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Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 April 2021:

President Maada Bio’s “New Direction” SLPP government marks three years in office.  Their manifesto promised to deliver better standard of living for all Sierra Leoneans. During his campaign, the president assured that his administration would not be business as usual.

Three years on, how do you rate President Maada Bio and his government? Have they delivered on their campaign promises?

Are the lives and standard of living of Sierra Leoneans better off under the President Bio administration?

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  1. Based on past experience of most Sierra Leoneans, their main priority whenever the APC are in opposition is PEACE AND SECURITY because “Without peace there will be no development”. In my personal opinion, I believe that President Bio has scored an excellent in maintaining peace and stability within his 3 years as compared to late President Tejan Kabba who narrowly escaped for his life due to the unprecedented destruction of lives and properties within a year of his rule. The second excellent score for President Bio is the restoration of the country’s CREDIBILITY and INTEGRITY based on the fact that we are now rated as one of the LEAST CORRUPT countries in Africa. This is the reason why for the first time in history, a Sierra Leonean has been elected as the Speaker of the highest Legislative institution in our region (ECOWAS Parliament), as well as the highest judicial institution in the world (ICC), and one of the highest sports institutions in the world (FIFA).

    The final reward was the MCC score which is based on merit and on the foundation of the fight against corruption. Hopefully the up to $400 million from the USA government will be used to develop the Electricity and Water infrastructure which have always been a serious challenge for successive governments after the 11 years civil war.
    Talking about the ECONOMY is a non-starter based on the fact that President Bio stated that “He inherited the worst economy since independence”. The reality is former President Koroma was fortune to inherit an economy which was almost debt free due to the debt forgiveness program by most international institutions as a result of the implementation of the Structural Adjustment Program. Unfortunately for President Bio, he was faced with the challenge of convincing our international partners like the IMF and World Bank to return after fleeing our country because of massive corruption which resulted in Austerity.

    Currently the New Direction government is still fulfilling the conditions of our debtors with mostly taxpayers monies and exports of around $4 billion Gross Domestic Products (GDP). The COVID-19 economic shocks made it even harder for the average citizen, but thankfully our donor partners are rewarding the government with mostly grants based on their credibility which is helping to cushion the economic shocks. Finally I believe that every patriotic Sierra Leonean should be hoping and praying for the Free quality education program to succeed without any corruption or examination malpractices. The only way our nation will be transformed into at least middle Human Capital Development within the next ten to 15 years is through education which is still a work in progress.

  2. To expect a third world country like Sierra Leone, with a checkered history and insurmountable problems to suddenly develop within 36 months beggars belief.

    • Mr Peter Douda, we don’t expect Bio to catapult Sierra leone from a struggling third world country to a so-called first world country. What we expect from Bio as the elected president of the country, is to lay the foundation stone for economic development. At least sixty years of so-called independence, we should be a middle income country. Our country is not located in the Sahara desert. We have a tropical climate and abundance of natural resources. And the best human capital in the world. And since Bio, went on national television and admitted corruption as the main driver of under development, we expected him to take robust actions to bring an end to that scourge, that has brought us nothing but suffering since independence.

      If you take Ghana right up till 1981, when Ft. Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings took over in a coup for the second time, Ghana’s economy was also engulfed in massive corruption, and with incompetent political leadership. Inflation was running high. Well to do Ghanaians used to come to Sierra leone to buy even colgate and other household items. Rawlings came in. Put an end to all that nonsense. And placed Ghana on the road to development. One individual politician, with determination is capable of making a change for the better for his people not his family and friends only.

      Just as one individual can make a difference for good, common sense suggest the opposite of that can make life harder for his or her fellow citizens. Just ask yourself a question. If there was no Foday Sankoh, will there have been an RUF war? So the good and bad can happen in both ways. And its all down to one man or woman actions or the lack of it. So Bio needs to step up the plate. We all want him to succeed. It will bring joy to all Sierra Leoneans. But has he got what it takes to make it happen? Don’t hold your breath.

    • Actually, what ‘beggars belief’ is to have a group of non-achievers, clandestinely took over governance of an impoverish nation with all the natural resources to become a rich nation, however, within a period of 36 months, while the citizens economic woes either stagnated or deteriorated, the political crooks all become millionaires with offshore bank accounts. What is exactly normal about this picture brother Dauda?

  3. When someone assumes the presidency I start them off with a grade of A. Thereafter, their performance dictates whether they decline or enter the realm of supper genius. This is the realm where their patriotism and nationalism come into sharp focus, as well as their leadership style, not forgetting whether they are unifiers or dividers. My factors of assessment give Siaka Stevens an F grade. I grew up in his era. I can remember where mother Sierra Leone stood when he took over and how he left her for dead in 1985 when he handed the country to Momoh. Momoh never recovered from the shock of being handed the presidency until the blow that was intended for Siaka Stevens floored him for the count in 1992. He too gets an F. President Kabba has to come in with a B plus grade. He ended the rebel war and left office having given our country a fighting chance.

