WIMAGE publishes preliminary report on the Kenyan elections

KABS KANU , Public Relations Officer, WIMAGE: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 September 2022:

The Washington DC USA-based international elections observer organization, Women In Monitoring & Auditing Global Elections (WIMAGE), one of the international elections observer teams that monitored and observed the August 9, 2022 Presidential Elections in Kenya, has published its preliminary report on the hotly-contested elections.

WIMAGE is an independent, non-partisan international elections observer organization that is working in partnership with the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU ).

At the end of its monitoring and observer mission, WIMAGE set up the Global Agendas on Women (GAOW PROJECT), which is an action plan document/report to be implemented within the next electoral cycle.

A more com[comprehensive report on the GAOW Project will be published this week by the Public Relations Department of WIMAGE.

This is the WIMAGE preliminary report on 9th August 2022 Kenyan elections:

The mission of Women In Monitoring & Auditing Global Elections (WIMAGE) is: to never waiver from our basic ideas, values, and goals in campaigning for free and fair gender-based elections.

In line with this mission, WIMAGE was accredited by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to observe the 2022 general elections in Kenya. In pursuance of that mandate, WIMAGE deployed 11 observers across three counties: Nairobi, Kiambu, and Migori. In general, our observers covered 37 polling centers and 70 polling stations.

In consequence thereof, WIMAGE makes the following preliminary observations on the conduct of the Kenyan General Elections 2022. In general, women did very well compared to the history of Kenyan General Elections; however, the minimum threshold of two-thirds rules is not yet realized as so much is needed.


1. That in general, the elections in these areas went on smoothly with slight delaying hiccups at the opening of polls in several polling stations. However, this had little or no effect as the closing time was compensated.

2. That the full IEBC personnel team was present at the polling centers at the start of the voting process in all the polling centers covered.

3. Procedures relating to opening and closing of the polls and counting of ballots was generally followed professionally.

4. That in the polling centers, there was a notable number of women participants: voters, party agents, IEBC personnel, police officers, and other observers.


1.  There was a gap for effective voter education on expectant women or breastfeeding mothers.

2. There were fewer women than men who showed interest in political governance, the actual numbers being
14,137 Gents against 1,962 women, which represents a 7:1 ratio.

3. More women were elected to public office than in the previous general elections; however, the two-thirds
gender rule has not yet been realized.

4. 7 out of the 47 governors were women, increasing from 6 in 2017. In addition, women got 3 senator
positions from the 47 counties and 26 members of parliament out
of 290.


Global Agendas On Women (GAOW PROJECT) is an action plan document/report to be implemented within the next electoral cycle.

GAOW project is designed by all the stakeholders advocating for more women in governance in Kenya, including the Civil Society Organizations, Political Parties, IEBC, Women in Leadership, The Media, and Government Stakeholders within the next 90 days.

Through deep and thorough consultative meetings with the stakeholders mentioned above, WIMAGE will develop a GAOW Project Action Plan that will be implemented in Kenya through the help of the power of Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders to raise the number of women participating in political leadership and governance in the coming general elections in 2027.


The conduct of polls in the areas covered by WIMAGE Observers was generally peaceful. We commend the IEBC for conducting polls that generally met the International Standards for free and fair elections.

We also thank the IEBC for the opportunity to monitor and observe the 9th of August General Elections.

WIMAGE Final Election Report will be released on 30th October 2022; in addition, the GAOW Project will be published before the end of November 2022 so that the action plan can be actualized


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