Sierra Leone has spoken – Maada Bio is the new president

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 April 2018:

The result of the Sierra Leone presidential election has just been announced by the Chief Electoral Commissioner – Mr Nfa Alie Conteh in Freetown.

Julius Maada Bio of the opposition SLPP is the new president of Sierra Leone, polling 1,319,406 – which is 51.82% of the total votes cast; and the ruling APC party candidate – Dr Samura Kamara, with 1,227, 171, which is 48.19% of the total votes cast.

The retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio was declared the winner and proclaimed as the president of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Maada Bio was sworn-in and then took his oath of office, minutes after the declaration of the result as president by the country’s chief justice – Abdulai Cham.

The people of Sierra Leone are about to enter a new and interesting form of politics, which many of us have been advocating for: A democratic governance structure, where no one party controls both the executive and the legislature.

SLPP at State House, and APC forming the majority in parliament.

If this new form of power sharing is successful, and if it can be used to the benefit of the people in terms of controlling the abuse of power and providing effective oversight on budget allocation and spending, Sierra Leone could begin to see a rapid eradication of poverty by the end of the next parliament.

Many have described the new parliament as the best the country has ever had throughout its post-independence history.

There will be four main political parties wielding power in the new parliament.

The ruling APC taking about 63 out of the 132 parliamentary seats, the SLPP with about 48, Kandeh Yumkella NGC party with 4 seats, Sam Sumana C4C with about 8 seats.

The ruling APC could become a better opposition in parliament than the SLPP has been in the last ten years.

And it is hoped that with APC in opposition, they will not disappoint the poor people of Sierra Leone by encouraging, perpetuating and promoting the very culture of corruption that they have used to keep the people in poverty and darkness for so long.

But they should look forward to sitting on the opposition benches to reflect on their ten years of poor governance, and hopefully, learn to be better governors.

But time will tell and those journalists that do not accept brown envelopes from any one will be there to do the oversight, monitoring and fair reporting, without fear or favour.

This is how the Chief Electoral Commissioner announced the result this evening:



  1. I am delighted that the APC party has been replaced by SLPP via the ballot box.
    I feel the country has had its shackles and blinkers removed.

    Congratulations to President Bio and I wish you all success in the next 5 years in office.

    It is refreshing that such a young 1st family will also be in State House. President Bio’s wife seems a nice, friendly person, young and dynamic and I am sure she will give all her support to her husband.

    So different from 2007, when pleas were made to the First Lady, to leave London and come and take her place by her husband.

    Meanwhile, there was another lady was posing as 1st lady. How embarrassing.

  2. Congratulations President Julius Maada Bio.
    May the Almighty God continue to guide and protect you.

  3. Cocorioko Newspaper, what’s the score? The Chinese flag that flew over APC supporters in Sierra Leone has gone down in an SLPP thunderstorm!

    We are Chinese no more!

  4. Bio should know that there is not going to be any honey moon. He has been there before so does not need a second honeymoon especially when you look at the enormous task and problem that he has inherited.

    Bio’s first task is to kick in reconciliation. The country is divided.

    Ernest Koroma and his brand of politics divided the country more than anyone else before him. Not every one though in the APC was wicked. Therefore, we need to reconcile people.

    Secondly, for Bio to lessen corruption, he needs to give the ACC and the NRA a free hand to investigate, and take action on all the Auditor General’s reports spanning 2007 to date.

    Also the NRA should interrogate and ask people (both private and public ) to account for their wealth and to pay taxes (both backlog and current if they have not done so). If Bio can do this successfully, he will be laying a good foundation for his second term in earnest.

    I hope he proves his critics wrong that he is not as corrupt as he has been painted over these years. May Jehovah God help him and his team.

  5. Thanks to the Almighty ALLah for what HE has done for Sierra Leone. Please do something significant for Sierra Leone.

    SlPP and APC, are the same people, let put hands together and develop our homeland Sierra Leone. Please forget about what has passed. Thanks to all Sierra Leoneans. God bless Sierra Leone and her population.

  6. APC that held our country to ransom has been kicked out of power. The mafia-like government runned by Ernest Bai Koroma is now the past; and we hope for a brighter future for Sierra Leone which is:
    – let the rule of law and order again become a natural effect in our country
    – true development at all levels
    – improve the civil and governmental institutions in our country
    – improve the educational and health institutions
    – respect the human right of every citizen

    SLPP has now the mandate to rule Salone, but if they don’t deliver, NGC will be at hand in 5 years to set things right.
    Congratulations to the SLPP and we hope for a better Mama Salone!

  7. Congratulations to all well-meaning Sierra Leoneans and the SLPP in particular for a job well done. Bravo to Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio and his firebrand running mate Alhaji Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh (complete Fullah Man, nor to Fullah Boy). Indeed the era of Pharaohism is over, the legacies of this primitive business tycoon; tribalism, regionalism, sectionalism, barbarism, bullying, marginalization, corruption have all come to an end.

    You guys indeed prospered in this ten years whilst the total majority (90%) remains in abject poverty. We lef we Yonne to Allah; you guys will be rewarded squarely. This is where the so called “Wisdom” of Ernest Koroma has ended the APC. This is a done deal, you are gone forever.

    No new phenomenon can have you a rebirth – NEW-APC. We have all realized it was worse than the OLD-APC. You can make Ernest chairman and Leader for life and death is your bread and butter. No one had the guts to challenge any of the wrongdoings of this Man; your blind loyalty, “jiliba, vuvuzela” style has rewarded you squarely.

    “De Pa d wok”. Sierra Leoneans have rejected you with absolute abandonment. You can go to Cockerill and complain to the Military, for them to start by beating us, set up a military tribunal and finally to the Supreme Court. We were asked to go to the Police, but for us, the Police cannot withstand us; so, go to Cockerill.

    Tolongbo nor go sidon yaa; hangry booku. Tolongbo nor go sidon yaa sufferness booku.

  8. Congratulations to the newly elected The RT HON.president JMB of the Republic of sierra Leone. We all have a job to do to bring up our beloved country again. The job is for us all as other countries are doing. We can do it: create job opportunities; everyone can do it in their own small way to help this land that we love.

  9. This is great news for the sub region. And a better news for Africa. The civil war was not good for Guinea, Ivory Coast and Liberia. It is true that many human lives and properties were destroyed. But one thing it has brought to the Mano River Sub region is presidential term limits and the willingness for the incumbent to leave office peacefully; and for candidates contesting the presidency to concede defeat. APC did the right thing. And may God bless Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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