Sierra Leone’s former President Koroma hosts Horasis chairman in Makeni

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 December 2019:

Sierra Leone’s former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, held a meeting this week in Makeni, Sierra Leone, with Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter – the Chairman of Horasis.  Frank-Jurgen Richter, who is also the former director of the World Economic Forum, visited Koroma in preparation for the 2020 Horasis Global Meeting.

It could be recalled that during the April 2019 Horasis meeting in Cascais, Portugal, President Koroma spoke about the need for an African Peace Engineering Corps to be established .

The former president also held several high level side meetings on peace, good governance and economic development in Africa.

“I found President Koroma’s presence during the 2019 meeting and his contribution extremely valuable to the overall objectives of Horasis. Therefore I am here to personally invite him to next year’s meeting and to request for his recommendation of other African political and private sector leaders”, said the Frank-Jurgen Richter in Makeni yesterday.

The Chairman of the Horasis went on to say that he agreed with the objectives of the proposed African Peace Engineering Corps and that his organization will fully support president Koroma’s vision. In this regard, Dr. Richter informed of plans to organize, during next year’s meeting, a special Round – Table on the former president’s initiative.

Given the fact that under his leadership Sierra Leone was reckoned as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, the Former President, who has just returned from an Africa Union Elections Observation Mission to Namibia, views peace as integral to the development of all nations. He therefore believes that, as a statesman, the sharing of his rich experience is crucial for peace building and peace consolidation in Africa and around the world.

“I am very pleased to have received the chairman of Horasis in Sierra Leone; we had very fruitful discussions on our partnership going forward. Indeed I believe Horasis offers a very unique and strategic platform which African leaders, both in the public and private sectors, should utilize in advancing their socio-economic development goals”, said former president Koroma.

The annual Horasis Global Meeting is a global platform for heads of state, entrepreneurs, economists, peace experts and religious leaders, looking for solutions in making the world a better place.

Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter who is on a tour of African states departed Freetown yesterday for Mauritania.


  1. My brother Mr. Bakarr,

    Whatever personal vendetta you have with the former president is within your own prerogative. In my comments, I listed both the reasons why I concluded EBK first term was promising; and at the same time why he should never be considered as a peace noble laureate. Even though I gave a balanced analysis, listing the good and bad, its unsatisfactory to you, nothing will please you except calling for EBK’s crucifixion. You want his head cut off by all means.

    I have concluded that extreme views from folks like you should never be given attention; its exactly why our country remain backwards. Your repetition of the tribesmen view point says a lot about you. So I am not going to waste my time trying to rationalize things with you. Let’s continue to enjoy reading and commenting in this platform my brother.

    • Young4na, cool down brother. One does not have to have a personal vendetta against Ernest Koroma to realize that the man is morally bankrupt. Is it too difficult to accept the fact that EBK was a brutal and divisive dictator who ran the economy of his country to the ground? There are many in the APC who believe this. I have relatives in that party.

      Next, what you call extreme views I call views that are anchored in solid fact. It follows that to suggest that EBK took tribalism to a different stratosphere while surrounding himself with his tribesmen and regional comrades in no way pushes Sierra Leone backwards. Conversely, it is folks of your ilk who don’t want to deal with criticisms about the APC or EBK that are responsible for Sierra Leone’s backwardness.

      Look, I was born and raised in Freetown of a woman who hails from the same city and the same ethnicity as EBK. However, I have never been a fan of the man. I always considered him reprehensible, based on his record as president. If you want to go ahead and crown EBK saint, go ahead my brother.

  2. Maxwell Bakarr — “But I am at loss as to how you would argue that EBK’s first term in office was promising. This is a man whose first cabinet was full of his tribesmen and regional comrades. How could that be calculated as bringing the nation together? That notwithstanding, EBK sent his thugs led by Leatherboot to beat up and rape innocent SLPP women during his first 100 days in office. Can that be considered a mark of promising leadership?”

    My brother Mr. Bakarr, i am sure you can agree with me that, in analyzing a particular political scheme or agenda, a variety of metrics or indices can be employed depending on the subject matter. In my comments, I listed multiple reasons why in my personal opinion I concluded that EBK first term in office was promising. While you are not disputing the accomplishments listed during that time frame, you are however bringing in onboard other factors that you think I should have taken into consideration in deriving my conclusion. Yes, as always the case in African politics, the then opposition SLPP predicaments were indeed untenable, however, the overall atmosphere across the nation was much peaceful and less divisive compared to recent events with the SLPP being in charge.

    Now, the first and second rounds of elections were held in August and September of 2007 respectively. EBK was sworn as president in September of 2007. Below is a link to the election results.

    In your rebuttal to my comments, you claimed within the first 100 days, EBK sent thugs to attack SLPP in their headquarters. With all due respect sir, your claims and assertions are far from being factual. To prove you wrong, below is an article written by the current presidential spokesman Mr. Keketoma in the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

    If EBK assumed office in September of 2007 and the attack happened in March of 2009, a simple math will reveal that, the attack happen well after EBK first year in office. Now in terms of cabinet appointments, all across the globe, a declared winning presidential candidate has the sole prerogative to appoint individuals whom he/she deem will help achieve his/her political goals; so I am not going to waste time debating on such issues.

    My suggestion is for us to avoid using raw emotions rather than facts in debating issues in this platform. By all indications, most of the readers of this paper are educated individuals who can do research, exposing our credibility.

    • Young4na, hahaha. By your own arguments you admit that EBK sending thugs to the SLPP headquarters to beat up and rape women is a fact. Does it matter at what time in his tenure he did that? Can such an egregious behavior on the part of a national leader be treated as an irrelevant aberration in the course of his leadership as you seem to be doing now?

      Moreover, you implicitly agree that the ranks of EBK’s cabinets were filled with his tribesmen and regional comrades. Yet you go on to hypocritically justify such a nepotistic and corrupt behavior at the risk of nullifying the necessity of inclusiveness and national cohesion in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. So, between you and I who is being emotional?

      Look, from the word go, EBK was rotten to the core. Far from demonstrating effective and good leadership, he betrayed the cause of those who supported him in a haze of policy quagmires implemented in an ultra-autocratic and divisive political space. Thus, the entirety of EBK’s tenure was an unwarranted detour in the trajectory of development in Sierra Leone. I surmise that EBK the man was bad news for Sierra Leone and the West African sub-region. I will give my verdict on Maada Bio when he leaves office.

    • The first brutal ATTACK on the SLPP office by APC thugs happened on the very day that EBK was sworn in as the new president, and that was in September 2007. Many of the perpetrators were from the Limba dominated settlement of Brookfields and Government Wharf.

      In a famous BBC focus on Africa interview that day, the then Inspector General of Police Brima Acha Kamara an ethnic Limba himself told the BBC Interviewer that it was the thugs imported by the SLPP into Freetown during the voting exercise that turned on their party office and members in what he dubbed “Operation Pay Yourself”.

      When the interviewer asked him how could the SLPP take voters from areas where they were registered to vote to an area where they were not registered to vote, he said that that was what he was told. Is it your evidence Mr. Young4na that this attack never took place?

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