Sierra Leone requests extradition of former Police Chief from Liberia for alleged coup plot

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 August 2023:

Former Chief Superintendent of the Sierra Leonean Police – Mohammed Yetey Turay, was detained last weekend by Liberian Police after tip-off from Sierra Leone Police who say they are conducting investigations into alleged plot to topple the Bio-led government.

Mohammed Yetey Turay has been living in Liberia since his dismissal along with several other officers from the force two years ago.

It is not clear whether Sierra Leone and Liberia have an extradition agreement that should make it possible for Turay to be handed over to the authorities in Sierra Leone. But it is more than likely he will be handed over, given the longstanding close relationship between the two neighbouring countries.

Given these reported arrests in Sierra Leone, questions are being asked as to whether there was indeed an attempted plot to overthrow the Bio-led government or not. Many now believe that this is simply a cover-up by President Bio to crackdown on the opposition as August 10 approaches.

It may be recalled that on August 10, 2022, over thirty young, unarmed citizens were shot dead by security forces in a peaceful demonstration against rising cost of living across the country. The killing was condemned by Amnesty International and other human rights groups.

Following the killing, President Bio announced on national television that those involved were terrorists plotting to destabilise the country.

Two weeks ago, the police published a press release stating that they are investigating alleged plot to conduct violent attacks against state institutions and civilians, planned to take place during street protests between August 7 and August 10, 2023, by senior army officers and others.

Despite calls for the names of  those the police said have been arrested to be published, there has been no response, prompting critics to conclude that the alleged coup plot is a smokescreen to conduct widespread crackdown against the opposition in the country.

According to reports, Chief Superintendent Turay’s daughter-in-law, Juliana Turay, was yesterday refused request to visit Turay (Photo above), who is being held in detention in the Liberia National Police headquarters.

“Juliana Turay defended her father-in-law’s innocence, asserting that he had not returned to Sierra Leone since arriving in Liberia in March 2022. She highlighted that he had only travelled to Ghana once to visit his grandchildren and had remained in Liberia ever since. Despite the allegations, she stated that no concrete evidence had been presented by the Liberia National Police to support the accusation,” Frontpage Africa reported yesterday.

Concern is growing for the safety and welfare of Chief Superintendent Turay, should he be extradited to Sierra Leone. His daughter-in-law has appealed to the Liberian government not to send him to Sierra Leone where he may not receive justice.



  1. “A cause without a cause cannot arise”. The issue of addressing issues without a cause makes it pointless, but when an issue arises as a result of a cause then it becomes necessary. This is what we as Sierra Leoneans are faced today.

    In my opinion, I do believe that what Sierra Leone is faced with today has a generation cause and not until we are honest with ourselves to address this cause, we will not reach our destination.

    This is the country where honest people with genuine heart and love for the nation are hardly given the opportunity or space to perticipate in the growth and development of the country. Some of those in authority often relied on their strength as they continue to control and lead the masses into their unproductive ideas and attitudes. Some are bend on playing games with the intelligence of others. So the question now lies, who should we believe? Who is a honest and genuine Sierra Leonean that has this nation at heart? Why are we experiencing all of the problems so far?

    From the days of independence, to present date, very few Sierra Leoneans have learnt very little of the trajectory of our nation. In all reigns of our past leaders, the expectation of the people compared to what was achieved still remain a big puzzle to elite. Structures were built and destroyed from one transitional rule to another. We have experienced political maneuvering of renowned and outstanding politicians in the name of national unity. Have we ever asked ourselves, if truly these political maneuvering were done for better national interest or for personal interests. Only the rich have survived.Try to be rich before your thoughts and inspirations can be recognized.

    I was not born during independence neither did I see or experience the type of rule. I was born in the 70s. In all my research done about Sierra Leone, any time this nation approaches 7 in the yearly calendar, it has faced with series of challenges and turmoil. To note but a few, 1977, 1987, 1997, 2007, 2017,and take note of 2027. If you are a children born in the 7s and you are faced with challenges in life, please note that it is due to a cause.

