Where is Sierra Leone’s president Julius Maada Bio?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 September 2020:

President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone is now out of the country for over two weeks without any update from State House about his health, welfare or whereabouts. People of Sierra Leone are quite right to be concerned.

The last report about the president’s condition was a statement published by the Consul of Sierra Leone in Lebanon – Mr Hashem Hashem, writing on the Lebanese News Agency website, saying that:

“The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, will be discharged from the American University Hospital in Beirut this evening, after he underwent the necessary examinations under the supervision of former Minister, Professor. Dr. Mohammad Jawad Khalifeh, and he is in a good health condition. President Bio will stay at Beirut’s Eden Bay Hotel for a short recovery period and will pursue his personal visit to Lebanon before returning to Sierra Leone.”

But that statement was made last week, and did not come from State House in Freetown who had informed the people of Sierra Leone that the president and his wife were leaving the country on a private trip to Lebanon. (Photo: The loving couple, president Bio and his wife at their wedding early this year).

Many understood that to mean, that the president was going on vacation – “a much needed rest” – some State House officials said flippantly last weekend.

Since then, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive as speculation continues about the president’s health and welfare.

Two days ago, September 7, 2020, the 57th Ordinary Session of the Authority of Heads of States and Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was held in Niamey, Republic of Niger, without president Bio taking part – not even remotely via Zoom.

As speculation continues, a retired foreign military officer who had served in Sierra Leone called the Sierra Leone Telegraph last week to say he heard that the president has been kidnapped in Beirut by bounty hunters.

As funny and ridiculous as that rumour may sound, the information vacuum unnecessarily created by State House, is without doubt being filled with stories ranging from – the president’s leg having been amputated in Lebanon, to receiving surgery to remove excess fat from his stomach to reveal his muscular six pack!

At the best of times, Sierra Leone is a country full of ironies – not least a president missing in action at a time leaders around the world are busy, struggling to manage a deadly COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the lives of  almost 900,000 people globally.

In Sierra Leone, 72 people have officially been declared dead of COVID-19, although many suspect the true figure may be far higher.

Infectious disease specialists think that Sierra Leone may be on borrowed time before the transmission rate begins to rise exponentially after the rainy season.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Sierra Leone currently stands at 2,064, with 1,613 people having made a recovery.

So, where is president Bio?

Thats the question many are now asking, as he was expected to have returned to Sierra Leone last weekend.

This is what one concerned Sierra Leonean said to president Bio’s spokesman – Yusuf keketoma Sandi, on social media yesterday:


  1. Again and again, Mr. President all your loved ones asking the mighty divine Allah kindly, to return you home safely with your delegates and family as well. Where ever you are, and whatever you’re doing, just continue the good job. We love you forever. Even the Holy Prophet said (PBH) every disease or sickness has medication except one, that’s death. We are all waiting for our time, when that comes, nothing can delay it. It happened some couple of months ago when H.E. disappeared, some predicted that HE was paralyzed. In fact in State House, nobody wanted to come out and tells the truth. Too many stories, at the end H.E appeared on Kenya national TV, shocking moments for the enemies.

    Right now some of them even wishing him death. We all know that this president is being monitored on all his foot steps. All around the globe leaders are traveling for medical check-up folks!. The president will appear soon, he’s in a good health. May God protect this president and the entire Sierra Leone.

  2. Well, we can only trust that he is recuperating after successful surgery. Africans in general do not like to disclose their health status. People may be dying of cancer and yet even their best friend will be kept in the dark.
    A few years ago I remember the nation was confronted with this same disappearance problem of President Bio. Then it emerged he was in Kenya on a family holiday. Well this time, whatever is the problem, may God protect him from bounty hunters. I wish him well and speedy recovery if he has a health issue.

  3. On a human level, as a parent and a family man, I hope everything is fine with president Bio. Our country is full of drama and suspense. Even Hollywood, or Nolly wood or LEONE WOOD script writers will find it hard to keep up with some of the events that we as a country have to endure. One of the virtues of being a Sierra Leonean is to suspend your beliefs and pin down your hopes on the after life, and constantly reassure ourselves that our real life experiences is not happening.

    Talk of burying your head in the sand and ignoring everything around you. More like we are zombies living in a zombie world run by political zombie elites. Since president Bio came to power he’d showed himself to be a jack of all trade, but master of none. That in sort will explain his disappearance. Only in Sierra leone. You can’t make this stuff up. The President who can pass as clinically obese has disappeared into thin air.

    Who could blame president Bio from all the dramas created because of his weak leadership. More like the lunatics have taken over the asylum. These are signs the president has given up the fight, and is now waving a white flag as the tribalistic elements within his government highjack his presidency. He came with high hopes for the country, only to be shoved aside by his so called special political advisers that have a different agenda. I hope he recovers and get rid of these people around him that don’t have the interest of Sierra leone at heart. May God Grant him a speedy recovery.

  4. This president is an under-performer,so it makes no difference to me whether he is missing in action or not. His absence highlights my point that he doesn’t take his job,the country and its people seriously at all. True. I have always maintained that this Dictator has never been in good health,and that he should be wary of heart,lung and bowel diseases that come with being overweight. Maada Bio has been totally let down by his tribesmen. Unknowingly, he fell into a pit full of scorpions, and since then, has been fed with nothing but the deadliest kinds of poison.

    And it is a fact that,unless one is a hedgehog that is immuned to the toxins and poisons it ingests, eventually you are bound to end up getting sick. Here’s the deal – Tribalism was brewed and fed to Bio, boiling hot in a bowl full of hatred, which was carefully stirred by the maleficent hands of revenge,then sifted through with anger and arrogance – Imagine for a minute struggling, yet gulping down such a distasteful sickening broth that was brewed in the gigantic cryptic and mystifying cooking vessels of the notorious SLPP.

    No doubt, this President is mentally bankrupt. Strangely, the SLPP allowed him to become married to gluttony and greed. And it was those two imposters that ushered him directly into the perplexing realms of morbid obesity.(lol)

  5. When the lion is asleep plesse dont wake him up. The lion is quietly watching his trap for the proposed coup plotters. So they should be careful.

  6. Despite the President’s absence is shrouded in secrecy it is clear that the President is seeking medical attention in a country where access to details and information would remain hard to come by and for obvious reasons. We pray that the President returns in good health as his continued absence will raise further speculation.

  7. The president spokesman need to talk to us. If there is anything they are hiding from us, they are doing it out of the law. We want to know the status of the president. Say something, say something, say something.

  8. “ As speculation continues, a retired foreign military officer who had served in Sierra Leone called the Sierra Leone Telegraph last week to say he heard that the president has been kidnapped in Beirut by bounty hunters.”

    Hahahaha, this is the funniest and most ridiculous statement I have ever come across. Whatever the case might be, the citizens of Sierra Leone deserve to know about the whereabouts of their president. If the president is undergoing a serious medical ailment, we wish him a speedy recovery.

  9. It is bad news about the disappearance of a Sierra Leonean president without a trace. Good luck to the citizens, I wish them the best in their pursuit of happiness. I will see them soon.

    • So sad to know that up to this date, out President hasn’t returned yet. This is kind of getting serious. If things were good, the opposite of this silence from the spokesman would have happened. I just hope and pray he comes back well and healthy.

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