“We need investments in critical sectors” President Bio tells a group of politicians in London

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 November 2022:

President Bio spoke to a small group of politicians in the upper house of the UK  Parliament – the House of Lords yesterday, along with the actor – Idris Elba, who along with the African Leadership Magazine were instrumental in organising the president’s visit to the UK Parliament.

According to State House report in Freetown, President Bio “is in the United Kingdom to share his leadership strategies that kept Sierra Leone comparatively stable during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the current global economic crisis.”

But speaking yesterday, the President failed to mention his appalling human rights record, especially the scores of prisoners who were gunned down in cold blood in Freetown by presidential guards, when riot broke out in the prison in protest at worsening sanitary and health conditions of prisoners during the Covid pandemic; nor did he mention the shooting and killing of dozens of young people protesting against his government’s poor human rights record and deteriorating economic climate.

“As the pandemic spread and we lost loved ones, we relied upon each other to act in ways that would end the spread. We learned very clearly how central people are to all our economies and political stability everywhere. As a human race, our ultimate strength has definitely been tested in the past few years. Through it all, we have shown resilience, grit, ingenuity and determination to evolve stronger from the troubled times we’re passing through,” President Bio said.

President Bio said that the last few years have reaffirmed that the fortunes of every country in the world are inextricably intertwined, and how a few people infected with a disease in one town can lead to deaths globally.

“We have also witnessed a crisis in one geographical region of the world having a widespread impact across the globe. This attests to the fact that we have a shared destiny, and the sooner we work collectively towards a common global good, the better for our generation and our children.

“How rewarding will it be if prosperity, equity, and relationships in one part of the world lead to prosperity elsewhere?” he asked, noting that if the events of the past few years have taught the world anything, it is that people are far more important than any possessions or politics, and that people’s collective success depends on each other.

“Since assuming political leadership in May 2018, rather than focusing on digging in the ground and mining the natural resources – like diamonds – that Sierra Leone is renowned for, our New Direction Agenda focuses on nurturing the potential of our children and then mining their talents to become productive citizens.

“Investing in quality education for the future generation is the most valuable and the only truly renewable resource in the world today. My Government’s New Direction Agenda is premised on what I like to call the ‘Sierra Leone Brain Mining Company (SLBMC)’ – we nurture the talents and would eventually mine the full potential of every child in Sierra Leone,” the president told the UK politicians.

The President said it is significant to note that even a global pandemic that caused and was causing unprecedented disruptions, irrational spikes and uncertainties in the global economy, had not weakened his government’s resolve to keep investing in human capital development and building sustainable education systems.

“Granted this, and the war in Europe, makes the task at hand more challenging, but we remain confident that this investment is the right thing to do. I am proud to say that despite these global challenges, our investment in education increased from 11% to 22% of our annual budgetary allocation to support primary, secondary, higher, technical and vocational education and training. My Government’s flagship Free Quality School Education program caters for two million pupils nationwide,” he said.

That, he added, is in addition to the gains already made in education by improving school governance, building more school infrastructure, expanding school feeding, accelerating the use of technology and innovation in education delivery and management, publishing appropriate learning resources and materials, and implementing a new school curriculum.

President Bio said over 600,000 additional children, especially girls, accessed schools in 2021 and over 5,000 additional qualified teachers were recruited and consequently the country recorded a higher success rate in public examinations at all levels.

“My Government particularly takes the education of girls very seriously. As a result of our policy assuring free STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths] education for girls, we have recorded ground-breaking numbers of girls who are now opting to study STEM disciplines and doing exceptionally well.

“Many parents no longer resist sending their daughters to school, knowing that our Government pays for their tuition, teaching and learning materials, and public examination fees. As we say, the future of Sierra Leone is female.”

President Bio made reference to what he referred to as his government’s impressive achievements in the education sector in four and a half years, despite the worldwide challenges, which he said solidifies Sierra Leone’s position as a global champion for education.

He said he is not speaking of education as merely a means of producing skilled labour for investors in the resource-rich West African nation, but speaking of education as a means of liberating the country’s citizens and empowering them with the tools to lead healthy, productive, fulfilling, and prosperous lives.

With the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank no longer eager to prop up President Bio’s extravagant spending, foreign investors are finding the country far too risky to invest in. Since coming to office in 2018, no credible foreign investor has trusted the Bio-led government enough to include Sierra Leone in their portfolio.

