Sierra Leone’s minister of trade and industry woos investors in Italy

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 April 2019:

Last week, Sierra Leone’s minister of trade and industry – Peter Bayuku Konteh, Sierra Leone’s ambassador to Germany who is also accredited to Italy – Dr. M’Baimba Lamin Baryoh, and the acting director of investment promotion at the Sierra Leone Investment and  Export Promotions Agency (SLIEPA), met several business organizations and the chambers of commerce of the Italian cities of Verona, Milan, Torino and Rome.

The aim of the meeting was to further the government of Sierra Leone’s effort to promote investment opportunities through a targeted approach, as well as rebranding the country’s image, thus, making it attractive for investors.

Introducing Dr. Cesare Veneri, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture in Verona, Ambassador Baryoh said the visit is a follow to a  meeting held with some investors in December 2018 in Italy, in which, he promised to have the minister responsible for trade and investment come to Italy to meet potential investors.

Minister Bayuku Konteh spoke about the on-going business reforms taking place in Sierra Leone “to enable investors realise a win-win on their investment and the overall commitment of the government to see investors as key development partners and great contributors to the country’s national development agenda”.

Presenting the investment opportunities to the Chamber, the Acting Director of Investment Promotion at SLIEPA, Victor Bangura said Sierra Leone’s business opportunities are enormous and that the country is opened to investors.

He said that joint venture partnerships are key components to realising the government’s national development plan.

He said, “Sierra Leone is on the move, and it’s time Italian investors tap into the country’s business potential”. SLIEPA he said can provide investor handholding and investor aftercare services.

Minister Konteh, on behalf of president Julius Maada Bio extended invitation to Italian investors through the Chambers to visit Sierra Leone so that their relationship can be taken to another level.

Mr. Veneri promised to put together a team of Italian businesses and work with Sierra Leone’s embassy in Germany and the Government of Sierra Leone through SLIEPA, to organise an inward investment mission to Sierra Leone soon.

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