The men and women in charge of delivering president Bio’s New Direction

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 August 2018:

The SLPP government, led by president Julius Maada says that “improving governance is one of the four components of its New Direction Strategy”.

In this regard, the president says he has appointed some of the best hands Sierra Leone can provide as ministers.
So who are the ministers in his government? Take a look:

















































So, what has the Bio led government achieved in terms of governance, after over 100 days in office? This is what the government says:

1. The President has established the Office of the Chief Minister to supervise all ministries and ensure Ministers deliver on their one-year work plan and five-year strategic plan.

2. In fulfilment of the manifesto commitment of strengthening public expenditure management, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has been separated into two: The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.

In accordance with the law, the Ministry of Finance is charged with the fiduciary responsibilities of both recurrent and development expenditures, while the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development will oversee data collection, national, sectoral and local council planning and monitoring, support as well as coordinate development assistance and provide oversight of NGO activities.

3. The Ministry of Education has been separated into two Ministries: Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education and Ministry of Higher and Technical Education.

4. The President has established the Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation and appointed the first Chief Innovation Officer, Dr David Moinina Sengeh.

5. The Office of the Chief Minister through funding by UNDP and DFID, organized its first Cabinet Retreat on 22 June 2018 to prioritize and build a high performing team that will deliver the President’s New Direction Agenda.

6. In furtherance of president Bio’s commitment to fight corruption, the Governance Transition Team Report was published to the public; and Government has announced steps to establish the Commission of Inquiry and implement  other recommendations.

7. Government has taken steps to restructure the Anti-Corruption Commission. President Bio has appointed a new commissioner who has hit the ground running from day one.

8. In order to address post-elections violence and build national cohesion, the President established the cross-political party peace and reconciliation committee, to conduct a nationwide inter-party dialogue engagement.

Source: State House Communications Unit, Freetown


  1. I am sure the president is doing quite well for the development of the country. In a very short time people will start seing the plans the government is making, function. People should not be worried to see what will soon start happening in the country. Thanks brothers and sisters for your up-to-date news.

  2. Dear Mr Ministers, please think of the children of Sierra Leone. Stop the thieving and corruption and KUKUJUMUKU. Hard work makes a better nation. Peace and love. God bless Sierra Leone, the land that we love.

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