Sierra Leone receives Ebola vaccine from Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 April 2021:

The government of Sierra Leone and the World Health Organisation have today announced that US pharmaceutical company – Johnson & Johnson, has donated thousands of Ebola vaccines to Sierra Leone to help prevent any major outbreak of the virus in the country.

This comes after neighbouring Guinea recently recorded cases of Ebola near the botder with Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone’s ministry of health says that the Ebola vaccine will be used on frrontline health workers operating in the border towns. This is what the government said today:

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  1. Thank God for these Ebola vaccines which will be used to prevent the spread of the disease from the towns bordering Guinea to the rest of the country. We cannot afford to lose the limited number of healthcare personnel in Sierra Leone as happened during the 2014 outbreak. Also the world has enough problems with the present pandemic and cannot afford another deadly disease circulating the world. I hope the vaccine is effective in stopping the spread of the disease and that the recipients have little or no side effects. Well done to WHO and to Johnson and Johnson for donating these vaccines to Sierra Leone.

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