    Ernest Koroma creeps in with a grade of E minus. The Commission of Inquiry revealed so much about his poor leadership qualities. Official corruption thrived under him. He had a revolving door for ministers he sacked for corruption like Kemoh Sesay and Afsatu Kabba. Bio is hovering around an F. He behaves like a punch drunk boxer who does not know where he is with the stadium spinning around him. He is in the room which the late legendary boxer Mohammad Ali called the “half dream room“. He may well have been voted out before he recovers. Sierra Leone has only ever had two leaders: His Excellency Sir Milton Margai and His Excellency Ahmad Tejan Kabba. May the Almighty Allah/God grant them perpetual peace.

  4. Mr Brima Sesay, calling Bio a great leader reminds me of other spoon fed indoctrinated propaganda citizens of another country called North Korea under the leader Marshall Kim Jong-un. But even with Chairman Kim Jong-un, and in sharp contrast with our own Dear leader Rt. Brigedia Marshall, Julius Maada Bio, when the North Koeran economy took a nose dive as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, the North Korean leader not known for propensity for upholding human rights, and just like Sierra-leone with a rigid government controlled press by the state, was gracious enough to come out on State media and admit, that his five years plan to grow his economy is not going to plan. That North Koreans should prepare themselves for economic shortfalls. And rough and rugged road ahead.

    Now, if we compare his statement, to the Sofa interview Bio gave on his records since taking office, you will be forgiven to think our economy is booming.That because of his great leadership, foreign direct investment is heading our way. That unemployment is down. And since taking office, Bio has commissioned the building of more hospitals and health centres, roads networks, bridges, schools, around the country. And infant mortality rate is down. Rape and murder cases against young women are thing of the past. And through his hard work, finally our country can say it has turned the corner on the fight against corruption. And this is attributed to Bio’s dedication to the service to Sierra Leone. Finally at long last we have a president that understands the issues affecting the ordinary man and woman.We can say with a straight face our natural resources is being used for the good of all not a small cliques of corrupt individuals.

    Thanks to Bio’s efforts we can now say we have adequate clean water supply, 24hours electricity supply, paved roads, low cost housing for ordinary families. No more tribal and regional differences, because Bio has made it his mission to visit every district in the country reminding us about the RUF wars, and we should all look at ourselves as
    Sierra Leoneans not wedded in tribal enclaves. Bio came to Makeni and address the largest crowd telling them how sorry he was for the awful events that resulted to the loss of youths life. That he will ensure those responsible will be held in to account. That tribalism has no place under his government. That if you want to judge him on being the president for every tribe in Sierra Leone, look at the make up of his government. He doesn’t only like preaching about bringing people together but he practices it himself. And due to his great leadership, and the investments he made in agriculture, and helping our Farmers, his government has put a moratorium on rice imports, because now thanks to Bio, our farmers through his government support scheme is now producing enough rice to feed the nation. When all of the above come to pass then we can recommend him for the noble peace prize. Otherwise lets stop lying to ourselves. Its not good for our country.

  5. Absolutely well said Special Agent Young4na; Its always refreshing and delightful to see you come out on this glorious forum guns blazing with both hands on the triggers of probity and accountability,before replacing your weapons with the massive Cannons of Truth that always fire with a frightening noise. Fact check – mic check….Checkmate…Special Agent Young4na keeping these SLPP loyalists strictly in check before they end up wrecking themselves.(lol)

    • Yes sir, the great SAYEDNA, alias professor Stargazer, the intellectually acclaimed brother, with sprawling eyes encompassing our nation’s political spectrum, persistently calling things exactly what they are, with energy and candor. Keep it up bro, I have been extremely busy lately, however, quietly admiring your steadfast and stamina.

  6. Fellow Sierra Leoneans, and supporters of the current regime, if your utterances in this platform deserve an iota of credibility, I implore you to provide contrasting analyses of the past 3 years since the current regime took over on the basis of the following criteria: 1. The economy — policies and perceive elasticity of certain key economic indicators, such as the prices of basic commodities and services; along with the trajectory of private investment activities which induces employment opportunities for all citizens, regardless of political affiliation. 2. Healthcare and Social services — the policies and perceive availability of quality basic healthcare services to vulnerable citizens such as infants, elderly, the disable, and pregnant women. The availability of well equipped, and adequately staffed, professional medical centers across the nation for citizens needs also comes into play.

