APC defiance and adherence to rules

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 January 2019:

Umaru Napoleon Koroma – SLPP Secretary General: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 January 2019:

The SLPP has noticed with grave concern, the spate of lawlessness and indiscipline demonstrated mostly by members of the main opposition APC. Of special interest to the party is the attempted defiance by some high-ranking officials of the APC of orders from the state security apparatus, following their call for questioning.

The SLPP as the ruling party, feels compelled to bring it to the attention of the public, that it decries all forms of indiscipline and lawlessness, and urges the state security apparatuses to do all they can to maintain the peace and security of the state within acceptable limits and statutes.

The unwarranted political tensions generated by the attitude of the main opposition party, have clear undertones and they are done calculatedly with the intent to disrupt the peace of the country, thereby signalling a state of insecurity that will scare potential investors away.

This is not just unpatriotic but a show of insensitivity to the needs of the people of this country, which has shifted from politics to governance since April 4, 2018. (Photo: Umaru Napoleon Koroma).

The SLPP also holds the Office of President and its holders in high esteem. Former President Koroma continues to enjoy the highest respect deserving of a person who has held that office. The SLPP will always honour him as a one-time fountain of justice and first gentleman of our country.

We also expect the former president to conduct himself in a manner bespeaking of his status. His invitation by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) could not have arisen if only he had kept within the bounds of an elderly statesmen.

When invited by the SLP, he is expected to demonstrate the highest sense of respect for law and order, and comply without rancour.  His supporters mobilizing to visit the scene of his interrogation and not stopping them from obstructing the work of the police, was very unfortunate and could not have been condoned.

His call for questioning by the SLP is not novel in the world and even Africa. The former South Africa President Jacob Zuma currently standing trial for alleged corrupt practices during his tenure. The late Zambian President Frederick Chiluba went through a similar experience after quitting office.

In the case of our former President Koroma, his refusal to relinquish his position in the APC after promising the people of this country of doing so three months after elections of 2018, has kept him in direct line with party politics and therefore bears the responsibility for the actions of his party.

The SLPP also condemns in very unequivocal terms, the attack on journalists especially the AYV crew, who were performing their sacred duty and the recent audio message alleged to be coming from an APC supporter threatening the life of the BBC reporter in our country.

The attack on the media by APC supporters is testimony of the intolerance and rowdy behaviour of the party, which its leadership has always failed to condemn and prevent.

The SLPP will encourage the security forces to be more vigilant and robust as the peace and serenity of the country cannot be compromised for the interest of a disgruntled few. We urge our members and the general public to refrain from all acts of indiscipline and sabotage.


Umaru Napoleon Koroma – SLPP Secretary General


  1. Are people thinking about meeting their creator and giving account of their actions on earth?
    When truth goes against dad say it and repent

  2. This is totally unacceptable in Sierra Leone politics. The country has suffer from an 11 years civil war, Ebola outbreak, and mudslide which left thousands of people dead. And since the election is over, political tension in the country has become something that everyone is now afraid of.

  3. Bio and his SLPP are the cause of the problems in sierra Leone. Their plan is to kill the APC party, but they will never succeed.

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