Sierra Leone’s former president Koroma leads AU Election Observation Mission in Namibia

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 November 2019:

Former president of Sierra Leone – Ernest Bai Koroma yesterday arrived in Namibia to lead the African Union Election Observation Mission (AUEOM).

The Mission comprises 40 Short Term Observers (STOs) representing various Member States of the African Union (AU), deployed since 21 November 2019.

The delegation consists of members from the African Union Permanent Representatives’ Committee (PRC), Pan-African Parliament (PAP), African Election Management Bodies, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Independent Experts and Academic Institutions.

Preceding his arrival in Namibia, a two-day orientation and briefing programme for AUEOM observers took place from 23 – 24 November 2019.

The briefing focused on electoral political context, legal framework, levels of preparedness by Electoral Commission of Namibia, levels of preparedness by different electoral stakeholders and the AU election observation methodology.

The aim of the briefing was to sensitize observers with knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the 2019 Namibia General Elections context before their deployment throughout the country.

The Mission’s mandate is to observe the General Elections in line with the relevant African Union instruments, especially (a) the African Union Guidelines for Elections Observation and Monitoring Missions (2002); (b) the OUA/AU Declaration on Principles Governing Democratic Elections in Africa (2002); African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (1981) and (c) African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (2007), among others.

The deployment of an AUEOM in the Republic of Namibia demonstrates the AU’s commitment to supporting credible, transparent, inclusive and peaceful electoral processes in its Member States by providing an objective assessment of the process and the political environment surrounding it.

This the AUEOM says is in line with Aspirations No.3 of Agenda 2063, which aims to ensure good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law on the continent.

The AUEOM says it will issue its Preliminary Statement based on its observation of the elections after the close of polls, and its final report within two months after the elections.


  1. Thank you Alimamy for pointing out the bias Saidu encounters on this forum. I am neither APC,nor SLPP,but I like Saidu because of his uncompromising attitude of honesty in issues affecting our country,and because of his deep insights,humor and subtle messages,hidden in his comments.I agree with you none on this forum,except you perhaps,would be able to hold meaningful discourse with Saidu and win.

    My wife likes Saidu,and my uneducated mother in law is always captivated by saidu’s words,whenever they are translated for her.My friend.cleric Abubakarri calls him a Mufti,and my grandmother thinks he is an old soul trapped in an young body.The truth of the matter is that they attack him out of envy.So many people have been attacking Saidu on this Forum just to discredit him,but all of them have failed.Even The editor who is supposed to be the moderator,cunningly attacks Saidu conteh under of the pretext of reprimanding him – THANKS FOR POINTING THAT OUT SIR.

  2. There are those who are mesmerised by high-powered literature. I am not one them, not in this context anyway.I am more interested in the type of literature that will propel my country forward,a thesis that should be a must read for both our present and future leaders to keep them completely focused on the important tasks at hand.

    When any high-powered literature deals with how to revamp our educational system I shall read it over and over again to make sure that no punctuation changes my understanding of it.When any high-powered literature makes it possible for the teenage girl to turn away from prostitution to survive I shall be willing to take my hat off to the author.When high-powered literature brings about electricity constantly,pipe-borne water to all communities,an abundant supply of food,kill and bury corruption till the end of time and more to my country I shall roll over on the floor for the author to walk all over me.

    My nation’s collapse started with Siaka Stevens.It was while he was in office that all the spectacular things for which Sierra Leone was known and admired,including its educational system,lost their balance.Political opponents were framed, prosecuted and executed.The names Dr Mohamed Sorie Fornah and Ibrahim Taqui easily come to mind as victims of this period.Opponents who were lucky to escape,like John Karefa-smart, stayed in exile till age [thanks to Allah’s design]drove Siaka Stevens out of office.

    After the execution of Dr M.S.Fornah and others in 1975 I can still remember what my father said in Thaimne even though I was a boy then:”nthorff npon”{the country is finished]. My word he was right.Until he passed he never wanted to hear the name of Siaka Stevens again, despite the fact that he was ready ready to die for him when he was trying to unseat SLPP in the 1967 elections.

    Now then to get a glimpse of how much Sheki had destroyed the country before being shoved out by age, one has to recall what his successor,Momoh,said when the coup attempt by G.M.T.Kaikai was uncovered in which his guardian and mentor[Sheki ]was implicated.Paraphrasing him he said that those who had harmed the country the most were trying to destabilise it.About this time Sheki was to travel to Britain.Believing that Sheki was trying to skip town to avoid facing prosecution the British High Commission in Freetown cancelled his visa.The records or somebody with a good memory will bear me out on this.

    I have more up my sleeve,but it is past my bed time.I stll maintain that Sir Milton and Ahmad Tejan Kabba are the only leaders we have ever had.Had Sir Milton lived for another five years SLPP,of which Siaka Stevens was a member would never have splintered and resulted in SLPP being labeled as a Mende Man Party.May the soul of Sir Milton rest in perpetual peace if only because he meant well for the nation but the Almighty had other plans and His Plans are always the best.

