SLPP’s contamination of chief Sam-Sumana’s APC DNA is a threat to APC’s 2023 success – Op-ed

Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 December 2019:

In my opinion, I believe Chief Sam-Sumana has a very golden key role to play in the 2023 Elections on the side of APC but certainly not as our APC Presidential Candidate.

I do firmly believe Chief needs to first de-toxify himself of dangerous PAOPA/SLPP contamination before we can run the risk of giving him our APC flag to lead us sometime in the future.

Our Comrade Chief Sam Sumana has seriously contaminated himself with SLPP PAOPA to an extent the PAOPA know him now too well. He rubbed shoulders with them too much in a bid to teach the APC a bitter lesson in 2018. Now they have seriously contaminated him through his Support Group known as the Friends Of Sam Sumana (FOSS).

To my mind, a good chunk of his FOSS (Friends Of Sam Sumana) people are actually embedded around the poor Sam-Sumana as Trojan Horses, Moles and Spies of the SLPP. The way I see it, some have decided to pretend to remain with him whilst many others like KLM openly jumped out of the Sam-Sumana circles into the warm, green embrace of the SLPP.

Sam-Sumana is my big brother, and the APC ancestors gone ahead will surely want me to be by his side but so also will the APC ancestors want Sam-Sumana to see the need to seriously de-contaminate his entire systems of all those SLPP Trojan horse viruses, who had entered his genuine APC DNA and now remain within as pretenders.

I am sure our brother, Chief Sam-Sumana can cast his mind back and reflect on how, when he was Vice-President and I was Special Executive Assistant (SEA) to President Koroma at State House, I once passionately begged him NOT to trust those journalists like Sheikh Bawoh, Sorie Fofana, Jonathan Leigh, Umaru Fofana, etc. who had seemed to be sympathetic to an imaginary Cause they artificially whipped up on Sam-Sumana’s behalf. (Photo: Sam Sumana and Dr Sylvia Blyden). 

Chief will recall how he fervently promised me he would heed my advice but he never paid heed and he went on trusting them to do what he felt was in his best interest. They (his crew) even turned me into their enemy but as always, I had more than enough firepower to hit back at anyone who tests me.

Today, need I say more about those Journalists and what had been their true intentions around Chief Sam-Sumana as our Vice-President?

Today, two of our Comrades, Herbert George Williams and Abu-Bakarr Daramy are locked up behind prison bars, facing Murder charges that they vehemently protest their innocence of.

The alleged murder victim was a core team member of the Sam-Sumana anti-APC journalists lined up by Sam-Sumana against the APC. The late man, Ibrahim Samura, (may his soul R.I.P.) was the CLOSEST Journalist to Chief Sam-Sumana in the fight to remove the APC from power. The late man, Ibrahim Samura even quietly travelled with Chief Sam-Sumana to ECOWAS Court in Nigeria during Chief Sam-Sumana’s case against the APC-led Government.

The late Journalist, Ibrahim Samura, had so much passion to see the back of the APC out of Government that even after APC had lost the First Rounds and APC Comrades were doing all they could to monitor the Second Rounds runoff, the late journalist chased a convoy of APC Comrades on the Day of the Run-Off elections to Lumley where he met an ill fate, and he subsequently made public statements bitterly indicting the APC as a party.

Those statements led to the charges of Murder against Herbert and Abu Daramy. That matter of alleged Murder is now in front of the Court and so I will not say much more. I believe folks can see where I am coming from as my points are crystal clear so far. May Ibrahim Samura’s soul rest in perfect peace. He was also a friend of mine and I regret his death. But the Truth has to be said about what motivated Ibrahim Samura to hotly chase APC Comrades on that day of the runoffs. Why such bitterness? Such deep bitterness towards members of a political party that was already humiliated at the First Rounds?

