Sierra Leone’s Barristers express strong misgivings about proposed Cybercrime Bill

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 May 2021:

After intense discussions with the minister of information regarding the proposed Cybercrime legislation, the executive members of the Sierra Leone Bar Association last week published a statement saying that:

“On the 20th day of April, 2021, the President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association and a cross section of the members of the Committee which was formed to review the Cybercrime Bill, presented the Bar Association’s position paper on the said Bill to the Minister of Information and Communication.

“A copy of the position paper is hereby attached for your records. The membership is assured of the commitment of the executive to follow up on the legislative process of this Bill.”

You can read the SLBA position paper here:


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  1. When a Hunter goes into the woods and sets a trap for rabbits he doesn’t leave it there and forgets about it,but goes there as frequently as is humanly possible to see if his trap has been able to catch anything worth his time and efforts. The position the Sierra Leone Bar Association has already taken and boldly put on paper highlighting their strong reasons for concern regarding this new Cyber crime bill is an admirable effort but there is lot of work and follow ups to do and loose ends that still needs to be tied. The big question that comes to mind is: Can We Trust Them to Fight For The Rights And Freedoms Of The People Of Sierra Leone? Are they men and women that cannot be bought with bags of gold and wads of cash? Only time will tell us if they are true Patriots or roosters that crow at dawn just to
    get there own grain of corn.(lol)

    Over the years officials, Private and Public in my little country has taught me hard lessons I can never forget; I looked around my beautiful country and saw that there was no one that had the true face of Loyalty, Honesty, Empathy and Integrity. I saw only cowards unwilling to stick their necks out like frightened sea turtles. One man raises hell and kicks up dust in anger against injustice only to be seen as quiet as a mouse later in a brand new SUV. Another climbs a rooftop and blows a loud trumpet against corruption only to be heard whistling on the mean streets of Freetown with harlots holding on to both his arms very late at night (lol)

    This Cyber Crime is a crafty attempt by the criminal Old Soldier in State House to begin putting steps in place to stifle Free speech and individual rights and Freedoms. Its now time for the Sierra Leone Bar Association to begin to flex their muscles and show the criminal SLPP Cabal that there a Patriots in Sierra Leone who will not stand by and watch unfazed while our beloved country becomes an authoritarian State.(lol)

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