Voting recount taking place in several polling stations in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 March 2018:

Latest report on the Sierra Leone elections from BBC Umaru Fofana is that ballot recounts are taking place in 83 polling stations across the country. In Kenema – 4 stations;, Tonkolili – 6 stations; Kambia – 31 stations; Karena – 1; Port Loko – 23; Bonthe – 10; and Western Area – 8.

According to the National Electoral Commission, the recounts are in response to serious allegations of “ballot stuffing and inconsistent Reconciliation and Result Forms (RRF)”.

These polling stations recounts are all part of the remaining 25% of results that are yet to be announced, says Umaru Fofana.

Under Sierra Leone’s electoral laws any polling station that records more than the number of registered voters will have all their votes nullified, he said.

The commission has assured that action will be taken against staff found to be complicit in electoral fraud.

Responding to this latest news about the recount, election analyst – Trevor Jenkins-Johnston said that the number of votes being recounted will make very little impact on the remaining 25% results now awaiting to be announced.

The remaining results are expected to be announced later tonight. According to analyst, this will give the people of Sierra Leone a good few hours to digest the result before the start of a new working week, in particular for all political parties – especially the losers and their supporters to come to terms with the new reality.

Sierra Leone needs to demonstrate that it can conduct peaceful elections. And acceptance of the results will test the determination of all Sierra leoneans to building a lasting peace after ten years of civil war.


    • Sierra Leone elections will be the icon of democratic countries in West Africa. Really the people are very lucky and also I am very lucky to see this kind of democratic election, because I am from Eastern Africa.

  1. The leading of SLPP over APC tells me that Sierra Leoneans need positive change. Bravo my brothers and sisters Sierra Leoneans for taking such an important decision; and I hope you will continue to vote for the right person.

  2. We pray that this whole election process shall come to past. Let the victor be crowned president, so that we live again as peace loving Sierra Leoneans.

  3. We the Sierra Leoneans, need peace in our country and our political game is like a baton race. When it is your time, you take part in the race and this time round is SLPP’s time to take the seat

  4. we are yet to know the winner in this 7th March 2018 elections. Please my fellow Sierra Leoneans, let’s keep the peace for the sake of the land we all claim to love.

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