Sierra Leone’s First lady Mrs. Fatima Bio dressed in borrowed robes

Alpha Amadu Jalloh (The Fox): Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 March 2024:

In the vibrant tapestry of Sierra Leone’s political landscape, one figure stands out starkly – the First Lady, Mrs. Fatima Bio. Her presence, rather than evoking admiration or respect, has become synonymous with controversy and bemusement.

From her haphazard appearances to her dubious intentions, Mrs. Bio’s actions have stirred a cacophony of criticism and concern among Sierra Leoneans.

A recent incident at the Ahmadiyya Mission’s annual celebration in Bo town epitomizes the erratic nature of Mrs. Bio’s public appearances. Without her husband’s knowledge, she crashed the event, oblivious to the fact that it was an Islamic program. It took reminders and the provision of a hijab to correct her oversight.

Even President Bio, in his address, acknowledged her unexpected presence, highlighting her exclusion from the program.

Speculations abound regarding Mrs. Bio’s political aspirations, with rumours swirling about her desire to become the next Vice President, possibly in collaboration with Dr. David Moinina Sengeh (Photo above).

However, such ambitions remain subject to the decision of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). Critics have pointed out the potential misuse of power, drawing parallels to President Bio’s supposed intention to appoint his successor without undergoing an electoral process.

Moreover, Mrs. Bio’s influence extends beyond politics into the realm of women’s affairs, where her dominance has stifled initiatives and marginalized dissenting voices. She has purportedly hijacked women’s activities in the country, overshadowing genuine efforts with self-aggrandizing narratives.

Despite receiving funds from donor agencies, she has failed to deliver tangible projects, raising questions about accountability and transparency.

The atmosphere of fear and intimidation surrounding Mrs. Bio’s persona is palpable. Any opposition or criticism risks retaliation, with individuals facing fabricated charges and harassment. This culture of silence has stifled dissent and eroded the spirit of resilience that once defined Sierra Leonean women.

Mrs. Fatima Bio’s ostentatious displays and accumulation of academic titles serve as a facade to conceal the harsh realities faced by Sierra Leone’s vulnerable population. While she and her husband bask in the trappings of power, ordinary citizens continue to suffer without recourse or representation.

In the face of Mrs. Bio’s borrowed robes of influence and privilege, it is imperative to remember that power is transient and accountability immutable. The spirit of the Sierra Leonean woman, resilient and indomitable, will persist long after Mrs. Bio’s charade unravels.

As Sierra Leone navigates its path forward, it must confront the spectre of unchecked authority and reclaim its democratic ideals. The time has come to strip away the veneer of false prestige and hold those in power accountable for their actions. Only then can the true essence of democracy be restored, where the voices of all citizens, regardless of title or affiliation, are heard and respected.

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  1. I highly commend the author of this short yet pivotal article. Without bending corners, I’d like to say the author is not only grammatically astute but also uncompromisingly direct and sincerely patriotic. People of this calibre deserve to be treasured, encouraged and supported with the necessary tool in order for them to continue summing-up the courage to shine a light on critical and urgent national topics like the above. May God bless you and shine his face upon you and your loved ones. I hope you continue using your God-given talent to write about biting national issues and help restructure the fragile equilibrium of our democratic freedom and rights in the present day Sierra Leone.

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