    3. Infrastructure — projects and the availability of energy in the form of electricity supply and the construction of modern roadways, hospitals, schools, and other national edifices. 4. Security — the citizens perceive sense of peace and stability from threats, both within and outside of the nation. Do citizens have freedom of expression? Is the political climate conducive for democratic debates, without fear of political retribution and other threats? Is there an independent judiciary? Conditions of prison institutions and how are prisoners treated? Etc. please provide vivid examples to support your analysis, and clearly point to us what meaningful, practical changes have taken place during the past 36 months. Remember, just as the fight against corruption is a hoax, mere policy proposals and projects on paper that have yet to see any practical implementation are nothing but propaganda.

  7. On this very forum about a month and a half ago, Bio’s Chief Minister was reported saying that the SLPP Government had already met 34 of its 38 Manifesto Commitments, giving the impression of an outstanding and spectacular performance by a government that was well on its way to transforming our country into a nirvana of economic progress and political stability. However, in an interview broadcast on national television just a day or two ago and again reported on this forum, the President was not as mathematically precise as his Chief Minister had been about their government’s achievements. Of course like his Chief Minister the President did indulge in the interview in collective self-congratulation, referring in particular to his government’s introduction of free basic education in every region of our country.

    He was not so confident though when asked whether overall and with the benefit of hindsight there were things his government could have done differently. He felt it was far too early to make any definitive conclusion about the success or failure of his government’s policies and programmes. The implication being that only time would tell whether those policies and programmes would produce the desired results. The question is, are the President and his Chief Minister really singing from the same hymn book? Do they truly have the same conception of what their Manifesto Commitments are and how many of these have been met three years into the government’s five-year term of service to the nation?

    The answer must be that they don’t or are contradicting each other purposely. Either way, what we are left with is political spin. Pure and simple. It is spin that trumpets what is made to be a highly effective, successful, result-orientated SLPP Government. On another level, it is spin aimed at mollifying with an eye already on the next round of general elections, what must be a disillusioned Sierra Leonean electorate. To forestall any backlash resulting from undelivered electoral promises, Sierra Leoneans are being told right away that the current government’s policies and programmes constitute work in progress and will come to fruition only if the government is re-elected. Sierra Leonean voters are no fools. They are hurting right now and know why. More importantly, they know what to do to stop the pain.

  8. Oh my fellow Sierra Leone people, let’s come to acknowledgement all the accomplishment through this great leader “President” the country has ever had, as a competent leader. From high schools to colleges and universities, if you choose to study science to become a doctor, engineer, psychologist and so on, it’s very expensive for we the poor people. The previous gov’t APC under the leadership of EBK, nothing was improved. Ernest Bai Koroma was the (Dean) of all these colleges my friends, though we thinking different ways but my fellow commentators let’s practice to speak the truth, the whole truth nothing but the truth. If we allow ourselves just a little bit, and credit H.E.Bio for what he has done in this short term for the past three years, believe it or not, the mighty God will rain down His mercy on us abundantly.

    The current ruling party under the leadership of H.E.RTD. BRG.DR. President Julius Maada Bio’s new direction has improved the country. The donors, European union together with the United States are watching. If think the country is going the wrong direction, well for your information they are not. Can we wait for their reports? As you know, these people are not hesitant to say the truth. President Bio, the enemies will try to do everything they could to tear you down, but my advice to you is as follows: when they go down, you go up. For the past three years in office on to the election day, let God and the voters decide, and I’m confident that your victory is at the corner by the power of God. Do not ever apply for more time neither to be self elected as life endless chairman for the SLPP party when you leave office. Millions of Sierra Leoneans are graful for your leadership. Thank you and God bless sierra Leone.

  9. “People don’t grow old, when they stop growing they become old”. The way we perceive things in our lives makes us who we are. In my opinion, I want to say that my president, your president our president Dr.Julius Maada Bio is doing better than any of our previous leaders. Within his tenure of office, several achievements have been gained in addressing issues of national interest. Some are work-in-progress and some already completed. The eradication of clique boys giving assurance for people to move freely at night unarmed; the free education as flagship program is a success; fighting corruption – giving investors assurance to invest. Currently, we are now having brand new car centers in the increase as compared to the only one brand new car center in Lumley that we used to have; Tourism sector advancement is evident when you visit our beaches.

    Freetown people do not wish to hear of curfews or lockdown any more as people now find the beach areas as a recreation center; the land ministry-Land wahala is becoming a thing of the past. His government has helped reclaimed government lands and properties of national interest eg. the dam at hill station etc; the free education is helping the disadvantaged acquire jobs so easily now – with your 5 credits you are chanced to enrol in the military as cadet just for free. This is one of the good impact of this program that we must know. With your 5 credits you can enter University or acquire jobs in private or public sectors other than the security services; the list goes on.

