US Ambassador says goodbye to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 February 2021:

The outgoing United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone – Maria Brewer, has ended her mission in Sierra Leone. She was at Presidential Lodge in Freetown yesterday, where she met the country’s president – Dr Julius Maada Bio to say goodbye.

Speaking to the president, she recalled fond memories of her time spent in Sierra Leone and expressed love for the people of Sierra Leone.

“His Excellency, this is to mark the end of my tour of 3 years. I am sorry to leave but I have to, having contributed in my own way to the country. Thank you for all that you have done and I will be in touch,” Madam Brewer said.

The President thanked the US Ambassador and said she is leaving Sierra Leone with fondest memories of her two tours of Sierra Leone; adding that she has a better story to tell having served during the war period, and now that the country is transitioning.

“You have been part of both histories of the war and of peacetime in the country. We are very pleased that we have a renewed interest in the African Union by the US government. You have made friends in and out of government because it is not often that you find a diplomat who drills deep down and be part of the grassroots,” President Bio said.

He added that Ambassador Brewer has also strengthened the government’s relationship with the US government and supported the country in many ways, including sensitising and helping during the Ebola and COVID-19 pandemics.

“You have done very well, but securing the Compact deal with Millennium Challenge Corporation, MCC, is the climax of your efforts. Today, we have been recognised because of the MCC win, and that signal is sent to the whole world about a country that is rising again,” he said, adding that it is not only about the money but also about the confidence it would build in investors.

The brief ceremony also saw the exchange of gifts between President Julius Maada Bio and Ambassador Maria Brewer.


  1. And what exactly has Madam maria Brewer done for the struggling people of Sierra Leone.WHAT? Mr Matturi has hit the nail on the head;The American Ambassador was complicit in this notorious SLPP governments criminal acts – let her HURRY THE HELL UP,PACK THE HELL UP and hit the road,she is a Trump ally and she is no longer welcome here in Sierra Leone,my only home.HURRY THE HELL UP LADY,PACK THE HELL UP,SCURRY THE HELL UP and leave…ADIOS! AU REVOIR! ARRIVEDERCI!(lol)

  2. I want President Biden to declare these sanctions on us Sierra Leoneans. My family is in the US, I want to be with my family.

  3. Thanks very much Madam Brewer for all that you have done in our country. We appreciate your efforts especially the MCC scoreboard the country claimed and we also welcome the new ambassador to continue the good job that you have being doing. Really we want to see Sierra Leone like paradise before we die.

  4. Thanks to Ambassador Brewer, for her service to our country. Ambassadors are the eyes and ears of their government, to their host countries. They coordinate their government’s foreign policy, and in some cases work to enhance cooperation between the two states. For that we will say she played a great part in fostering good relationships between our country and the United States, giving that we are not talking about any administration, but the Trump administration, that from day one was imposing travel bans on people from mostly Muslims countries, and imposing trade tariffs on friends and foe alike.

  5. Madam Brewer thank you for your good work to Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans. You will ever be remembered for your good work in Sierra Leone. May God bless you. You were there for us each time Sierra Leoneans needed help.

  6. Speaking of the U.S, this might go down as the most patriotic thing that a leader could possibly do for a country, and the people he is placed in the position to serve in recent years. BREAKING NEWS: Bolivia has cancelled and returned the full sum of the US $346.7 Million IMF loan taken out by the coup regime, in rejection of IMF impositions on internal economic policy.

    As of February 2021, the loan had already racked up $24.3 Million in interest and commissions. Here is a thread that follows, that goes into detail of the returning process

    This is leadership at its finest, but fortunately for the people of the Bolivia republic, there are still some honored men that stand within their ranks, unlike our rulers. Also, this is for some of us who continuously make excuses for the poverty pimps that preside over us, saying that it is impossible to be self determined. IT IS POSSIBLE.

  7. Unfortunately, based on the fact that most members and supporters of the destructive Africanist Press Congress (APC) party continue to believe in conspiracy theories that foreign governments (including the USA embassy) and institutions rigged the 2018 presidential election in favor of the SLPP. Even the failed politician from Makeni who participated in 2012 parliamentary elections Mr. Chernor Bah of the Africanist Social Movement also spread conspiracy theory that the New Direction government had bribed Ambassador Maria Brewer to achieve the MCC Score.

    Thanks to Mrs Brewer(Krio lady) for her FANTASTIC service. May the Almighty continue to bless and protect her throughout her career.

  8. Any update on the anctions? We have DV winners whose lives depend on this. If the president says the relationship between the USA and SL is great then why are the sanctions still on?

  9. Sierra Leone is better without this ambassador. She was trying in my view to sort of prop up the Bio SLPP kakistocracy on some issues. Anyway she is leaving. Bye Ambassador and God bless you.

    • APC supporters are now known to always accuse foreign dignitaries of propping up the SLPP. In 2009 after the then USA ambassador visited the burnt and vandalised SLPP party office in Freetown and some of the rape victims, the governing APC party went after her asking the US to replace her. In 2012 they did similar thing to the UNDP representative in Sierra Leone. They even formed a delegation headed by then henchman now honorable Mohamed Bangura that went to New York to complain. And guess what, the group was paid per Diem from the Consolidated Fund to be in New York to complain a UN diplomat because the APC thought that he was propping up the opposition. Before you deny, just dig into the archives of this glorious paper for the article on that shameless act. So accusing the out-going US ambassador is nothing new for the APC.

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