Sierra Leone’s ongoing battle against political despair and poverty

Mackie M Jalloh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 March 2024:

In the heart of Sierra Leone lies a political tapestry woven with threads of loyalty, identity, and historical grievances. Despite years of exposure and education, many Sierra Leoneans, myself included, find it challenging to pinpoint the exact nature of the political landscape in our beloved country.

From childhood, we are bombarded with promises of progress and prosperity, yet the reality seems to be a stark contrast.

The political scene in Sierra Leone, once hopeful, now serves as a canvas for the collective depression and frustration of its citizens. The challenges are myriad, and the impact is palpable.

One cannot ignore the pervasive issues of poverty, excessive corruption, and a political system that seems to be more self-serving than nation-building.

The disillusionment is deeply rooted, stemming from a history of broken promises and unfulfilled potential. Despite the nation’s wealth in natural resources, a significant portion of the population continues to grapple with poverty. The frustration among citizens is not merely economic but also a reflection of shattered dreams and unmet expectations.

Politicians, once seen as the harbingers of positive change, have become synonymous with corruption and power struggles. The lack of transparency and accountability has led to a system where the citizens bear the brunt of the consequences.

The poverty that plagues Sierra Leone is not a consequence of fate, but a direct result of decisions made by those in power.

As a Sierra Leonean, the weight of these challenges is personal. It’s a daily struggle to reconcile the love for our country with the despair caused by political mismanagement.

The dreams we nurtured in our youth are stifled by a reality that seems indifferent to our aspirations. The political tapestry, once vibrant, is now stained with the tears of a nation.

Yet, in the midst of this darkness, there is a glimmer of hope. The frustration and depression felt by citizens are not passive emotions but catalysts for change.

The call for accountability grows louder, and a new generation is emerging, determined to weave a different narrative for Sierra Leone.

It is imperative for us, as citizens, to channel our frustration into constructive avenues. Education and awareness become powerful tools in dismantling the complex tapestry of political deceit.

By understanding the intricacies of our political system, we empower ourselves to demand transparency and accountability from those in power.

Sierra Leone is at a crossroads, and the choices made in the coming years will determine the trajectory of our nation. The frustration and depression must not lead to apathy but should fuel a collective determination to reshape our political landscape.

It’s time for the threads of loyalty, identity, and historical grievances to be rewoven into a tapestry that reflects the true aspirations of the Sierra Leonean people.

In the face of adversity, let us be the architects of change, breaking free from the chains of political stagnation and building a future where our beloved Sierra Leone thrives, free from the shackles of poverty and political malaise.


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