What should we do with drunken sailors that steal state funds?

Franklyn Davies: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 February 2018

So according to Julius Maada Bio, speaking at the presidential debate on Thursday, Samura Kamara and his ruling APC have been spending money like they are ‘drunken sailors’. This accusation went down quite well, until Dr Kamara responded back.

Samura said that with Bio’s track record, Bio is unfit to criticise, because in the three months of Bio’s reign as Head of State under the NPRC military dictatorship, when Dr Kamara himself was Financial Secretary, $18M disappeared from the government of Sierra Leone coffers and was paid into the private accounts of the NPRC Leadership.

Now this revelation is alarming, because back then as is today, the government of Sierra Leone was in near collapse and needed a loan from the IMF to prop-up the government. It is also alarming because of the amount of money that went missing. $18M in 1996 is $29M in today’s value.

It is alarming because, even the current APC government has not demonstrated such a rapacious appetite to capture and embezzle state funds.

However, this comes as no surprise to those who have always had very serious concerns about Sierra Leone being governed once more by Julius Maada Bio. Bio has many skeletons in his closet.

It is a well-known fact that Bio is financially broke. It is believed that he has been living on the charity of his supporters in the UK.

Both he and his UK support base are said to be desperate to get control of the country’s coffers.

Most of these henchmen of Bio have prominent roles in the SLPP or have been selected to contest parliamentary elections. Hence, the bloodletting within the SLPP during the party’s nomination process.

Evidently, the APC and by implication – Samura Kamara, is not the only drunken sailor in this Presidential race. Bio, also is. So, what should the people of Sierra Leone do about the drunken sailors, representing both APC and SLPP.

Well, the song suggests that the drunken sailor should be put in a long boat till he’s sober. A long boat, means that the voters should not reward either APC or SLPP with another 5 years of governance.

Another vote for APC or SLPP will only serve to compound the long years of misery, poverty and hunger in the country, with another five miserable years, during which the economy will completely collapse.

Sierra Leone is now on its knees. Five more years, with drunken sailors of either APC or SLPP at the helm will result in economic catastrophe.

Therefore, the people of Sierra Leone must resolve on 7th March 2018, to put both Samura Kamara and Julius Maada Bio, in a long boat until both the APC and SLPP sober up from their drunken stupor, and realise that public resources belong to all Sierra Leoneans, including future generations; and not to be squandered by public officials.

As such, the people must demand that all Presidential Candidates publicly disclose their Assets in Cash and Fixed Assets, including their liabilities, 10 days before the Presidential Elections.

Do not vote for any Presidential Candidate who fails to publicly disclose their assets and liabilities. All Parliamentarians, Mayors and District Chairs must fully declare their assets as part of their swearing into Parliament and Offices; and this must be made public, through the media.

Listen to Dr Yumkella putting spotlight on APC government corruption and inefficiencies:


  1. All political leaders in Sierra Leone are not drunk. The truth is that, political parties care only for their pockets and not the people. I cannot tell much about the SLPP, BUT THE APC have been ruling the country for 10 years now and the country has gone from bad to worse. No money to pay workers and developments have come to zero.

    Who is going to foot all the loans APC is taking. Will there be any politician ready to foot those debts? Or is the population ready to give hand to any political leader to ruin the country again? I hope not. Among all the politicians Hurdling for the presidency, the two major political parties have had a bone to share with everyone.

    APC HAVE ALWAYS SOLD THE COUNTRY TO FOREIGNERS BUT THE SLPP NO. THE SLPP DID LITTLE AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CIVIL WAR BECAUSE THERE WERE DEEP HOLES WHICH THEY HAD TO FILL. What development have the APC dedicated to in real life? All the development they tried to put in place were designed by Late Tejan Kabbah. What other developments have APC tried to do in this past ten years. I am sure Mr. Bio will do much to help develop the country. Please brothers and sisters do not forget “ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE”

  2. The Institution that stands to act from the debate proceedings is the ANTI CORRUPTION COMMISSION which has been CHALLENGED. The Sierra Leonean People need ANSWERS to clear their ASPIRANTS FROM ALLEGATIONS OF IMPLICIT OR EXPLICIT CORRUPTION in order to make their choice easier. Or can the Aspirants whose names are muddied make statements to clear the air? I think this should be beyond Party Politics.

  3. According to you, Samura Kamara and Maada Bio aren’t fit to be the next President. What about the revelation about Dr Yumkella who is parading the country, lying about his energy knowledge and performance in the country. God bless AYV for the debate.

  4. No APC No SLPP. These two parties are brother and sister. Since independence, what have they done to boost our country? Please tell me.

    • Sierra Leone is virtually a very rich country and has been impoverished by opportunists who are elected through their persuasive false campaigns to the electorates to plunder the nation’s wealth and resources. They have made politics very attractive at the expense of the welfare and dignity of the suffering masses.

      There is nothing to be proud of with the damage the APC, and SLPP have done with a few exceptions. It is time to bring about a change in good governance by electing a President with respect and integrity. Dr. Alhaji Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella of NGC is a perfect choice. He has uncheckered record to lead the nation to recovery from abject poverty. He has proven records around the world while working for the United Nations.

      The nation of Sierra Leone is in another agony after the civil war and this time it has been created by politicians who have made politics a path to earning wealth as their investment by looting the nation’s resources. Globally the nation has become well known for corruption, fraud, money laundering, injustice, and citizens denied of their freedom.

      The lack of enforcement of the rule of law which is the right of all Sierra Leoneans cancerous disease in the execution of power. It’s time to vote once again on the 7th of March 2018, and it’s now time to vote on issues that affect the country. So much has been exposed of day light robbery in pheasing money for development.

      APC and SLPP have no chance to win the election if voters truly love their country. With Sierra Leone first as an issue, it is time to Vote for NGC and save the people of Sierra Leone from further abuse and hold in trust our natural resources for the present and future generations.
      Submitted by Dr. Mohamed A. Bereteh, Ph.D.

    • God will not decide for us without our invitation. The way the country has suffered it will be BLASPHEMOUS to say the LIVING GOD was involved in choosing our leaders except one wants to say GOD HATES SIERRA LEONE. But such a statement is far from the truth.

      God created Sierra Leone the same day He created the Earth. God Loves His Creation. God Loves Sierra Leone even before it was erroneously named Sierra Leone. Dear GOD, we invite you in the NAME of THY SON JESUS CHRIST TO VOTE WITH YOUR CHILDREN IN THIS ELECTIONS SO THAT satan and his friend will be IMMOBILISED FOREVER. AMEN.

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