SLPP-NGC Alliance will promote sustainable national development in SierraLeone – Op ed

Turad Senesie: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 April 2023:

I have kept my lips sealed for some time now, not to say anything in respect of the formation of the “Alliance.” I have been putting the comments together, and a summary from the opposition parties is that the Alliance is to fight opposition parties. If that is your understanding, then you are missing the point.

The Alliance is about putting “Sound Minds” together with a similar vision for sustainable national development in SierraLeone. President Bio was a head of state during the military regime. He had a dream to build a country to compete with the West in terms of outlook and the economy. But there was no time to fulfil that dream.

He came back with a renewed energy, very enthusiastic, but unfortunately, two shocks (corona and Ukraine war) dampened his dream once again. Having navigated his way through these shocks, he now believes his second term is the term of his LEGACY.

It is evident that he is winning the coming elections, and he is not waiting to put a team together after elections. His strategy now is to have a formidable team of like minds for the task ahead.

The most critical minds are needed irrespective of colouration. He is aware of that and moving fast to get that team in readiness for the job. While others are looking for a state to collapse with no consideration of its impact on the very people supporting them, this alliance will help to not only continue to shape policy focus but tell the actual story of Sierra Leone through fast forward developments and the need to be together in the face of evil, violence, tribal bigotry, public insults including mamny cuss and blackmailing of our country.

So, the alliance is not about fighting an opposition but to put together like minds to think Sierra Leone and behave like Sierra Leoneans. (Photo: Turad Senesie)

We must believe in our country and negate the actions of those who are bent on destroying the country using all the bad and ugly means just to attain power. Opposition parties who believe it is time for Sierra Leone to move are welcome to join this fast-moving development train.

If you cannot come as a team, individuals, well-meaning Sierra Leoneans are welcome to join the “Alliance”.

President Bio’s Big move is to put the good men and women together for national development.

About the author

Turad Senesie is the Minister of Lands and Housing in the Bio-led government of Sierra Leone.


  1. What is ‘sound ‘ about the minds out there, nothing beyond rhetoric’s. The only known sound minds in salone are the intellectual embezzlers.

  2. “SUSTAINABLE NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT “. Haven’t we been down this rhetorical road thousands of times before? Turad Senesie should plunge deep into his memory to retrieve the pronouncements which SLPP made in opposition prior to assuming power in 2018. Were these not the people who claimed extraordinary knowledge which would propel them to straighten the economy in three months? They were so confident about it that some Sierra Leoneans started thinking that they were the physical presence of Allah/God on Earth. Thus they ignored the the cliche which all economists use to shield themselves from the uncertainties of the future: “ WITH ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL “.

    Turad Senesie now blames the outbreak of COVID-19 as the sole unforeseen shock which sent the economy into a tailspin, denying the Government any chance of regaining control which was never there in the first place.

    What happened to the millions of dollars which donors poured into the country to help with the pandemic? Has Turad calculated the tens of thousands of dollars which his boss, Bio,has spent hiring jets in search of phantom investors? How about the financial bleeding inflicted on the economy by official theft.

    I have to stop here for now. I work to pay my way. I abhor living off welfare which Turad and others like him have no conscience in doing because it makes me feel less of a man. The so-called team Bio is assembling will be my next concentration. I am neither SLPP or APC.

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