierra Leoneans across the political, regional and tribal divide look for answers to the myriad of economic, social and political problems bedevilling the development, peace and stability of the nation after 59 years of independence, today there is fear of repression, lawlessness and impunity, unbridled corruption, and growing poverty.

The killing of eleven unarmed rioting prisoners at Pademba Road, the arrest of political opponents, the cavalier attitude towards the coronavirus by the political class and those in power,  have once again exposed the fragility of Sierra Leone’s hard won peace and stability.

But if there is to be hope, it could be found in the lyrics of many of the country’s musicians – including Emerson Bockarie, Innocent and Steady Bongo.

For the past decade or more, musicians such as Steady Bongo (Photo) have provided solace to millions of  poor – young as well as old people – lost in the mist of hopelesness, joblessness, abject poverty and political impunity.

Take a listen to the latest song by Steady Bongo – echoing the phylosophy and development slogan of Dr Kandeh Yumkella – “HOPE, OPPORTUNITY & TRANSFORMATION (HOT):

Let us continue to pray for Mama Salone. 


  1. Nasiru -Deem Nekah, please add more flesh to your skeptical statement to win a forceful reply from me. There are no jokes on this platform. A split decision in boxing is still a win for the boxer that is favoured by the judges. A one zero victory in football is still a victory. I eagerly await your response. Thank you very much for taking the time I read my contribution.

  2. Santhkie are you serious.How can Kandeh Yumkellah win a presidential election. A man who barely won a fraction of his own district. You are a joker.

  3. God strong in might and power has a plan for the people of Sierra Leone, as well as Liberians. No regime, army government can overturn what the Lord has in store. Only the people to repent of their wickedness, trust in the Lord. Sin is a reproach to all nations but righteousness exalted the nation. I am praying for these people.

  4. Sahr Matturi, there was a time when most Sierra Leoneans were in no doubt that APC had such a grip on the nation that they would never be thrown out of power. But then came that fateful day in 1992 when a group of young military boys, some of them hardly out of their twenties, descended on Freetown. In a matter of hours the entire APC super structure were sent scurrying for cover. Momoh ended up in the arms of Lansana Conte’ in neighboring Guinea.

    Of course no one wants anymore military coup in our country, I merely brought up that momentous occasion in 1992 to emphasise the fact that nothing is impossible, and that it’s within the realm of possibility that NGC can win the presidency. It’s even held in some quarters that Dr Yomkella actually won the presidency in 2018 but for the shady activities of the electoral commission headed by Nfa Ali Conteh.

    If NGC mount a serious campaign for 2023, please don’t bet your life that they won’t win the presidency. My observation leads me to believe that a remarkable number of Sierra Leoneans spanning all tribal and ethnic lines are slowly becoming conscious of the fact that APC and SLPP have been a drag on the nation. Outwardly they profess to be APC or SLPP to the marrow because of peer pressure, but inwardly they cannot wait to see their backs.

    Sahr, have you ever heard the expression “giant killer “? Do you know the story of David and Goliath? It’s both in the Quoran and Bible.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read my contribution. Our little democratic platform gets stronger by the day, thanks to the Telegraph.

  5. Are you blind to see or taking an illegal gun to a state meeting is by definition criminal violation of Military justice on attempted coup? Conteh you know better.

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