Sierra Leone’s top musicians at the Bintumani Hotel this weekend

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 May 2018:

United Sierra Leone Movement is excited to announce that Kao Denero, Star Zee, Steady Bongo and LAJ are confirmed as headliners for United Sierra Leone Festival, which is taking place on Sunday 6th May 2018.

This musical extravaganza will be held at the Bintumani Hotel’s iconic  park and pool area.

And on Sunday 13 May 2018, there will be a repeat performance at the National Stadium in Freetown, which will include a line-up of special guests and upcoming artists.

With support from Jimmy B and Steady Bongo, United Sierra Leone Movement will release a ground breaking brand new album and a theme song produced by Sierra Leone’s top music producer based in the U.K – Soundboy Richie.

The new album will feature legendary artists – Steady Bongo, Jimmy B, Kman, Emmerson, Naser Ayoub, Kao Denero, Vida, Succulent, LAJ, Innocent, Fantacee, Star Zee, Sorie Kondi, M2, etc.

This will be a joint effort to heal divisions, after the recent general elections, as the people of Sierra Leone seek to promote peace and unite the nation.

Special awards will be presented to both state and non-state actors who have contributed greatly in promoting and upholding the peace before, during and after the elections, especially political leaders from across the country.

Tickets for United Sierra Leone Festival are now on sale. Mr Messeh Leone, President of the United Sierra Leone Movement, said: ‘We are delighted to be able to unite Kao Denero and Laj to perform on the same stage, in support of peace and unity. We are on track to deliver a fantastic event, first of its kind and a great moment of peace for Sierra Leone’’.

Anthony Navo, CEO of AYV Media Empire said: “This is a stellar line up of stars that is set to inspire our people and bring the country together. It proves that our world class AYV Media Empire is now a platform of choice for national musical events.”

United Sierra Leone Festival is designed to be Sierra Leone’s number one urban / pop festival, and the platform to advance the music industry.

This dazzling open-air live musical event will offer a chance to experience the excitement of watching the best in popular music in one of Sierra Leone’s most iconic sites – Bintumani Hotel and the National Stadium.

With many more acts and partner institutions still to be unveiled, United Sierra Leone Festival 2018 is set to be the biggest and best event on the Sierra Leone’s musical calendar.

Other Artists performing at the United Sierra Leone Festival 2018 is Subject to their availability in the country and security assurance.

For all enquiries, please contact: AYV Media Empire, Wesley Street, Tower Hill, Phone: 076 855880/077872362; Email:


  1. Thanks to our Stars for bringing us unity in our country. I’m also pleading to our leaders to come together in unity to redeem our country from the hands of backwardness.

  2. Sierra Leone is all what we have and we have come a long way to produce star musicians. Compared with the west and African countries like Uganda, Nigeria and Egypt, Sierra Leone musicians make me proud.

  3. I am very happy reading about the unity among Sierra Leoneans. His Excellency´s message to all is gaining ground in the country.

    This is what all Sierra Leoneans ought to do, and not the separation introduced during the APC regime. I do hope all Sierra Leoneans will be happy to be there.

    I congratulate the organizers and those who helped it happen.

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