Where is the presidential investigation report into the clemency revocation of convicted singer LAC?

Dr. Doma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 January 2024:

In January 2022, President Julius Maada Bio’s announcement of the Baimba Moiforay (LAC) Clemency revocation ignited a debate about the justice system and processes involved in granting clemency in Sierra Leone.

However, two years later, the public remains in the dark, prompting critical questions about the progress and transparency of the investigation.

The current status of the LAC Clemency revocation investigation remains uncertain. Despite the initial commitment to transparency, the public has yet to receive concrete information on the progress made or any findings uncovered during this two-year period.

Questions persist about the effectiveness of the committee tasked with investigating LAC’s case. Are obstacles or delays impeding the committee’s progress, and if so, what measures are being taken to overcome them?

Despite being convicted, LAC maintains a conspicuous public presence, displaying wealth and portraying himself as a philanthropist. What legal measures, if any, are in place to address such actions during an ongoing investigation? Is this indicative of potential loopholes in the justice system?

The nature of the relationship between LAC and President Julius Maada Bio, particularly LAC’s active involvement in Bio’s 2023 election campaign, raises concerns about the impartiality of the investigation. How is the government addressing potential conflicts of interest stemming from this connection?

If the President and First Lady are aware of LAC’s actions, the delay in decisive action raises questions about the commitment to resolving the matter promptly. What steps has the President taken to ensure a fair and swift resolution, and how is this delay perceived by the public?

Ensuring transparency and accountability in cases involving influential individuals like LAC is crucial. What measures has the government implemented to keep the public informed about the progress and outcomes of such investigations? Is there a commitment to upholding the rule of law and justice for all?

As the public awaits answers to these pressing questions, the unresolved case of LAC casts a shadow on the effectiveness of the justice system and raises doubts about the commitment to upholding the rule of law in the nation of Sierra Leone.

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