Sierra Leone’s ACC warns public officials leaving office to declare their assets

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 03 February 2021:

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) today published a notice, reminding Public Officials, especially those who have left office either by way of resignation, end of contract, dismissal, retirement or otherwise, that they are to submit to the Commission an Exit Declaration Form as provided in Section 119(3) of the Anti-Corruption Act (No. 12) of 2008 (as Amended by Act No. 9 of 2019).

The Act states that; “In the case of every person who ceases to be a public officer, not later than three months from the date on which he ceases to be a public officer, except where extended by the Commissioner in writing, he shall file in respect of his assets, income and liabilities covering the period from the date of his last declaration to the date on which he is required by this sub-section to furnish a declaration”.

The ACC says that, “In this regard, the Commission is requesting all public officers who have left  public office in the recent past and who fall within the stipulated category to submit their Exit Declaration Forms to the Commission, failing which, you shall be prosecuted pursuant to Section 122(a) of the Anti-Corruption Act (No. 12) of 2008 (as amended in 2019).

“The Commission also encourages new employees and appointees to public offices to fill and submit their Asset Declaration Forms to the Commission’s sub-office at Lotto Building, Tower Hill, Freetown and its Regional offices in Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Kono and Port Loko.”

Head of ACC Francis Ben Kaifala said: “All public officials who leave office now have just 3 months to file exit declarations following the recent amendment to the ACC Act. This notice calls on those removed or resigned from office to do so now or face the full consequence of non-compliance which includes prosecution.”

Officials can also log on to the following link to register their assets online:


  1. ACC should relentlessly continue the march to a corruption-free Sierra Leone. It is a fight with almost limitless rounds and an indefinite future, but it has to be won for the country to make progress. Whatever bias is associated with actions or inactions for the moment will be redressed in the future, and that is what all discerning Sierra Leoneans should be happy about. The Bio government won’t be in power forever; a future non-SLPP government (particularly if it’s APC) will go on the rampage to bring Bio and his entourage to book over corruption. So shall the cycle continue. There are brighter days ahead for mother Sierra Leone.

    ACC have registered an important victory already: They forced a former President – Ernest Koroma – to testify before them, a first in the history of Sierra Leone; it is truly revolutionary. Never again will a president feel immune from prosecution after leaving office. This should help tailor their behaviour while they hold office. In any case, as head of government Ernest Koroma should be held ultimately responsible for all the criminality which sprouted under him. Pleading innocent should be a non-starter.

  2. The Anti Corruption Act of 2008 and later amended in 2019 gave instructions to public officials exit declaration of asset, when they leave office by whatever means. To that end, in oer for us to get to the bottom of things, assets and properties acquired outside Sierra leone should be valued at the currency of the host country where the asset and property is located. Whatever assets are valued within the borders of Sierra Leone, stays in Sierra leone and is dealt within the framework of our Anti corruption laws. This being part of the constitutional settlement, it is incumbent on public officials to obey this order, as the provisions made clear to prevent corruption and abuse of office by our public officials. Any official whether past, or present found guilty of material breach of this order, will have the law book throw at them.

    Assets declaration is the sure way of leaving the door open, or make room for both public scrutiny, and in the event individuals found wanting for ACC Investigation. That way, any corrupt officials that become a suspect will not say they suffer from amnesia. So far what we have have seen and witness, the ACCrf is sheer incompetence in carrying out their duties, or being browbeatten into submission by our corrupt Parliamentarians under this Bio government not to act on the 2019 audit report, or the ACC is becoming strong contender, when it comes to applying selective justice. In the eyes of hungry men, women and children, and unemployed Youths, it is becoming glaring clear that ACC, with all their fanfare and public statements, ihave lost their zeal to go after anyone named in that 2019 audit report.

    It’s not hard to see politicians who used to live from hand to mouth, just like Johnny average in the streets of Freetown, on taking office are transformed and living the livestyle of Hip Hop stars. Where did this sudden wealth come from? That is the question for the ACC. When it comes to Bio and his government, the ACC seems to suffer from cold feet in carrying out their duty to the state.

  3. Its quite easy to see that the head of the ACC and his crew of dummies have long been doing. The ACC is not only a big disgrace,but an accident waiting to happen. Their office is overcrowded and teeming with incompetent, self-conceited tribalists who have not got the slightest idea that a precision Weight scale and a Tape measure are two different things. (lol) Their plan has always been to move our Sierra Leone blindly “FORWARD” without a credible,sustainable plan – Go figure!(lol)

    I mean seriously, when will these people ever learn to put first things first? Why are they deeply contented with achieving absolutely nothing in the interest of our nation? Geez! If it is required by law that an individual leaving office should declare their asset within a stipulated time, why were they allowed to leave without tendering a sworn statement under oath that reinforces the government’s position? Anything could have sufficed that was signed by officials on the way out of the door, acknowledging that they were familiar with what the laws require and that they were citizens of good faith who were going to comply at their earliest convenience in order not to give the impression that something was awry by missing the deadline.

    A sworn statement would have been the best form of evidence against defaulters that vanish into thin air after they leave office and can no longer be traced. Gentlemen – its about damn time we put the under-performing ACC on schedule to be disbanded and built again from scratch by the hands of the best and brightest pragmatic,patriotic minds that Sierra Leone can boast of. A GRASSHOPPER SQUAD in pitiable condition that hops around lamely,crookedly on flimsy crutches of ineptitude trying to called themselves a Cyclone of Scorpions – Go Figure!(lol)

  4. I do hope that Monsieur Le Commissaire and his team will play by the same rules upon leaving office, as it is quite simply the decent thing to do to have done to you what you have already done to others. The rest of us, eagle-eyed, are watching and needless to say, waiting.

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