So, whilst Chief Sam-Sumana as an individual may be without bitterness, there were/are many more with such angst for our APC who are still embedded within the Sam-Sumana support bases. One of them is Tamba Sumana, also shown in the accompanying video at ECOWAS Court wearing brown Africana outfit. Tamba Sumana went on Facebook to viciously attack me few months ago – it was a completely unprovoked attack and left me quite STUNNED. Can I, or other loyal APC Comrades, feel comfortable around such toxin-emanating folks like Tamba Sumana?

So, can Chief Sam-Sumana de-contaminate himself of such toxic folks before 2023? Can he de-toxify himself of all anti-APC toxins around himself? Food for thought!

One only needs to study the voting and alignment pattern of the C4C inside Parliament to see my concerns are very genuine. How many times has C4C stood on the side of this Nation against the excesses of the SLPP?

C4C has an 8-man vantage strength in Parliament. How many times has Sam-Sumana actively led C4C to deploy such strength on the side of the Rule of Law and Justice? NEVER! Even to protect and secure Chief Sam-Sumana, the C4C cannot make required moves.

I closely followed the debacle in Parliament when Chief Sam-Sumana’s police security was withdrawn from him by Police and the Parliament summoned the Inspector General of Police on the issue. I was out of the country but I was very much intrigued to see how it all played out so I assigned a reporter to specially record those committee hearings for me on a live video feed so as for me to follow the issue.

Apart from one single C4C Parliamentarian, Hon. Sahr Charles, it was astonishing to me to watch from a live video feed of my reporter how the C4C MPs basically rolled over and played dead as Hon. Dixon Rogers and other SLPP MPs bulldozed the matter of Sam-Sumana’s police protection to a closure! This was the life, safety and security of the C4C National Leader being handled with levity. It was food for thought to me that day!

If C4C MPs (the support base of Chief Sam-Sumana) cannot even challenge the SLPP/PAOPA to ensure the mere due police protection of the life and wellbeing of Chief Sam-Sumana, can such C4C support base be trusted to challenge SLPP/PAOPA on behalf of the larger APC in 2023?

In my opinion, there are unscrupulous folks embedded within DNA structures of Sam Sumana and some inside his support group are nothing other than trojan horses, moles and spies of PAOPA/SLPP ready to undermine and sabotage the APC Party like similar moles and spies and trojan horses did from within our APC DNA during the 2018 elections.

The APC entered the 2018 Elections packed full of Trojan Horses who ensured they sabotaged our party’s chances from within us. Can we take the risk by giving the 2023 presidential ticket to the already contaminated Sam-Sumana? Can Sam-Sumana de-contaminate himself of the SLPP/PAOPA trojan horses and can he do so ON TIME before the 2023 Elections?

Casting our APC hopes on a Sam-Sumana presidency for 2023 is a risky bid… A very risky bid. In the same way some of us knew a Dr. Samura Kamara presidential bid for 2018 was a very risky ticket but we tried to maintain silence for the good of the party back then – after we all collectively chose him during the October 2017 Convention.

I use the term ‘COLLECTIVELY CHOSE’ Samura as I have always refused to singularly blame EBK as imposing Samura Kamara on us; because each and every delegate inside that Hall (including all Aspirants) had the chance to stand up and demand for Elections but we all endorsed for Ernest Koroma to Select and make the choice for us. Yeah, we did so THREE TIMES!

So, we as delegates do carry the blame alongside Ernest Koroma for the rather poor choice of Dr. Samura Kamara.

Can we repeat the same mistakes in 2023 of opening up our APC Presidential campaign to be remote controlled by moles, spies and Trojan Horses already embedded within the FOSS support group of our brother and comrade?

In my strong opinion, we need Chief Sam-Sumana back on board the APC but we certainly don’t need him as our 2023 Presidential Candidate. This is my personal view but since I have no monopoly on knowledge, I stand to be convinced otherwise. I’m open to being convinced that a Sam-Sumana APC presidential candidacy is not another flat defeat for the APC come 2023.

If only Chief Sam-Sumana had instantly and publicly declared his APC DNA in March 2018 when Nfa Alie announced his ‘computerized’ results that gave President Bio a First Rounds lead of less than 15,000 votes over APC’s candidate!

