Sierra Leone records highest daily number of new COVID cases

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 02 May 2020:

Nineteen new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Sierra Leone today – the highest number to be confirmed in one day, bringing the total number of recorded cases to 155.

Eight people have so far died of the virus and 27 have recovered. But there are reports of the prisoner whose presence at the Pademba Road Prison sparked Wednesday’s rioting after testing positive, has escaped from the Connaught Isolation Unit where he was admitted.

Yesterday, 12 new cases were confirmed in the country, with 10 of those recorded in Freetown alone, bringing the total number of new cases in the last forty-eight hours in Sierra Leone to 31.

One hundred and twenty-four of the total of 155 cases recorded so far in the country are in Freetown. The total number of people in quarantine now stands at 1182.

Sierra Leone has for the first time recorded more cases than Liberia where as of yesterday, there were 152 cases, 18 deaths and 45 recoveries. Guinea had 1537 confirmed cases, 7 deaths so far, and 342 recoveries.


  1. Growing up in Sierra Leone, I usually hear elderly people say “Sicknesses Na We Number One enemy.” Few months ago most of us around the world used to sit down in front of our television even while having our meals watching innocent people of China and Italy dying from this dreadful disease, never predicted that the whole world will not only get sick but faced with financial challenges.

    On a personal note, I started facing the reality when my wife who is a registered nurse suggested after decades of marriage, that we have to start sleeping in different bedrooms and even stop eating together from the same dish. When our Governor of our State made the final announcement that all religious gathering is prohibited and announcements were made that pilgrimage is postponed for all religions around the world then I realized that satan is trying to divide our families, countries, cultures and traditions around the world.

    Now is no the time to argue about the cause of the fire but to follow the guidelines to extinguish it. Let’s continue to pray for our scientists around the world to discover a vaccine and medication for this satanic plague so that our lives will return to normalcy. AMEN AND AMEEN.

  2. Just see how the Bio lead SLPP has no interest in fighting COVID-19. At a time when governments all around the world, are trying to fight this deadly and invincible Coronavirus enemy, the Bio lead SLPP is recklessly engaged in slaughtering prisoners and prison officers at Pademba Road Prisons, with the aid of President Bio’s security guards. Very SAD.

    Now, a political crisis is in the making. Look at how scary the figures are rising exponentially. I can’t even imagine how the Bio lead SLPP will fight this deadly pandemic effectively and at the same time dealing with this bloody brutal mess/killing by his presidential security guards.

    No one is talking about Coronavirus any longer these days, because of this past botched and cooked attempt to plunge Sierra Leone into chaos and anarchy by the Bio lead SLPP. The Bio lead SLPP must GO. Have to. May the souls of all those prisoners and prison officers who died on that bloody day, on the bloody hands of President Bio’s security guards, Rest In Peace. Amen and Amen. Father God.

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