Anti-Corruption Commission charges two to court for selling fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 July 2021:

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), has charged Gibrilla Kamara, a Western Area Urban DICOVERC Mobilization Officer and Michael Abdulai, also a Western Area Urban DICOVERC Mobilization Officer to court on  three counts of corruption offences involving; conspiracy to commit a corruption offence, contrary to Section 128(1); Abuse of office, contrary to Section 42(1), and Accepting an advantage, contrary to Section 28(2) of the Anti-Corruption Act No.12 of 2008, as amended by the Anti-Corruption Act No. 9 of 2019, respectively.

According to the particulars of offence, both Gibrilla Kamara and Michael Abdulai, on diverse days between the 1st July, 2021 and 5th July, 2021 conspired with other unknown persons to sell fake COVID-19 vaccination cards at a cost of Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Leones (Le 350,000.00) per card, to non-vaccinated individuals who want to abstain from taking approved vaccination jabs but nonetheless access government buildings and bypass other national COVID-19 restrictions, contrary to NACOVERC regulations.

The ACC says that Gibrilla Kamara and Michael Abdulai, were both arrested two weeks ago, in what the ACC described as SCORPION SQUAD videoed anti-corruption intelligence and sting operation selling fake vaccine cards to members of the public in the Central Business District of Freetown.

They are both expected to make their first appearance at the High Court in Freetown tomorrow 29th July, 2021.

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  1. The Legendary Confucius once proclaimed to his disciples; ” A leader is like the wind, and his people are just like grass; And wherever the wind blows,there also,without any doubts will the green grass lean.” Ingenious! Folks, those words of wisdom were uttered centuries ago but their truth remain significant and relevant even today in my corrupt Sierra Leone and in other places around the globe. Listen, these are simple nursery rhymes, not rocket science theories and complexed ideas we are dealing with here; The people involved in corruption like those the ACC has charged for selling fake vaccination certificates are all victims of this governments ineptitude, greed and indifference. The economy is a total mess.

    If this barren SLPP government had done all the right things in perfect order, People would have been taking the jabs with confidence and great ease instead of trying to use shady ways to survive in my beloved Sierra Leone, the only place I am proud to call my home.(lol)

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