  3. One of the most blessed moments one can ever experience in the Universe,is for the light of the full moon to stand still,behind a curtain of gently moving clouds,and keep on gazing at you,through an open window,totally lost in awe,and wonder;whispering to the glimmering stars not too far away,” Beloved who is this lover of TRUTH,called Alimamy Turay that it has been said aptly resembles the sharpest,hand-forged,heat-tempered Spartan sword? Such man is rare! He must be cheered, revered,and celebrated!”

    Indeed,there is none like you my brother; It feels great to know our world can still boast,that all is not yet lost, because of thoughtful,intelligent,and sincere men like you.Whenever the sun shines again,I promise,we’ll shine together,my brother,you can count on it!…My word is bond. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  4. Esta noche,la Luna brillarar para siempre,mi armor,Sayedna – words,sweeter than honey, that my Nubian Queen just whispered in my ears,right now.(lol)It means,”Tonight the moon keeps on shining forever,my love,Sayedna.” Its all good Baby Girl! But Of course,wherever Saidu Conteh abides,there also will you find dazzling,crescent,and full moons,extraordinary mesmerizing sunrises,and magical sunsets.

    Blessed beyond measure,for sure! Now Yei Manga,perhaps you didn’t know that Old Stevens,the Maestro,had to wrestle,and struggle with the Caterpillars dressed in green in order to take full possession of the sceptre of Power. My parents, grandparents, and other relatives had told me that,had it not been for his unmatched wisdom,and courage Stevens would have been killed,buried,and forgotten a long time ago,by the malevolent hands of the inglorious SLPP. True.

    Shabby looking, disagreeable,incongruous men they were,and still are today.(lol)Again,the length of time Margai was in office is of no consequence whatsoever; Mind blowing Ingenuity,and creativity,can make ones goals achieveable in the shortest time frames possible,if only the skill,ability,gifts,and desire to excel is there. Margai wasn’t quite a brilliant man!Its easy to tell just by examining,and scrutinizing the shortsighted,hasty,flimsy deal that he and his Compadre’s negotiated for us in order for us to obtain our Independence.

    Had it been Old Stevens,the Master of Shrewd,that negotiated our Independence from the British,Sierra Leone would have become a little Paradise on earth today.Margai began building our nation on a weak,unsteady,crumbling foundation – and the results are visible everywhere,even today….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  5. “Trully speaking you need an urgent medical check up.”
    Anthony Moiba against Saidu Conteh
    23rd October – No Reprimand/Warning

    “Oh Mr Saidu Conteh, I also believe you need a medical check up.”
    Reinhard Wiecha against Saidu Conteh
    25th October – No Reprimand/Warning

    “Shame on you Mr Conteh and I hope that these nations will take notice of you and kick you of their midst as they did to Mr Michael Golley in the UK during the pick of the civil war in Mama Sierra Leone.”
    Senesie Junior Boima against S Conteh
    18th November – No Reprimand/Warning

    “Saidu Conteh, even though it appears some screws are loose in your brain, I am hopeful that at the very least you can read an article and comprehend it very well. ”
    Joe Koroma against Saidu Conteh
    20th November – No Reprimand/Warning

    ” … If that is the only way that you can temper your frustrations tells me that you are a prime candidate for immediate psychiatric consultation.”
    Joe Koroma against Saidu Conteh
    21st November – No Reprimand/Warning

    “How can someone, anyone become so mentally traumatized to the point, that they begin to spew out, utter repulsive, gibberish on a glorious platform like this one.”
    Saidu Conteh against Santhkie Sorie
    28 November – REPRIMAND/WARNING

    The pattern of reprimands/warnings does not seem to be systematic here. Can anyone spot the clear bias against Mr Saidu Conteh?

    Love him or loathe him, Mr Saidu Conteh’s (the Great Sayedna) literary capacity is unmatched by most of us on this forum. Furthermore, he speaks the truth about the current situation in Sierra Leone – rather than some of us, who are merely creeps and bootlickers.

    We all express ourselves in different ways. The main thing is to adhere to substance – regarding the pressing issues in the country – and refrain from indulging into personality contests.

  6. Mr Rashid Thomas, he who makes a fist has lost the argument. Saidu Conteh does not have to make a fist, he has one ready all the time for those with opinions that diverge from his. He has trouble putting up a forceful and irrefutable argument which tears to pieces the assertions or contention of others. And so he resorts to crude insults which one finds in street debates and arguments, where there there are no codes of conduct with participants ready to get into fist fights. How wonderful, Mr Thomas, that you are always quick to remind those who have lost control of themselves that the forum which the Telegraph has fashioned is for the free expression of views within the confines of civility.

