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Sierra Leone has a conducive business climate – President Bio told Russian investors

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 October 2019: Yesterday, Thursday, 24 October 2019, President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone addressed potential investors at the Russia-Africa Summit held in Sochi, where he assured business leaders that Sierra Leone is a perfectly conducive ecosystem and destination for credible business investments. The President said [Read More]


The floods are coming

Murray Sandy: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 October 2019: There is a saying or proverb in Sierra Leone, at least in Mende country that, “one river cannot always soak your pants every time you cross it. You have to find another crossing point.” Here is Sierra Leone’s meteorological reference point: “The [Read More]

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Destruction of wildlife in Sierra Leone does not bode well for tourism and ecosystem – a special report

James Fallah-Williams: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 October 2019: The Sierra Leone Government’s much hyped quest to promote tourism in the country has been dealt a major blow, after two leopards were killed by bushmeat hunting villagers in Kabala, Koinadugu District in Northern Sierra Leone. This is the first-time leopards have [Read More]

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Commonwealth finance ministers urge progress on taxing digital commerce to tackle debt

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 October 2019: The Commonwealth has today published a statement in which it says that its finance ministers have recognised the potential of technology to improve debt transparency, while urging closer collaboration to resolve tax challenges arising from growing digital commerce. According to the statement, revenues from [Read More]

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Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to pick up amid fears of global slowdown – says IMF

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 October 2019: Last week the International Monetary Fund (IMF) launched its Regional Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa in Washington. The event was chaired by the IMF’s Director of African Department – Abebe Aemro Selassie, who spoke about the economic prospects of Sub-Saharan Africa, amid growing fears [Read More]