University of Sierra Leone to offer ground breaking diplomatic and consular law degree course

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 March 2019:

The Law Department at Fourah Bay College – University of Sierra Leone, will soon be offering Diplomatic and Consular Law as part of its LLB Degree course.

The pioneers of this new development are Francis Gabbidon (Photo) – who has done a lot of academic work and research on practice, and Dr. Binneh Kamara – the Head of the Law Department at Fourah Bay College who has also done a lot of studies in Public International Law, the Law of Wars and International Relations.

The Diplomatic and Consular Law module will include the following options: Sierra Leone Constitution; Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961; Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, 1963; Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969; Public Diplomacy; Privileges and Immunities under Diplomatic and Consular Law; The United Nations Charter; Purposes and Principles of the United Nations; The General Assembly; The Security Council; The Secretariat; The International Court of Justice; The International Criminal Court (ICC); Traditional Diplomatic Structures as Bricks and Mortar; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Diplomatic Mission
Protocol and Procedure; International Organizations and Agreements outside the United Nations; Inter-Governmental Agencies related to the United Nations (including Specialized Agencies); International Law and practice; Environmental Diplomacy; The Diplomat and the Media; Conference Diplomacy Practice and Procedure; Human Rights Law; and International Treaties.

The teaching of Diplomatic Law and Practice is not common in African Universities. The Law Department at Fourah Bay College intends to develop this module at a very high level, to include research, workshops, seminar and publishing.

About Francis Gabbidon

Francis Gabbidon is a Lecturer in Evidence and International Human Rights Law at Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone.


  1. I agree with you Momodu. You have a fair question to ask. That is why everyone must support the President’s education programs.
    More emphasis must be placed in secondary school curriculum to prepare students to enter university. If our secondary schools are properly funded and taken care of, then, university education will not be a problem. There will be no need for all the additional topics for law students at FBC. Students who want to do law, would have mastered these topics in both O and A levels in my view.

  2. Hallo Mr. Biango,

    In your comment I can see you are a full SLPP supporter. o.k. That is about half of the people. What about the other half? So, how you can say “we the people of Sierra Leone…”

    Please, bring some facts how many new factories and working places for the youth could be established in this 1 year under the new direction.

    reinhard wiecha

  3. This is great, good plans bring good results. Development starts in the minds of the people. Good plans! When change occurs and the mind does not change it is an accident.

  4. I think you missing the whole topic. Now let me just put this clear to you that the unemployment rate is caused by the past government that brought fake companies in Sierra Leone, that can not even produce tangible goods and services for the people of Sierra Leone.

    For over 11 years, the past government can not show the people of Sierra Leone there are factories built in the country for youth to have permanent jobs. Because of the mismanagement of the wealth and resources of the country that lead to abject poverty. Breaking economy no proper management.

    Since this government came into power, they have done extremely well.
    They have improved the educational system by introducing the free and quality education which will help to improve the human capital development.

    Controlling the economy of the state by introducing the single entry account. Improve the health sector, infrastructure is on going.fighting
    Human rights violation, freedom of information.political tolerance is 100% guarantee.
    Security and peace is 100% guaranteed. Mining sector, improved tourism and culture sector and boosting fishing and maritime sector.

    Strengthen the bilateral relationships with others, international country and potential investors to come and bring businesses that help create more jobs opportunities for the youth.

    Established the Commission of Inquiry looking into past government administration and how they run the country. Now we begin to see how the country was mismanaged by the past criminal government; the youth farm and youth village, Ebola and mudslide funds, Agriculture sector where the past government said they inverted huge amount of money to fight and hunger and poverty.

    Strengthed the Anti-Corruption Commission to help mitigate corruption, which has destroyed the country economy.

    Thanks to the brilliant commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala Esq who stands with the president and people of Sierra Leone to fight against the common enemy called corruption.

    According to the youngest commissioner F.B.K, he said “”fighting corruption is not a one man fight, it a collective responsibility, to fight against corruption for better Sierra Leone”

    Travelling of the president is very important for the country’s development. We the people of Sierra Leone believe in the new direction agenda to transform Sierra Leone to new country to compete with the world.

    The president is not travelling with large delegation; he makes sure whosoever the president travels with, has an important role to play and there is less than eight delegates security. The Secretary, Chief Minister that represent all the interests of the ministers in various ministries, departments and agencies. Not like the past government that travelled with huge delegation and has nothing to show for it.

    The agenda of the new direction is national development and to improve the human capital resources. So our youth will have competitive jobs across the globe. Now more improvement for our universities.

    The new direction agenda believes in the human resources to develop Sierra Leone. Action now Action now Action now Action now now now for a better Sierra Leone.

  5. Another door opened again to waste government funds. This time at the ATHENS OF WEST AFRICA.

    Why can’t all those topics mentioned be taught under GOVERNMENT(as a single subject) in secondary schools till A LEVELS. That will do in my view.

  6. O.K. Sierra Leone needs some diplomatic staff, but what is with all the unemployed youth, men and women? Why I never heard about projects for these people in Freetown, Kenema or in the countryside?

    Mr. president you did not have to travel so much, with this money for you and your staff you could have initiated educational and skills training projects all over the country for the future.

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