What newspapers in Sierra Leone say this morning

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 January 2019:

After yesterday’s launch of the Commissions of Inquiry into alleged corruption and mismanagement by former ministers and senior public officials in the previous APC government, led by president Ernest Bai Koroma, there have been mixed views and reactions this morning, not least from the country’s diverse news media.

This is a selection of many of the headlines published by the country’s newspapers today:



  1. If A.P.C members think that accounting for their stewardship after they have run public offices is a crime, a witch hunt, tribalism, regionalism, and a political intimidation, let them have their hands off the administration of our beloved S/Leone.

    The period of 2007-2018’s management of our State resources is going to be looked into. Let them call it any name they want, but they must account for our monies and other resources. This is not a Banana Republic! Full stop.

  2. I have done business in Sierra Leone for over 10 years. I supported the Ebola crisis and other crisis. I am now very pleased that there is a commission now appointed to claw back for the people of Sierra Leone, the millions of dollars looted by the previous government.

    I wish the commission much success in there efforts to repatriate the stolen funds to their rightful owners, the citizens of Sierra Leone.

  3. Corruption is a cancer that eats the heart of a nation. If it is allowed to become chronic, only drastic medication will cure it.

  4. In civilised societies you can disagree with your political opponents but the laws of the land are always respected. Tolongbo APC can twist and turn, they have manoeuvred themselves in a tight corner with no international protection, just to please EBK.

    The rule of law has no strong foundation by EBK nor JFK or Yansaneh because they understand and obey only their own law; the Tolongbo law which says EBK is always right. They are prepared to bring chaos in the country but with the help of the international community Salone will prevail.

  5. Corruption affects us all. It threatens sustainable economic development, ethical values, and justice. It destabilizes our society and endangers the rule of law; delays infrastructure development. Poor building quality and layers of additional costs are all consequences of corruption. We must fight corruption in Sierra Leone.

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