    Another thing to note is that, so many structures were built in this country to strengthen our governance system and democracy, but how many of it is in good footing today. Take a look the railway system which used to alleviate food crisis across the country, where is it today? Take a look at the commonwealth project that brought about reforms in the police structure, how is it today. Mr. Val caulked, consultant on governance reform played a pivotal role too, how does his efforts ends. Late President Ahmed Tejan Kabba instituted the TRC report to unearth basically some of the root causes of our senseless and dastardly war and to find a pathway in addressing these issues arising from the report. How does it go? It has been the opposite. We have no sympathy for each other. In his tenure, the Anti-corruption commission Act started, who did you hear of that ever returned stolen fund. The most recent is the commission of inquiry that climaxed the popularity of H.E Dr.Julius Maada Bio. How was it perceived in the later stage? Political witch hunt. Our minds are now being diverted from the commission of inquiry report to june 2024 election results.

    May God help us all as we live in the land of confused people.

  2. Senior military personnel from the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) were reportedly spotted in Liberia trying to file an extradition order for Mohamed Turay commonly called Yete Yete on allegations of attempted coup plot.

  3. Treason is one of the most serious legal offences that exists in most, if not all legal jurisdictions around the world today; Falsely accusing a law-abiding citizen of trying to overthrow a government could become a traumatizing ordeal for the victims and their poor innocent families; The Liberian authorities should take a minute and carefully study the extradition laws that currently exists between Sierra Leone and Liberia, and follow them diligently to the letter;
    Our friendly neighbors must also be reminded that protecting the rights of extradited persons should be of highest priority in matters of critical importance as this one; To put simply, Liberia should understand that it has the right to deny extradition if it has credible proof that the requesting country, Sierra Leone, will surely subject the requested person, Mr Yetey Turay to unfair treatment based on tribal sentiments, revenge, and hear say regarding whether the accused person is actually guilty or not;
    Now we already know that these individuals currently in power are mean-spirited and spiteful people…disagreeable and rancorous to the innermost core of their hateful beings; Why would anyone in their right minds hand over a helpless man over to their cruel tribalistic SLPP hands? Would you throw a fragile timid sheep into a hungry wolves den, that has been dug very deep into the ground to ensure that no prey will be able to ever escape from there? Well…that den of darkness is our Sierra Leone, where wolves roam wild and free – day and night and in rain and sunshine…they howl, they growl and scowl…as they roam, wild and free.

  4. Let’s start an awareness to stop Tribalism, corruption and to protect social peace and stability in the country.
    The best way I’d give my own advice to my country as a student studying political science and international relations is that:
    1: The government needs to invest alot in industrialization as this will boost the production capacity of the individuals in the country thereby leading to provision of jobs for youths and promoting even development. For example, we can invest in industrialization in the agriculture sector by providing modern tools for farmers to work more and to provide on a commercial scale.
    2: The government needs to lay reforms to the old policies that are affecting the country. The SierraLeone constitution is about 32 years old and some sections of the constitution, has never been ratified to understand the impact of their formulation to the masses.
    3: This is one of my most pinned point in the area of productivity. The government needs to lay more emphancy on technology. Any country that is actively involved in technological ventures is likely to improve on a very large scale eg. India(web development, virtual education, software development etc.)

  5. Sometimes I sit and ask myself,what is really wrong with our country? Is is the old fashioned or archaic laws or policies in the country or the political education that is not being rendered to the lame man to understand what is going on in his/her country? But all what am here to say is that, we are never gonna leave this type of setting if do not share love with ourselves.
    Also, a country that cannot feed it population would always be poor. Why won’t the ones in control take heed to industrialization to improve the country in the area of basic amenities? Why are the same old practices or policies that led most of our leaders to the pit about 30 years ago still predominant in the country today?

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