Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 March 2014

yalda3The Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) is excited to announce the inaugural Oxford-Harvard Intercollegiate Model African Union Summit (IMAUS) to be held at the University of Oxford in September 26th – 28th, 2014.

IMAUS is a transformative, one-of-a-kind intellectual and social experience that seeks to agitate, connect and inspire.

The Summit brings together the greatest young minds from Africa and the Diaspora, as mock-delegates of the African Union, to deliberate and resolve some of the most pressing security and development problems facing African nation-states today.

Through active participation in instructive dialogues, cultural exchanges, diplomatic negotiations and skills-development workshops, IMAUS hopes to cultivate and strengthen a new generation of principled and thoughtful leaders and change agents for Africa and the world at large.

With close proximity to London, Heathrow Airport and most African embassies, the University of Oxford will provide the perfect backdrop as delegates and faculty advisers from African, European and American colleges and universities convene for IMAUS 2014.

YALDA secretariatFurthermore, we are honored to be collaborating with the Youth Division of the African Union Commission in organizing this momentous conference.(Photo: YALDA Secretariat).

We promise to fill your three-day visit to Oxford with many rich experiences, memories and long-lasting connections

YALDA is truly Africa branded: “By Africans, For Africa!” This international organization was established to provide resources and a platform for African youth interested in initiatives that promote positive social and structural change in Africa.

Our network comprises YALDA branches at universities in Africa, Europe and the United States, including Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Botswana, Lagos Business School and many others.


YALDA provides a forum for youth on the African continent and those abroad with a commitment to the welfare of Africa.

By networking with professionals, mentors and each other, members will increase their capacity to take on positive leadership roles in their universities, countries and on the continent. Through YALDA, members will implement their short and long-term visions for Africa.

IMAUS 2014

The THEME of IMAUS 2014 is “Celebrating Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance” through which we hope to promote a MANIFESTO of overcoming food security and job creation challenges while deepening governance, democracy and regional integration.

The purpose of the summit is to develop a new generation of principled and thoughtful leaders and change agents for Africa and the world at large.

node2Node Africa is pleased to sponsor the inaugural African Youth in Entrepreneurship Essay Competition in honor of the Inaugural Summit of the Intercollegiate Model African Union at the University of Oxford.

The essay is meant to supplement the theme of this year’s summit, “Celebrating Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance.”

We hope this essay competition will encourage participant to develop business-supported or local solutions to overcoming food security and job creation challenges.

Participants are encouraged to share their personal experiences relating to the topic. If the essay includes a discussion of challenges, we ask you consider proposing solutions beyond what governments should do.

Entries will be accepted at until June 16, 2014 at 11:00 PM (BST).

Winners will be notified by email by September 22, 2014 and announced at the Intercollegiate Model African Union at the University of Oxford.

For more information and contest rules, please contact:

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