Not even the British actor Idris Elba, whom President Bio said a couple of years ago will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in creating an exclusive tourist resort in the country, has made good on that promise. Elba is holding on tightly to his purse string. He does not trust President Bio’s government either. (Photo above: Idris Elba shoring up support for President Bio’s failing government with poor human rights record).

So why should Uk investors have confidence in President’s Bio poor human rights and deplorable governance record?  This is what he said yesterday in the UK House of Lords:

“I will end with a clarion call to strengthen ties with Sierra Leone. As we turn our near recession from the pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine war into recovery, we need all the support from our friends and partners in the UK.

“We need investments in critical sectors, including education, agriculture, health, infrastructure and the extractive sector. My Government welcomes all potential investors. The perception of risk is high, but we have deliberately made tough policy choices to attract and retain investors in Sierra Leone.

“Coupled with the hard work and resilience of Sierra Leoneans – the sky is our limit. We can work together to sustain and build on the momentum and successes of my administration to move the country to the next level.”

President Bio has just few months left before the end of his first term in office in June 2023. He is desperate to shore up international support for his failing government.

But the people of Sierra Leone whose economic conditions have woefully  worsened, even before the current global downturn, are calling for a change of government.

You can read the full text of President Bio’s speech at he House of Lords here:

Statement By President Bio at the Sierra Leone-Focused Event at the House of Lords London UK



  1. Issue is that there is a lot of corruption in Sierra Leone from the government, lawyers, magistrates, police, etc. Many investors lose all their money once they come into Sierra Leone. Lots of scammers and stress for investors in this country. The government doesn’t help you unless you pay them to do their job. All about paying off people to get something done. Its like you get scammed by the locals then the government scams you for the rest of your money till you get frustrated and leave the country. I know several investors that have lost millions in this country and the people in government even extorted money from them till they got frustrated and left. The scammers partner with people in the government. Its a complete set up. I would advise all investors to go to another country. Sierra Leone has a lot of liars thieves and scammers. You will get frustrated and ruin your life in this country.

    • A typical Sierra Leonean won’t speak like this way Sara Michael, you have to be part of the solution not problematic. Are you asking investors to move to another country, really? What had happened in Sierra Leone, happening everywhere even in the Western world. I rest my case.

  2. Get investment through tourism. Instead of high tourist visa fee. high flight taxes. high security fee. You have beautiful beaches wonderful scenery; why are you not encouraging tourism. Visitors = many Leones spent – creates jobs and so on. Look at gambia how tourism changed the country.

  3. We need foreign direct investment .One of many ways government especially sub-Saharan Africa countries that are plagued with security challenges and unrepentant corrupt governments can attract foreign direct investment is to have a government that creates the social ,political and economics conditions and have the bench marks that meets international standards that are norms not the exception that exist in terms of respect of the rule of laws , a free press, transparency and accountability .And above all else creates the enablers for the journey to economic growth, like security ,good roads, a guaranteed 24/7 power generation , good schools , hospitals that are fit for purpose , housing , hotels ,and education and training for the local population that can adapt in a world that completely been transformed by technology. The economic rat race doesn’t favor countries that are stuck we with tyrants and military dictatorship .Technology and innovation are the main drivers of economic growth.Absent in the list is corruption which is a cancer that goes against the grain of attracting foreign direct investment .And yes Bio is right in saying we need our European partners to come and invest in our country .The trouble here and to his credit he has been an advocate on this front ,but at the same time Bio’s polices since he took office towards his political opponents and ordinary working Sierra Leoeans has not only undermined his efforts to improve the lives of ordinary people but the concept of Sierra Leone being in the league table of African countries that foreign investors wanting to come to our country has been turned on it’s head .This flip-flopping president through his policies of political witch hunts and political vendetta against the likes of Dr Bylden , Rt Major Alfred Paola Conteh , Mayor. Akin Swayer and the revolving door of sacking public officials has not only raised eye brows about how he is serious about advocating for foreign investors but it has created an invisible barrier that says our country is not safe and says we are close for business And the other factor driving away would be foreign investors is corruption .No one wants to invest in a country where public officials asked for back handers and setting up a business is like squeezing blood out of a stone .And under his watch corruption in Sierra Leone is now on steroids.

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