This is a victory for all Sierra Leoneans – says Maada Bio

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 March 2018:

“My fellow Sierra Leoneans, on Tuesday 13th March 2018, the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission announced the results of the Presidential Election conducted on Wednesday 7th March 2018. Nearly 58% of those who cast their votes, voted for change.

I particularly feel deeply humbled by the huge confidence you have reposed in me and the Sierra Leone People’s Party. What is more, by this result you have signified a clear demonstration that the All People’s Congress has lost your confidence.

What remains to be done by the overwhelming majority of Sierra Leoneans in the next two weeks is to translate this loss of confidence in the APC into a symbol of agreement that indeed the time for the SLPP to resume governance of our country has arrived.

We must do this in several ways. First, we should commend ourselves for the peaceful manner in which we have effected the change,

Second, we should convey to the world our determination to sustain the change by demanding from all and sundry that the change we have inaugurated on the 7th March must continue in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity devoid of violence and intimidation.

Third, we must bring about the change by finally booting the APC out of power and ushering in a new SLPP Government by an overwhelming majority on the 27th March 2018. This way we would have shown the world once again that Sierra Leone is now a shining beacon of democracy on the West African firmament.

The elections would be over on the 27th March. That day begins a new dawn of national unity and cohesion strengthening further the bonds that unite us all as one country, one people.

To all my former contenders for the Presidency, I call on all of you to join me in this New Direction to address the critical development challenges we face as a country.

Let us put our political differences aside and work for the common interest of our people and country. This should be our new mantra and our supreme guiding principle.

To all those who voted for me, I appeal to you all to embrace the supporters of the other political parties. This is not a victory for me alone and the SLPP but also a victory for all Sierra Leoneans.

Therefore, I entreat everyone to desist from any act of political intimidation and violence. Political intimidation and violence will have no place in our democracy. It is most certainly not the SLPP way.

As we look forward to a peaceful transition, I want to assure all Sierra Leoneans and our development partners that national cohesion will be at the heart of my administration.”


  1. Congratulations to Maada for his impending victory! As the battle continues, however, the stamina Maada put into the campaign must still be employed to campaign for calm, peace, and tranquility. Every election has a winner and loser.

    Win or lose, Sierra Leone belongs to all Sierra Leoneans living locally or abroad. Every limb injured, every disability incurred, every life lost, is a devastating blow to the fabric of the country’s economy.

    Therefore, the time to unite while still maintaining our regional, tribal, religious, social, and economic identities is now. The raw political brutality seen in pockets around the country is plainly evil. It is, therefore, incumbent upon all people of Sierra Leone, especially our political leaders to concentrate on destroying this evil for a better Sierra Leone.

  2. All parties are preaching free health, free education free everything given the opportunity to govern the SL.
    We will be even worse than the current leadership. The new party will also even ensure their children attend private schools, build massive houses, cars and so forth. They all have a vision for their own selfish interest. Only God can help Africa

  3. I am expecting to say congratulation president Bio. We all love peace and are prepared to begin a new Sierra Leone.
    Please sir do not leave corrupt people to go free without bringing back the money they have stolen. I do hope this type of situation can be solved democratically with the laws in hand.

  4. Please Brigadier Maada Bio don’t take your foot off the accelerator and keep talking about the most important issue that the APC hates to hear about which is FREE EDUCATION. In their little minds it’s possible to build a bridge in the air and distribute millions of T-shirts and hats within a week but impossible to provide free education and uniforms for only primary and secondary school children. I was even expecting the APC government to provide basic clean water instead of building a new airport.

  5. Hi my Fellow sierra leoneans, let us start to teach our brothers and sisters to desist from violence and intimidation. Remember we are all one and the same, and therefore, we should not fight or kill each other. God will not be pleased with us. Election! Election! Do not separate us. My heart bleeds when I see a Sierra Leonean assaults another Sierra Leonean. It is totally barbaric.

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