Why schools are central to economic recovery in developing countries like Sierra Leone

Dr. David Moinina Sengeh & Jacob Jusu Saffa: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 April 2021: Just over a year ago, Covid-19 drove the world into lockdown, leaving more than one billion children and students in developing countries shut out of school. Many countries cut short the academic year, hundreds of thousands [Read More]

Education and Health

Sierra Leone receives Ebola vaccine from Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 April 2021: The government of Sierra Leone and the World Health Organisation have today announced that US pharmaceutical company – Johnson & Johnson, has donated thousands of Ebola vaccines to Sierra Leone to help prevent any major outbreak of the virus in the country. This comes [Read More]


How do you rate president Bio’s three years in office – join the debate now

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 April 2021: President Maada Bio’s “New Direction” SLPP government marks three years in office.  Their manifesto promised to deliver better standard of living for all Sierra Leoneans. During his campaign, the president assured that his administration would not be business as usual. Three years on, how [Read More]


President Bio’s clumsy attempt to defend three years’ record in office on national television

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 April 2021: President Dr Julius Maada Bio and three of his most loyal and trusted ministers – basic education minister Sengeh, finance minister Saffa, and Information minister Swarray, appeared frantically on national television yesterday morning to defend the government’s three years record in office. After months [Read More]


Former president Koroma leads ECOWAS mission to observe election in Benin

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 April 2021: Sierra Leone’s former president, Ernest Bai Koroma, departs Freetown today to lead the ECOWAS Observer Mission to the Presidential Election in Benin, scheduled to take place on 11th April 2021. The eighty member observer mission includes experts from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of [Read More]

Education and Health

WaterAid calls for funding to bolster health systems in the world’s poorest countries

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 April 2021: Today is World Health Day, and a new analysis by WaterAid shows that every single healthcare centre in the world’s poorest countries could have taps and toilets for just half-an-hour’s worth of Covid response spending. As G20 finance ministers meet this week in Rome [Read More]

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Sierra  Leone’s Civil Registration Authority to sanitise government’s pension payroll

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 April 2021: Sierra Leone’s National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA)) has announced that it will be conducting a biometric verification of all those who are on the government’s pension scheme, whose details have been provided by NASSIT and the Accountant General’s Department. The NCRA made this known [Read More]

Education and Health

Vaccines for Africa is a matter of global security – says Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 April 2021: In a statement released today, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation has called for a series of urgent actions aimed at upscaling vaccine access in Africa. Africa is one of the world’s most vulnerable regions. The continent is home to 17% of the world’s population and [Read More]


US government 2020 Country Report on human rights in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 April 2021: The United States Government has published its 2020 Country Report on human rights in Sierra Leone. In its executive summary it says: “Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic with a directly elected president and a unicameral legislature. In March 2018 the opposition Sierra Leone [Read More]