We have no record of $34,000 counterfeit money at the Bank of Sierra Leone – says Director of Banking

Mackie M Jalloh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 March 2024:

In a stunning revelation at Parliament, Sierra Leone’s Inspector General of Police, Fayia Sellu, shook the nation’s foundation with accusations of counterfeit money amounting to US$34,000 circulating within the country since 2021.

Sellu, a seasoned law enforcement veteran, didn’t mince his words as he highlighted the dire implications of this clandestine operation during his sermon on combating the pervasive kush rampage.

Sellu’s accusations were sharp and pointed directly at the Bank of Sierra Leone, alleging their failure to acknowledge and address the pressing issue despite repeated attempts by law enforcement authorities.

His background as the former Director of Crime Services for the Sierra Leone Police lent weight to his claims, drawing attention to the gravity of the situation.

However, the response from the Bank of Sierra Leone has been swift and categorical.

Alfred Sama, the Director of Banking, vehemently denied Sellu’s allegations, asserting the bank’s commitment to its obligations to the state.

Sama went further to state that there were no records whatsoever of counterfeit money in their possession at present, effectively challenging Sellu’s assertions.

The timing of Sellu’s revelation raised eyebrows across the nation. Questions swirled regarding why Sellu, who assumed office as Inspector General in 2022, had waited until 2024 to bring such critical issues to light. Speculations ran rampant, with some suggesting ulterior motives behind Sellu’s sudden outspokenness.

Citizens, fuelled by a sense of urgency and concern, began scrutinizing Sellu’s silence on previous occasions, particularly on the pressing issue of kush proliferation. The deadly drug had infested communities and even infiltrated the ranks of law enforcement, tarnishing the image of the Sierra Leone Police and eliciting criticism from both citizens and parliament alike.

As the controversy unfolded, Sellu found himself at the center of a storm of accusations and suspicions. Was he deliberately turning a blind eye to the kush epidemic, diverting attention with accusations against the bank? Or was he genuinely attempting to tackle multiple crises simultaneously, albeit with questionable timing?

The nation watched anxiously as the drama unfolded, awaiting further developments and hoping for clarity amidst the swirling allegations and counterclaims. In a country grappling with the dual threats of counterfeit currency and drug proliferation, the need for decisive action and transparent leadership had never been more pressing.


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