SLPP UK Chairman bids farewell to party members in London

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 October 2018:

The Chairman of the ruling SLPP UK and Ireland branch – Mr Mohamed Yongawo, has resigned from his post and bids farewell to party members to start his new job in Moscow as Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Russia.

“I couldn’t have gone to Russia or anywhere else without first coming here to meet with you,” said the outgoing Chairman at a well-attended general meeting held last Sunday, 28th October 2018, in South East London.

The meeting which was also attended by SLPP party dignitaries, including its newly appointed Ambassador to the UK and his deputy, discussed the party’s performance at the presidential and parliamentary elections held in March this year in Sierra Leone, as well as political developments under the New Direction SLPP government.

Mr Yongawo spoke about what he referred to as the sound policy pathways of the SLPP Bio-led government and highlighted the many challenges that are being effectively and efficiently tackled.

Emphasising the determination of President Bio, the outgoing SLPP UK&I chairman said that when the SLPP government came into office “there was no fiscal policy” in place, yet the government produced a workable strategy in less than one week.

Mr. Yongawo also explained that so far, the SLPP government has embarked upon prudent internal revenue mobilisation to undertake its extensive financial obligations, because there has been no external budgetary support.

Although this situation he said is expected to change soon, he told his audience, “yet the president is not sitting down simply waiting for handouts “.

Chairman Yongawo said that the handling of state affairs and the economy thus far, “is yet another positive indication of how serious and determined this government really is”.

He concluded by cautioning members of the SLPP UK and Ireland against what he described as behaving like the opposition APC Party who are now united only by one factor – the fear of the impending commission of inquiry.

He closed his address by strongly advising members to be very supportive of the SLPP because “the SLPP is the only party that can make Sierra Leone a better place for all its people”.

The meeting was adjourned after voting on a motion  by a majority to allow the members of the current executive to work together with the council of elders, in running the region for the next six months, to make way for fresh executive elections, the outcome of which many are hoping will not end up in the courts for resolution.

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