Have we unwittingly become agents of fake news?

Abdulai Mansaray: Sierra Leone Telegraph: Many people regard journalism as the vanguard of information. Sadly, “fake news” has taken a firm grip on the respiratory organs of news media and outlets. This is more so with social media, where its giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Google etc. portend to give [Read More]


Standoff at Freetown City Council as police move in to arrest Mayor Aki-Sawyerr

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 September 2022: There was chaotic standoff at the Freetown City Council yesterday afternoon when scores of armed police officers moved in to arrest the Lord Mayor – Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, who according to a police notice is wanted for questioning over allegations of disruptive behaviour at a [Read More]


Open letter to Sierra Leone’s elections chief – parliamentary opposition leader calls for more time for people to register

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 September 2022: Siera Leone’s Leader of the Opposition in Parliament – Chernor Maju Bah MP (Photo above), has written to the country’s Chief Electoral Commissionner – Mohamed K. Konneh, calling for “a full breakdown of the registration figures by center and make this available to political [Read More]

Election Watch

WIMAGE publishes preliminary report on the Kenyan elections

KABS KANU , Public Relations Officer, WIMAGE: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 September 2022: The Washington DC USA-based international elections observer organization, Women In Monitoring & Auditing Global Elections (WIMAGE), one of the international elections observer teams that monitored and observed the August 9, 2022 Presidential Elections in Kenya, has published [Read More]


My husband President Bio is a PhD doctor in staging coups – says his wife, first lady Fatima Bio

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 September 2022: Sierra Leone’s maverick First Lady – Mrs Fatima Bio has once again brought the presidency of Sierra Leone into disrepute after telling hundreds of guests at a ruling SLPP party fund raising event in the United States, that those who took part in the [Read More]

Economy & Business

Bank governor says ‘sorry I cant help people of Sierra Leone’ as calls for his resignation grow

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 September: 2022: Calls are growing once again for President Bio to sack the Central Bank Governor – Professor Kelfala Kallon (Photo above), as the country’s economy and its currency – the New Leone, continue to descend into free fall, amid huge rise in costs of living [Read More]

In Focus

Freetown City Council supports victims of 11th September flood disaster

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE: 28 September 2022: Yesterday, we visited sites destroyed by flooding which took place on Sunday, 11th of September 2022. With the support of an anonymous Sierra Leonean UK-based donor, we are supporting the victims and survivors. First, we met with Adama who lost her nephew and [Read More]


Sergeant Doe and the 1980 Liberia military coup: What lessons for President Bio and other African dictators? Op ed

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 September 2022: Saturday April 12, 1980 was a day like no other in Africa. It was the day when soldiers stormed the Executive Mansion in Monrovia, assassinated President William Tolbert and overthrew the True Whig Party government. And I was there and saw it [Read More]

Economy & Business

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyer wins US$1 Million For Freetown – another success for Sierra Leone

Alhaji Salieu Mansaray: Sierra Leone telegraph: 25 September 2022: Patriotic Citizens of Freetown and Sierra Leone, Our Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, has won a highly valuable prize that is worth more than the US$1 Million, plus technical support, she will be bringing to Freetown for Freetown, the capital of [Read More]