If at that pivotal moment when the likes of Dr. Sylvia Blyden were gearing up to come back to publicly help the demoralised and humiliated APC, our Chief Sam-Sumana had also put his angst to one side and jumped on board the APC struggles like I did when I bought my air ticket to fly back to Sierra Leone from London to come and help the APC, then I would have been amongst the leading APC cheerleaders thumping my chest for a Sam-Sumana APC presidential candidacy EVEN IF WE HAD GONE ON TO LOSE THOSE ELECTIONS WITH SAM-SUMANA BY OUR SIDE.

I would have known the APC DNA of Chief Sam-Sumana was indeed strong as that was THE MOMENT to know who really possessed APC DNA and could stand firm to ensure the Sun did not go down after it had risen.

Today, people are abusing Comrade Alpha Kanu for his recent utterances but whilst I may raise quiet concern to him in private, I will never join them to publicly abuse Comrade Alpha Kanu. This is the same man who publicly at that pivotal moment in time of March 2018, reduced himself to utter ridicule by reading out an Apology Letter publicly to Chief Sam-Sumana inviting him to come back home to the APC which badly needed the C4C support.

Comrade Alpha Kanu was turned into a public jester when Chief Sam-Sumana ignored his treatise and appeal. Comrade Alpha Kanu was molested for the sake of the APC back then. He stood up when it was ugly back then in March 2018.

May God Almighty bless Alpha Kanu for that. Nobody should join to molest the man now that he has chosen the lamentable pathway he is on. At least, he has never denounced APC as a viable entity. Alpha Kanu stood up to publicly beg Sam-Sumana when he did not need to have stood up in March 2018. We need to continue to engage Comrade Alpha Kanu instead of insulting him. I will NEVER insult Comrade Alpha Kanu. Never!

Sadly, at the time Alpha Kanu was standing up to publicly appeal to Chief Sam-Sumana, both Chief Sam-Sumana and his FOSS members did not realise their APC DNA back then in March 2018 and we could not benefit from Sam-Sumana’s APC DNA at that pivotal time because Chief’s APC DNA was heavily contaminated with anti-APC Trojan Horse viruses.

At this particular point in time that Chief Sam-Sumana has been realizing the APCness inside his cellular DNA make-up, I salute him and praise him for coming back to join us. But just how clean and just how de-contaminated is he for us to take that risk of making him a Presidential Candidate?

That is the BIG Question!

As I said earlier, I stand ready to be convinced with cogent answers to the BIG Question because I know I have no Monopoly over knowledge. So let the debate be moved to the next level – convince me if you can Comrades!

Merry Christmas to all our APC Comrades.

Author – Comrade Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR.


  1. Can somebody please help me, I just   don’t understand what the writer is trying to say or express!!! As self-acclaimed investigative journalist I was expecting much!

    If you are progressive and put the country FOS you have my support. I care less about name, region or birthright. Just put Salone FOS.


    • You are right on the money, Anthony. That’s the kind of mind set we need to take Salone out of the mud. That is the ultimate demonstration of the essence of true education bro’. You are my hero.

  2. If I understand Sierra Leone’s political scene correctly,political contamination is a contagion which came into being about the time that our nation was on the verge of cutting her colonial links with the British in 1961.It is too late now to eradicate it,all we can hope for is that succeeding generations will develop immunity against it.By then a good many of us will be down under,and with Allah’s/God’s permission will be watching events from an invisible position.

    Dr Blyden must remember that Siaka Stevens and Earnest Koroma were turn coats,having not originally belonged to the political party [APC] on whose tailcoat they clung to reach the pinnacle of their career.The characteristics of Sam Sumana’s case are just slightly different from theirs,but they are all political opportunists.Their successful machinations are rooted in their proven belief that as a people we have a very short memory,encapsulated in tribal or ethnic sentiments.

    The only thing that would stop Sam Sumana from being the APC’s flag bearer in 2023 would be if the APC becomes internally democratic,wherein Earnest Koroma ceases to be chairman for life of the party to place it in the realm of one/woman one vote in choosing its leaders.The arbitrary choice of Samura Kamara to lead APC in the 2018 election should support my argument.

