Two former public officials in Sierra Leone found guilty of corruption  

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 April 2020:

The High Court of Sierra Leone, sitting in Freetown and presided over by Justice Miatta Samba, yesterday  convicted the former Managing Director of Sierra Leone Cable Network (SALCAB) –  Mohamed Sheriff, and Paul Sandi – the former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Information and Communication.

They were each found guilty of one count and three counts of corruption offences respectively.

Passing judgement on the accused, Justice Miatta Samba ruled that Paul Sandi must pay a fine of One Hundred and Twenty Million Leones (Le120, 000, 000) on all three counts; and Mohamed Sheriff is to pay Sixty Million Leones (Le60, 000, 000) in lieu of his one count charge.

According to the Judge, the fines are to be paid immediately before their release, or else serve a jail term of three years.

One of the other accused – Idrissa Yillah, was acquitted and discharged on all three counts for which he was charged.

According to the ACC,  Paul Sandi,  Mohamed Sheriff and Idrissa Yillah, were standing trial for various corruption offences under the Anti-Corruption Act, No 12 of 2008 – including misappropriation of public funds contrary to section 36(1); failure to comply with applicable rules and guidelines relating to the management of public funds contrary to section 48(2)(b); and conspiracy to commit a corruption offence contrary to section 128(1).

The three persons were accused by ACC prosecutors of misappropriating public funds amounting to $300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).

In another corruption case, Justice Miatta Samba yesterday acquitted and discharged Alie Badara Mansaray, who was the former Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), on fifteen counts of various corruption offences.


  1. Joe Koroma, If you get to know me you will find me to be non-tribalistic and non-regionalist. Sierra Leone is all I care about. My comments, if you read them carefully, should bear me out on this.

    I was born in Freetown of Thiamine parents and I speak the language more fluently than a significant number of those born in the heart of Thaimne country.Some of them cannot complete a sentence in Thaimne without adding Krio or English in it.

    In my desire to see progress in my country all public figures are a fair game. When I stretch out my foot in a kicking motion I couldn’t care less which backside it lands on – Mende, Thaimne, Limba, Fullah, Loko Susu, Krio, etc.

    When need be I praise President Bio, but I am equally ready to run him mistaken. Repeatedly I have said that I hate both SLPP and APC, although there are individuals in both of them that I like politically – Bio is one of them, but this shall never stop me from criticizing him – Sierra Leone comes first . This me a free spirit, I shall never be straitjacketed.

    When the journalist asked for an audience with the chief minister about the $1.5 million deposited at a bank – what happened to the former? An innocent David Francis would have tempted the journalist to go ahead with the story and then sue him and his paper for everything they ever owned to teach them a lesson never to be forgotten. Caught off balance our David Francis was rattled, cast aside all formal procedures and had the poor journalist arrested – an arbitrary use of power. Tell me Joe, who at the CID would have had the nerve to arrest David Francis and prosecute him?The case died there and ACC buried it .

    Finally I want you to keep track of what I say about the previous regime. I keep maintaining that our country has had only two leaders since independence : Sir Milton and to a lesser extent Ahmed Tejan Kabba. The third I wish to be KKY. Let us try him and allow the twins (APC and SLPP) to rest and reflect on their decades of holding our dear nation back. I don’t think KKY could do worse. Young4na is a force for good. I agree with him, we should learn from each other and get rid of our rigidity to teach the politicians how not to take us for fools.

  2. Joe Koroma says — “But no thanks to your suggestion that I should make it a habit of reading another forumite’s pieces. I won’t because one thing I have learned a long time ago is that Salone politics is mired in tribalism and regionalism”

    My brother, Joe Koroma; do you really expect us to believe your utterance that, you won’t read any commentary being posted here by myself or any other participants due to tribalism and regionalism? Come on, Mr. Koroma, don’t be ridiculous. The fact is, 100s of readers of this prestige Newspaper and all of us who are participants in this glorious forum are in the habit of reading each other’s posts. On several occasions, you and I have had our portion of small mini-debates whenever you read my comments and you don’t like what you are reading. So what’s behind your ego now?

    Please, chill my brother; we are all here to learn from each other, no one is superior or neither inferior. The important thing is we use facts rather than fallacies or emotions in our posting. We only have one Salone, that we all love.

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