Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commissioner in road accident but alive and well

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 June 2019:

ACC Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala’s vehicle convoy was involved in a road accident yesterday, Saturday, 22nd June 2019 along the mile 91 Highway, travelling to Bo.

According to report from the Public Relations Unit of the ACC, the vehicle leading Kaifala’s convoy was involved in the road accident.

It is not clear what caused the accident, but the commissioner today confirmed to the Sierra Leone Telegraph that the driver of the lead convoy vehicle, sadly died as a result of the injuries sustained in the accident. Kaifala’s vehicle was not involved in the accident contrary to rumours.

Francis Ben Kaifala said he is safe and well, though shocked by the accident and the sad loss of the driver.

The deceased lead convoy driver has been named as Ibrahim Bailor Barrie aka Dino. (Photo).

Kaifala’s security staff who were travelling in the lead convoy vehicle that was involved in the fatal crash, are said to be receiving treatment for injuries sustained.

“In this moment of our grief as a Commission, we are asking that prayers be said for the deceased driver and to also keep the Commissioner and his team in your daily prayers and supplications,” the ACC publicity unit said in a statement today.


  1. May the soul of our brother and all the faithful souls departed rest in perpetual peace, and may our God continue to guide our commissioner and grant him the zeal and spirit of God in genuinely combating this corrupted people and continue taking the lead in our beloved nation,Sierra Leone

  2. The Almighty Allah will guide the commissioner and his team and may the soul of the driver rest In peace. May Allah have mercy upon his soul.

    • No matter what, the commission of inquiry will go on and must be completed. The big fishes are yet to be named to face their responsibilities. We pray for the boss man, our dearly honest and integrity brother, Francis B. Keifala. Keep up your good job Sir God will guide you through.

  3. May the Almighty accept the soul of our dear departed. Glad to hear of the safety and wellbeing of The Commissioner.

  4. MAY HIS GENTLE SOULS REST IN PERFECT PEACE…. Mr commissioner God is in control over your activities. May God bless you for your devotional work.

  5. It’s sad. May the soul of that faithful driver rest in peace. Condolence to the family and commission. May God continue to guide and protect the commissioner and team to continue their patriotic endeavors to change our narrative. Sierra Leone must rise above corruption.

  6. We are from God and to Him we shall return. May the almighty God rest our brother’s soul in perfect peace, Amen. The boss man, Mr. Francis B. Keifala – I want you to believe that, no human shall harm you without the presence and permission of God. Have it in mind. Be strong and continue doing your job perfectly, as you are doing. Again, RIP to your driver.

  7. May the soul of the driver rest in peace. I also pray for God’s guidance for the ACC boss at all times. This man is just doing a good job and GOD will surely guide and protect him and all those around him. AMEN AND AMEN.

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