    Eanest Koroma’s main problem is that he does not want to fade into history or have somebody else leading the APC who is not sympathetic to him.Having mended fences with Sam Sumana he may well be feeling that as president Sam would protect his back in the same way as Sheki felt with Joseph Momoh.

    Let us wait and see.If Sylvia Blyden is right it may well herald a transformation of APC which will see top players emerging from the shadows whose thinking parallels the century in which we live.Political intrigue will never end anywhere in the world.

    • Sounds like we have a God like complex (EBK) in our hands, which isn’t really surprising. I mean, what else should be expected from a man, who during his tenure as president had facial mannequins of himself plastered in different parts of the country – a self posturing gesture that is tantamount to someone patting themselves on the back? Tell me, how obnoxious can one be? And these are the types of men we allow to rule us, but we continue to wonder why perpetual dilapidation continues to be the order of the day.

  3. This is a big slap in the faces of the Kono people who for the first time in the history of our nation found their voice by electing their proud sons and potentially their daughters to parliament after all the exploitation that they have suffered for decades. Now I can pity the plight of some diehard C4C supporters in this forum due to the emotional roller coaster they are going through by quickly jumping ship to the morally bankrupt APC party.

    I intentionally chose the word morally bankrupt because some of the corrupt APC members are involving their parents and children to swear oath with the Holy Bible and Holy Koran to lie about their mansions built from the stolen monies from the people at the ongoing COI. Personally I believe that President Bio should still keep the current Inspector General of police during and after the upcoming APC Convention because HELL is about to break loose because the APC party is dreaming about transforming their Ideology to democracy instead of Selection for the first time in history.

    Finally I will advice and encourage our C4C supporters to think wisely during this trying and difficult period and to focus on governance by supporting our President in positive development rather than engaging in negativity, and by 2023 they can base their judgment through the ballot box by the end of the 5 years mandate given to President Bio.

    • Mr. Alusine Fallay, do you really know what you are talking about? I hope you do. Chief Sam Sumana rejoining the APC has nothing to do with the existence of the C4C PARTY. No EXISTENTIAL THREAT. That I will promise you. Don’t be frightened by what the future of the SLPP will be, with Chief Sam Sumana rejoining the APC. No PANIC at the moment. Keep COOL.

      The C4C PARTY and the people of KONO are going to change the ELECTORAL MAP of Sierra Leone forever. Your DIVISIVE and INTIMIDATING TACTICS will not work. They will only be left for the BIRDS to pick. How dare you attempt to enter the LION’S DEN by mistake? Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS. So let’s celebrate it in peace.

      I will continue my response to your BIASED and INSULTING comments against C4C supporters. Trust me. You will come to know very soon why C4C. I will give you a TIP to help you. “From COALITION to COALESCE”. Make your conclusion. Happy CHRISTMAS Mr. Alusine Fallay and may GOD BLESS YOU.

    • It’s more than a big slap on the faces of the Kono people brother. This man is not thinking about anybody but himself and he’s ready to do everything to bring back EBK to power. But over our dead bodies. Sam sumana has no regards or shame.

      We went on hunger strike for this man after he was dismissed unlawfully from office. Dr. Sylvia Blyden where were you at the time, because nobody heard from you?

      My advice to everyone is, make no mistake to wage another war in to that country. Sam sumana quits from APC 4 years ago, now let’s see what the constitution says.

  4. Nothing about the development of the country or how to improve the standard of living for the people. Once again personalities like you are more concerned about “party loyalty” and how to plot your way back to power. We all know why! The people of Sierra Leone are catching up to it. Good luck!

  5. Samsuma political career ended the day he turned his back on C4C members. Some of us are still in pain and will not forget in a hurry. As for the C4C members of parliament, they better be smart and switch to SLPP, because come 2023 they will not have the resources to fight the ruling party. Think about it.

