Storming of the United States Capitol

Ambassador Maria Brewer: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 08 January 2021:

The United States Congress has completed its Constitutionally mandated count of the Electoral College vote and affirmed the election of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Kamala D. Harris.  They will be sworn into office and a peaceful transfer of power that will occur on January 20, 2021.

The criminals who committed violent acts of terror against our democracy yesterday will be held accountable in accordance with the rule of law in the United States.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the many citizens of Sierra Leone who sent messages of support during yesterday’s difficult hours.

The enduring friendship and partnership between the United States and the people of Sierra Leone will endure and thrive as we recommit to supporting and living up to our democratic ideals.

We recognize that January 6 also marked a very sad anniversary in Sierra Leone, that of the RUF entering Freetown in 1999.

We remember the many who suffered and died during that attack, which also reminds us that liberty and democracy must be continually safeguarded.

About the author

Maria Brewer is the United States’ Ambassador in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


  1. Former President Obama delivered a speech that “Africa does not need strong leaders but strong institutions”. The USA is a testament to that fact based on what has transpired from November 3, 2020 to January 6, 2021. Despite all the challenges, the rule of law and democracy has prevailed. We will continue to pray for the USA which is the “Beacon of hope and democracy” around the world. May the Almighty continue to bless the USA.

  2. Why didn’t Ambassador Brewer name, blame and shame the criminal puppet-master who has been preparing this attack on democracy for the past four/five years? Why blame the idiot stooges who believed him? Oh of course, politically appointed diplomats are not expected to have guts.

  3. Trump created his political career on pedalling conspiracy theories. Back in 2008 when Hillary Clinton was running for the democrat primary for ticket for president that year, against the up-start senator Barack Obama, some diehard supporters of the Clinton camp noted with dismay that it was Obama that was getting the support from the grass roots of the democratic party primaries. In their desperation to rescue Clinton they started to float the unhinged idea, that after all Obama who has a Muslim middle name was not born in America. So just when everyone thought they forgot about it debonked failed conspiracy theory because Obama was born in Honolulu, in the Pacific state of Hawaii. Nevertheless, it was revived by Trump, after Obama took office as the 44th president of the United States back in 2017 – the first African American to so.

    Maybe Trump was hedging his bets for future ambition to be president. Hence the promotion of the racist birther movement that questions Obama’s birthright to be president. Back then no-one abonised Trump and his conspiracy theorists followers. Indeed some of the right wing media went along because they could not stomach to see a black man and his wife to be the first family of the United States. This you will note manifested itself in the mass shootings during Obama’s time in office compared to Trump. Yesterday president-elect Joe Biden was candid in his statement, this white nationalists were given the red carpet to broke into the Capitol building.

    Now if we compare the heavy handedness of the security froces to last summer’s Black Lives Matter protest in the wake of George Floyd murder, that was my point about Black men and women being treated differently from the American criminal justice system. We always tend to blame ourselves for the social ills that affect us, but we fail to note the system is actually set up to make African-Americans fail. Now you heard it from Biden.

  4. Disgusting and dangerous stuff. The NPRC, RUF or the attackers of the Capitol of the United States are all forces against Democracy. They must all be mentioned without bias. All three have the same power grab ideology. By the way, the Republic of the United States of America was close to disintegrating. Thank God for the resilience of the American politicians, institutions and the democratic forces, the Republic survived the test of anarchy. My heart jumped into my mouth on seeing those disgusting images. One thing we must all learn from this is, that men come and go, but the State remains. With that note, all dictators must be careful with whatever they do. God bless America, the beacon of Democracy. Yeah.

  5. I mean seriously, let us call a spade a spade, tempers didn’t just flare overnight resulting in rioting, lawlessness and loss of property. Ambassador Brewer would have deserved our sympathies if she had just been sincere enough to admit that that American style of democratic governance is flawed, biased, indifferent to the grievances and concerns of certain groups and races of people who are not of Caucasian origin. American society was built on the foundations of violence and injustices perpetrated by whites on black slaves, and since blood is far thicker than sweat and tears, Africans and Native North American Indians that were butchered callously a long time ago in the depths of the earth calling for justice but all in vain.

    Today not much has changed. Beneath the amiable facade projecting the United States as an orderly, happy, thriving nation, lies a frightening volatile army of miserable, cruel and unstable people. Donald Trump’s master stroke was to effortlessly expose the deep social, moral and political cracks that had always existed in American society that no one wanted to talk about – Americans have been living in a Pressure Cooker for over a century and all Trump did was to skillfully tear down the veil of hypocrisy – nothing more and nothing less.(lol)

    What you witnessed at the Capitol was the descendants of white slave merchants telling the rest of the world that America still belongs to them and they can burn, ramsack, destroy and do as they please, without fear of suffering any consequences at all. White skin privilege, dictates to them how to think and act. It is time for the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave to take a good look in the mirror and change her unjust, gloomy and depressing ways.

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