    Mr Saidu Conteh must be so well versed in Psychology and Psychiatry that he could diagnose me remotely of suffering from mental trauma. I wish to assure him that when it comes to Sierra Leone and corrupt politicians, he was, is, always will be unconditionally correct. I don’t think I shall ever be cured of the condition until the nation stops producing the likes of Ernest Koroma.

    Be ready for more irritation Mr Conteh. Everyone now knows what dislodges you from your comfort zone. Nshallah [Allah/God willing] your APC sun will never rise again in Mother Sierra Leone, at least not until its current leadership has gone west.

  7. Saidu Conteh, in another thread someone had asked about when you were born. While that may not be important, but your claims some of the time on historical facts raise eyebrows. Sir Milton Margai became prime minister in April 1962. In early 1964, he passed away. He was in power for slightly above two years.

    Siaka Stevens effectively became prime minister and subsequently president in 1969 and he retired in mid 1985. J. S Momoh was in power from mid 1985 to early 1992 when he was overthrown. These are adjudicated facts. Can any reasonable man compare Milton Margai to Siaka Stevens in terms of what each did relative to their time at the helm of the country? People know Stevens around the world as you claimed, not because of the brilliant things he did but because of the evil that lived after him.

  8. Honorable Mr Thomas – I totally understand where you coming from,and I have been trying my best not to overstep those moral,and ethical boundaries you have set for this forum.(lol)But in the meantime,I would like you to consider this… “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion,and expression. This RIGHT includes freedom to hold opinions without INTERFERENCES, and to seek, receive,and impart information,and ideas, through the media,regardless of FRONTIERS.(Article 19 – Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

    Sir,you cannot trample on the rights on some people,just to protect,and safeguard the interests,and feelings of others.Nope,in the interest of fairness,you just can’t!

    The imposing of FRONTIERS on freedom of speech are the roots causes of misconceptions,and misunderstandings that have plunged nations into genocides,and countless wars…Again,words that you may consider as offensive,to others,are seen as harmless,and undeserving of attention.

    One man looks at a beautiful woman and sees a lovely angelic wife,her mother who knows her very well sees,a evil demon that is wicked,disloyal,and untrustworthy.Same person being scrutinized,observed,and examined,but with two different lenses. Perceptions and opinions vary Sir, from person to person…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Mr Conteh, no one is trying to curtail your right to freedom of opinion and expression, including your “freedom to hold opinions without INTERFERENCES, and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas, through the media, regardless of FRONTIER”. Trying to do that will be inconsistent with ALL that the Sierra Leone Telegraph stands for. So lets lay that to rest. But of course, with rights to free speech, comes responsibility to respect the freedom of others from abuse, intimidation, molestation, etc. It is for this reason that Facebook, Twitter and others are now working hard to curb the excesses of users of their platforms that are violating such standards.

      Whilst I accept that it may be acceptable in some platforms or forums to stretch freedom of speech beyond what is now progressively becoming the new normal – where no one can hide behind the principles of freedom of speech to promote or perpetuate hate, or infringe the rights of others, please note that the Sierra Leone Telegraph will not encourage or accept the use of what it considers offensive language or behaviour on its platform. That is our red line.

      This is our final word on this issue. And I hope you will stay to prove that indeed, you are a true democrat that will uphold and protect the rights of others, no matter their political persuasion. Thank you.

  9. Voila! And there you have it! This right here,shows you how crazy-minded,and delusional some people can get in their quest to win the advantage in arguments,and matters of great importance at all costs.How can someone,anyone become so mentally traumatized to the point,that they begin to spew out,utter repulsive,gibberish on a glorious platform like this one.What did Margai,and Kabbah ever do,or acomplish for this nation that is tangible,credible,and sustainable,that can be clearly seen in Sierra Leone today?What caterpillar,dressed in green – What? NADA ABSOLUTO!! Comprende?

    I have lived,travelled,and visited many countries in the world,and not once did I hear Margai’s name being mentioned in any conversation whatsoever.Not once! True.No one even knows who he is – the man’s a SELL OUT,he really is.(lol)The Legendary Stevens is widely known,and celebrated everywhere.In China Chairman Mao Made him into an icon,and a superstar that is revered there even today.

    In the Bronx,and Jamaican Queens,in New York I have met countless people from other countries,that have told me in tears of joy,that they had once seen him on State Visits,and shook his hands,and that,really made me proud to be a Sierra Leonean.Who remembers shaking the unprofitable hands of the insouciant Milton Margai,or those of the lackadaisical Tejan Kabbah? Answer me caterpillar dressed in radiant green – Caterpillar,bewildered that has never seen a man like Stevens so so,very Fresh,and Clean – Who?(lol) Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • “How can someone,anyone become so mentally traumatized to the point,that they begin to spew out,utter repulsive,gibberish on a glorious platform like this one.” – Saidu Conteh.