    The first president Sierra Leone ever had that tries to inform the public of his achievements through publications something previous administration find it difficult to do; He has repealed the criminal libel law – paving way for freedom of speech and more. The list goes on and on. Prudent management of public funds by introducing procurement pricing norms – monitoring and evaluating procurement processes and procedures; the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) helping out to sanitize the payroll system of government as well as putting straight the birth and death records – people find it very difficult today to backdate their birth certificates; increase mines investment companies; list goes on. It is only when you follow-up on the developmental strides of Dr.Julius Maada Bio there and then you will know that he has actually worked hard within his three years of reign.

  10. He knows himself that, he has been deceived by his trusted allies, for letting him fail woefully.

  11. President Bio is not the problem. The leader is but a reflection of the people. Botswana found Diamonds in the 70’s. They have visa free access to the U.K. They only have diamonds.

  12. Three years ago president Bio made a string of promises to Sierra Leonean voters during his campaign for the presidential election. Three years on, the only changes that have taken place, is Bio’s bank balance and those of his friends, that he admitted in that sofa TV confessions, that he only appoints people in position of government because of their connection to him. He promised to fight corruption, but his government is more corrupt than any other government given the time frame he’s been in power. So in Bio’s orbit qualifications for your job counts for little. That explains why he wanted to parachute his buddies to the Mayor’s office.

    He promised to bring the country together, but right now he holds the record as the worst president that orders the killing of his fellow Sierra Leoneans in peace time. He introduced the lexicon of terrorism in our politics. Hence his vendetta politics against Dr Blyden, and Rt. Major Paolo Conteh. Infrastructure like roads, electricity, health, defence, police, education, housing, and the justice system, the rule of law and free press, have all taken a turn for the worse. In all policies, Bio has been a great failure. I just wish he can resign now and let Fatima Bio do the last two years of his presidency. She appears stronger in character than him. Well she is already running the country as our unelected president.

  13. When the Fox don’t have the grapes, he will always say the grapes is saw. Whenever an Arrow of Hate and Deceit is thrown at the blessed one, it will and always bounce and return to senders!

    • Depends on who you think is the BLESSED one: If it is that criminal in State House that slaughtered 40 unarmed prisoners like chickens in cold blood you are talking about then I think its about time for all delusional SLPP supporters to run hastily along and ask their trusted Physicians to re-evaluate the antipsychotics Meds that they have been taking – Its clear to me that the intermittent hallucinations are now getting more and more intense and out of control.(lol) Keep our itsy bitsy children very far away from these people…hahahahaha.

  14. The only things that that might have changed since last elections are the personnel and higher payroll cost, and probably the redirection of our looted monies to Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Dubai and the far east Asia, hence the western Banks have become a bit more tricky to do business with looted funds.

  15. Like what I have been saying all these years: Bio is not a leader and never should have been allowed to run for the highest office of the land, especially as a former military man who has a very dark record in his military days. I hope we amend our constitution to a modern day society wherein, stringent laws could be implemented for those running for the office of the president and vice president.

    Anyone vying for these two offices should be scrutinized severely: check their financial status, assets declaration, criminal records, time spent in the country, etc, so that never again will we see the likes of Maada Bio and his ego minded tribalism and looters. This nonesense really has got to stop guys.

  16. Three long arduous years of lies,deceits and empty promises that kept on vanishing like mists in a storm on a cold winters day are all that our people have be experiencing even though we have been pleading tirelessly with the moving hands of Time to pause kindly in an attitude of solidarity with the poor just to prove to them that she cares about their back breaking toil and suffering. But Time waits for no man we are responsible for the end results and consequences of our actions. If you are among those who elected this President into the highest office in the land then you must be ready to endure gallantly the difficulties that come with abject poverty without shedding any tears of regret – that is your portion, drink it now in sadness for there is no Fate but what we make for ourselves.

    Answer – Who has ever seen a President that surrounds himself with human crutches that has been able to achieve success? This whole exercise is a disgraceful failure – Bread and butter issues have become excruciating migraine headaches for them. (lol) Losers galore! Brazen thieves that resemble peevish school boys with sly,sheepish smiles that’s who they are. Their shoddy poorly implemented Free Quality Education has left millions of children worse off than ever before.
    Again, what major infrastructural projects have they finished thus far in the interest of Sierra Leone? Tell me, are there already measures and policies now squarely in place to care for the elderly,disabled and mentally ill?

    Of course not! Yet their evil thieving wicked hearts never stop trying to deceive our struggling people huh? Three demoralizing, wasted fruitless years of lackluster efforts by SLPP dummies banging their heads against solid brick walls,angsting over how to fix a broken economy, yet without any success at all. Goodness gracious.

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