There is no turmoil in Sierra Leone – says vice president Jalloh

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 May 2019:

Sierra Leone’s vice president Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh yesterday called on citizens to respect and obey the laws of the land; and that no one should be worried as long as they remain peaceful and law abiding.

Speaking at yesterday’s commemoration of International Labour Day which took place at the Miatta Conference Centre in Freetown on the theme “Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Empowerment,” Dr Jalloh said that it is the responsibility of government is to ensure that everyone upholds the rule of order and maintain order for the good of society, and that his government is determined to bring discipline into public life.

Responding to comments made by the President of the Sierra Leone Labour Congress – Mr Jennings Wright, that Sierra Leone is presently in turmoil, the vice president said: “There is no turmoil in Sierra Leone. I totally disagree. The fact is that the SLPP party won the election and is ruling, and government is implementing policies”.

Vice president Jalloh spoke about the achievements made so far by president Bio’s government in approving new schools and teachers, and will continue to do so in order to boost the Free Quality Education introduced by the government last year.

He also spoke about the government’s recruitment drive for more nurses to serve the country’s health sector.

Dr. Jalloh said that his government has decided to have a laissez faire and noninterfering attitude towards Labour Unions. He assured of the government’s willingness to give liberty to labour unions and other institutions to operate, as well as provide the necessary support required for institutions to work better.

But he admonished trade unions to also be law abiding just like every citizen of the country is expected to do.

He said that the International Workers Day is aimed at celebrating the hard work of the labour force in the world. Labour Day, the vice president said is celebrated to remember with equal pride and reverence, the selfless labour and indefatigable contributions of compatriot workers in the country.

He referred to the labour force as critical force to nation building, stating that a modern state cannot function adequately without a viable workforce. He said it is incumbent on government to provide the environment that favours the emergence and sustenance of a viable labour force.

Dr. Jalloh said that the Bio led government has responded to the needs of the country’s work force over the last year, by increasing the salaries of junior workers and those working in the public sector from 5% as stated in the revised 2018 budget to 10% in the 2019 budget.

He encouraged the Labour Union and the labour force to form a viable partnership with government, and work in unity for the purpose of moving the country forward.


  1. Adonis Daniels, are you a true citizen of Sierra Leone? I am asking the question but it does not seem clear to me that you are. No, you are not. The SLPP’s victory was accepted in the name of peace but in reality, every patriotic Sierra Leonean is aware of the role the British Ambassador executed upon the assignment of the British government and the Commonwealth office to make sure that the APC do not emerge victorious.

    The propaganda of the SLPP including you, was that the country was steered by the northerners only and that we the northerners should allow you the south-easterners to do the same. That was the reason why your above named sponsors instruted even the election observers in the leadership of the former presidents of Ghana and Nigeria to give all their support to the electoral commissioner to rig the election results in favor of the SLPP.

    It was a damaging success but also a painful experience for the electorate. My question in this regard is: when are we going to stand on our own? Do exactly what we are supposed to as a nation? Today, our nation is in turmoil and your so called VP is denying the fact. It is a naked truth that the country is going to the wrong direction you people are referring to as new direction. I cannot waste my time to elaborate on this issue now. Time will tell.

  2. Indeed. TURMOIL and no TURMOIL in SIERRA LEONE. Fascinating Stuff.
    Until the Vice President and the Labour Congress President clarify what they meant by TURMOIL or no TURMOIL, Sierra Leoneans will continue to ask who is RIGHT or who is WRONG. By the way, we expect our leaders to speak clearly, be SPECIFIC and to the POINT whenever they make statements in public. Agreeing or disagreeing on something no one knows about does not make sense, I am afraid.
    So, we want to know what that TURMOIL is.

  3. Good answer, Mr. vice president. The turmoil in Sierra Leone is only in the heads of Tolongbo operatives. It is over a year now and these folks still do not want to accept defeat at the polls.

    With the leveled-headed Maada Bio and Juldeh Jalloh at the helm, Sierra Leone will overcome the Tolongbo mess and become a prosperous nation.

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