      Mr Conteh, is it too much to ask for you to show some respect to your fellow commentators? Every single one of your comments is laced with a cocktail of abuse, disrespect and condescending language. Can you please tone it down so we can maintain some decorum. We have been here before, and I hope we can now turn to a fresh page? Thank you. Regards – Sierra Leone Telegraph.

  10. All organisations and institutions have the criteria which they look for in recruiting or admission; their vetting process is uniquely theirs and so outsiders can just look on with held back opinions – positive or negative. Former President Ernest Koroma must have fit in well with African Union [AU] requirements for him to have been chosen to head its election observer mission to Namibia. The former president will no doubt find Windhoek, the Namibia capital, something to savour – a far cry from his own city of Freetown which he had trouble keeping clean throughout his presidency.

    When Sierra Leoneans operate within international institutions, they are the most thorough professionals one could ever meet; and I have no doubt that Ernest will come out of his assignment like Angel Jibril [Gabriel in Christianity]. If he is given any budget for the mission he will account for every fraction of a cent of it. Could we say the same thing about the millions of dollars of our money which went through his and his gangs’ hands? If the answer to this question is in the affirmative, there would be no need for the Commissions of Inquiry,whose current demand is for the former president to declare all his assets in public despite the fight which his lawyer, Joseph Kamara put up against it.

    Mulling over everything that hangs over him at home, while in his hotel room in Windhoek, the former president must be wondering how the AU came to select him to head its mission in Namibia. A mystery Perhaps. In my opinion Sierra Leone has only had two leaders so far: Sir Milton Margai and Ahmad Tejan Kabba in terms of their performance in office. I must emphasise that the latter’s second place is a distant one because he could not control his ministers and others, a factor which helped to boost Ernest Koroma’s chances to assume the presidency in 2007, as foreign donors insisted that corruption under Kabba was so rampant that they would release further aid only to a new government. Little did they know what that new government would turn out to be.

    The Mo Ibrahim award clearly sets far higher standards for those they consider than the AU sets for those who lead its missions. “Wusai de bad hart commot”? When Ernest Koroma burst onto the scene in 2007 I was one of those who believed that at last the messiah had arrived to deliver us from bondage, until I started observing him more closely. I wish I could retrieve everything from the archives of the Telegraph to vindicate myself. My doubts started when after sacking Logus Koroma for stealing inauguration funds, he later promoted him to minister of Transport and Aviation. As the saying goes the rest is history.

    If there is the belief among some of us that Ernest Koroma has been skipped for the Mo Ibrahim award because of COI, we must see it within the lens of the national good, since a future APC or NGC government will follow the Bio trend of investigating the past administration. This should help our nation by keeping all public figures on the straight and narrow.

    • Whenever Korthor Santhkie Sorie speaks, the heavens open. The man is analytical, brilliant and always convincing. And when it comes specifically to the country that he loves, Korthor Sorie speaks truth to power. The fundamental problem with Ernest Koroma is his lack of integrity. It is no secret that the former president is a calculated and compulsive swindler that cannot be trusted even with Ebola funds. Moreover, the man’s palpable cultural and moral deficit coupled with his moronic understanding of leadership in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural setting has set ethnic and social relationships in Sierra Leone backwards for decades.

      Is there such a shortage of good former heads of state in Africa that the African Union would go so low to invite the Lucifer of politics in Sierra Leone to head its mission? It is laughable that a man that never gave a chance to free and fair elections in his country would be invited to lead an election observation mission to another country.

      Tellingly, given its crappy track record on other issues of import, it can be argued that inviting the morally-challenged and monumentally corrupt former president of Sierra Leone says more about the dumbness of decision makers at the African Union than about Koroma himself. Have we wondered why African organizations are not taken seriously beyond the geographical contours of that great continent?

  11. Yes Sahr Matturi, thank you for appreciating the greatness of this man. If it were not for the blackmail, scandal and propaganda of the notorious SLPP, EBK would have been a sure benefactor of the Mo Ibrahim foundation awards. Bad heart SLPP.

  12. Once a HEAD OF STATE is always a HEAD OF STATE. Frankly speaking, former President Koroma always looks PRESIDENTIAL. Whether you like him or not. Just look at the way he is playing TOUGH in those pictures. AH TELL YOU!
    I am very convinced that he will excel in that conference. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is going to be second to none amongst all those delegates in terms of RESPECT, EXPERIENCE and STATESMANSHIP. He is just a POLITICAL GENIUS. WOW.
    Thanks to the Sierra Leone Telegraph for informing us about the engagements of this great former President of the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE. I look forward to the speech he is going to make in that conference. It will be overwhelming HYPER-SUPER. GOD BLESS OUR FORMER PRESIDENT and GOD BLESS the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

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