The World Bank and The University of Sierra Leone need your views

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 March 2013

uslThe Centre for Policy Studies at the University of Sierra Leone has announced that it has agreed to undertake a client survey on behalf of the World Bank.

The survey will identify the development aspirations of Sierra Leoneans and the role the World Bank can play in supporting them.

Additionally the survey will also assess various stakeholders’ perceptions of the World Bank’s performance in Sierra Leone over the last three years.

The survey will be distributed to nearly 1,000 key respondents in national and local government, civil society, academic institutions, and the media.

The survey will be launched on 4th March 2013 and is expected to last three weeks.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAResults of the survey will be analyzed and used by the World Bank in producing its Country Assistance Strategy, which will be aligned to the priorities of the Government of Sierra Leone as set out in its Poverty Reduction Paper III.

Acting Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, Dr. Michael Kargbo, said; “CPS is very pleased to be partnering with the World Bank on this important project. We are sure that the feedback provided by such a wide range of stakeholders will be a source of valuable information for the Bank as it plans its future work with Sierra Leone.”

The Centre for Policy Studies is a semi-autonomous research institute at the University of Sierra Leone.  Launched in 2012, the Centre is dedicated to research and advocacy that can inform and improve policy development in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leoneans who would like to participate in this survey can do so on-line by login on to:

Additional inquiries can be addressed to Dr. Michael S. Kargbo at:



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