Voters in Sierra Leone to give verdict as High Court adjourns case against Samura Kamara

Sheriff Mahmud Ismail: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 April 2023:

The Anti-Corruption Commission case against Dr Samura Kamara and five others has been adjourned to 14 July 2023. This is almost three weeks after the people of Sierra Leone would have voted in the presidential and general elections slated for June 24.

Samura Kamara is the leader and presidential candidate of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC). The adjornment means that the man widely believed would emerge as President of Sierra Leone after the polls of June 24 is now free to focus on his bid to lead his country.

“This trial has been a heavy burden on our candidate’s movement and political campaign. Although there is very limited time left, we will optimally use it to take our message of ‘Wan Nation’ of hope, and of economic recovery to the people,’ said Sidi Yahya Tunis, the APC National Publicity Secretary.

The main opposition candidate Samura has over forty years of professional experience in various senior management positions without blemish.

In his last job as minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, as in other posts, he worked very hard for his country, sourced millions of dollars he left the money in the national coffers including funds meant for the refurbishment of Sierra Leone’s Chancery building in #NewYork.

Those who succeeded him reportedly met the funds in the ministry’s account, used the money dubiously then they put him in the dock on what observers describe as ‘strange charges’ of ‘not following due process’ and ‘deceiving a principal. For more than two years, he stood accused for money his lawyers say were expended after he had left office.

Political and legal analysts who have been following the case hold the view that Samura Kamara’s trial could not be unconnected with his decision to challenge the incumbent President Julius Maada Bio for the highest office in the land.

Francis Gabbidon, a senior lawyer and former Ombudsman said during an ‘AYV On Sunday’ television programme that he didn’t see anything in the case against the APC presidential candidate and that he believed Samura Kamara’s trial was politically motivated.

Many lawyers and public servants I have spoken with hold the same view, and for many political observers, yesterday’s adjournment of the trial until after the June 24 elections will give voters the chance for a referendum on the APC candidate’s innocence.

Dr Samura Kamara’s supporters say his hands are clean and that he has the temperament, the competence, experience and expertise to rebuild the economy, unite the country and restore peace and democratic good governance.

This is in response to his critics’ fear of retaliation for the many violations this government has committed including their persecution of Samura Kamara. But Samura Kamara himself has said he wouldn’t have time for that.

“We will not repeat their mistakes of spending much needed resources and time needlessly pursuing opponents. There are too many urgent competing priorities to tackle. My focus will be on fostering ‘one’ nation, restoring livelihoods and setting the country on motion to middle income,” Kamara assured.

#ReadyToLead #June24 vindicate Samura Kamra

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  1. I personally believe that in the mindset of most of the APC members, the introduction of INTERNAL DEMOCRACY in their constitution is the worst thing that has ever happened to their party. The APC party needs at least 10 more years to put their house in order before thinking about removing the SLPP from the State House.
    Hopefully justice will prevail for the citizens of Sierra Leone because the unfinished chancery building in New York belongs to all of us. Majority of our citizens understand that the APC party is synonymous to CORRUPTION and they’re still aware that President Bio inherited an AUSTERITY Program economy and IMF conditions to remove subsidies from RICE AND FUEL which are basic commodities in revamping the economy in 2018. Unfortunately, in 2019 the Pandemic struck and the whole world was shutdown for the first time in 100 years. Then the Russia sanctions due to the war in Ukraine compounded the economic challenges around the world.
    Finally, I believe that the current presidential candidate who is still the handpicked stooge of the former lifetime leader of the APC will loose on the first round so there will be no runoff.
    The APC party should have chosen former Vice President Sam Sumana who would have given President Bio a run for his money.

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