    • Indeed and I quote from Mr. Humphrey Sonny’s comment – ‘Samsuma political career ended the day he turned his back on C4C members’. What do you mean Mr. Sonny? Do you have facts for your AWKWARD statement? Please send me a reply explaining to me what came to your mind by making such SARCASTIC statement.

      Also, the C4C will never sell their BIRTH RIGHTS for “KOKO EN YEHBEH”. You have been warned by me. Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS so let’s be honest with ourselves. GOD BLESS YOU Mr. Humphrey Sonny. Happy CHRISTMAS to you and everyone.

    • Sahr Matturi said: ” Please send me a reply explaining to me what came to your mind by making such SARCASTIC statement.”

      Sahr, it seems you are still drowsy. That is not sarcasm. Bro’, you have been in a deep slumber. Check out the C4C forum and learn firsthand.

  6. Oops! What a breath-taking ordeal to read this article to the end. At first I thought it was the editor writing. I became tensed and gave up. ‘Ooh, another APC outlet!’. I gathered strength and patience and finally at the end, I saw the author as the disgraced Sylvia Blyden. She better go say sorry to Claude. She knows what I am talking about.

    Fast forward – It seems APC is the party of useless and untrustworthy hero worshipers. Non of those names mentioned are worthy of leading the country. Not even close. What is their public record in helping ameliorate the deplorable human condition in Salone or the state of SL in general? These are all people seeking to enrich themselves like their party forebearers-Siaka Stevens, Momoh, EBK et al.

    Sam had the opportunity to fight for the Salone constitution but quit. Sylvia has credibility issues and she is morally unstable…a some-sort-of political prostitution to say the least. Hey Sylvia, what happened to the cloud around your doctoral title? It seems, APC is all about personalities(Untrustworthy) and not good results. Dommage!!!

  7. What a BOMBSHELL in the making. It seems to me that Chief Sam Sumana is poised to rejoin the APC. This would be a TACTICAL and STRATEGIC MANOEUVRE by the APC to win the PRESIDENCY from the SLPP come 2023. Many people will be ready to LEND their VOTES and VOTE TACTICALLY to make sure that, Chief Sam Sumana becomes the next President of the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE. YEAH!

    I respect the views and concerns of Dr. Sylvia Blyden. This is an IRON LADY who should be listened to. Personally, I have no doubt in my mind that Chief Sam Sumana will address the concerns of Dr. Sylvia Blyden and many other SKEPTICS. If the C4C PARTY and the people of KONO DISTRICT back his return to the APC then, that would be not only a good news for the APC but for the country as a whole in terms of NATIONAL UNITY. Chief Sam Sumana has POLITICAL MUSCLES all over the country. That I can tell everyone. COOL AND COZY.

    Let’s wait and see what the final deal will look like. After all, Chief Sam Sumana is a second generation APC. So, he still has his APC DNA within him. If he gets the APC LEADERSHIP, some political parties will be ANNIHILATED come 2023. The POLITICAL WILDERNESS will be their POLITICAL GRAVEYARD. Do they agree with me? I reckon they do. BE READY TO JUMP IN THE CHIEF SAM SUMANA POLITICAL WAGON for TOTAL DEVELOPMENT OF SIERRA LEONE. The move will also prove former President Ernest Bai Koroma’s attitude towards PEACE and TOLERANCE. A man who wants to engage and sort out things peacefully. What a peaceful LEADER indeed.

    A Chief Sam Sumana and DR. Sylvia Blyden TICKET for 2023 under the APC Party will be CATASTROPHIC for the SLPP in my view.
    Again let’s wait and see the DEAL. COUNT DOWN to Chief Sam Sumana’s POLITICAL ROCKET LAUNCH is IMMINENT. GOD BLESS Chief Sam Sumana and DR. Sylvia Blyden.

  8. It looks like the APC will have a lot of house cleaning to do before 2023.Sam Sumana and Samura Kamara ticket will make sense…SUMANA as Vice PRESIDENT AGAIN OF COURSE.He must work towards the top again.

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