APC parliamentary leader chericoco takes charge and debunks lies and false allegations against our party – Op ed

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 August 2022:

We do not have a party Chairman, so our APC Parliamentary chair, Hon. Chernor Bah (Chericoco) should also engage in constructive dialogue with the international community, consensus groups and organizations and stakeholders to give the APC side of the story.

APC had nothing to do with the August 10 demonstration but one person who hates the APC is doing all the talking, all the engagements and virtually blackmailing us to the world.

The demonstration was planned and staged by the PEOPLE’S POWER IN POLITICS (PPP) . They have released a public statement, , explaining everything and owning complete responsibility. For this President to keep going around and meeting people and lying to them that the demonstration was a coup attempt and a terrorist plot by the APC is very deceitful, dangerous and unfair to our party.

There is nothing that stops Hon. Chericoco (Photo) from taking the initiative to repel and debunk President Bio’s lies and diabolical and subterranean moves to paint the APC to the world as a terrorist party that is so desperate for power that it could not even wait for the elections and sent youths and people into the streets to engage in violence.

President Bio, through his lies, is endangering the lives and well- being of members of our political party; and he is even endangering the existence of our party. No wonder SLPP mobs are threatening our lives and even extending it to our families.

No wonder our people in Freetown and the North are being exterminated by death squads of the SLPP led by Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Lahai Lawrence Leema and top Kamajor commanders in the Army like Hydara Amara and Desmond Bockarie.

Peter Alfred Conteh is President Bio’s puppet and plaything being used to destroy our party. Now, we know that this incorrigible Alfred Conteh was never a member of our party, and he does not have the love of our party in his heart.

For him to join our enemies to lie on our party to the BBC that APC malcontents staged the demonstration is the worst betrayal since Judas Iscariot sold Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver to the Jews. Even worthy comrades now deceased will be turning in their graves in anger at this great betrayal of our party by Peter Alfred Conteh.

Chericoco needs to step up in the vacuum and save the name and future of our party by giving the world our own side of the story. We were not a party to the demonstrations. Why are we sitting down and allowing ourselves to be framed by these nebulous political ghouls?



  1. In the first place as a leader of the APC in parliamemt, why do you say our enemies? Please Chericoco we are not enemies in Sierra Leone we are brothers and sisters, stop preaching tribalism. Every nowadays the inresponsible coward calling himself Adabayor is using the name of APC pretending as a patriotic to incite peaceful youths to commit violence in the country and threatening of killing some members in the country. You never debunked his incitement audio messages on WhatsApp. Please we need total and entire peace in the country. The wicked should be brought to book for their evil act. I pray that the souls of the deceased react.

  2. ART, I was responding to him calling me stupid. That was absolutely uncalled for. You should have warned him sir. I have endured too much name-calling on this forum. Go through the threads and see. The warning has been overdue. Tell the guys on this forum to debate issues and stop the insults and name-calling.

    Hashim said on AUGUST 19, 2022 AT 12:10PM: “Now I know that the ‘educated elites are the actual problem for salone. You mean Kabs kanu could write these stupid things with a straight face….”

  3. Young4na, do you think these SLPP gravy-seekers, idiots and numbskulls renouncing these facts we are presenting do not know everything ? DECEPTION IS THEIR STOCK-IN-TRADE. They know the whole accusation about APC terrorist attacks and military coup plot are effusions from sick minds burdened by deceitful and poison-politics.

    Kabs Kanu, with over one million readers now in the social media and online, “is writing stupid things with a straight face” , eh? I did not stop laughing at this retarded statement by another dumb SLPP defender describing himself with a fake handle as Hashim while also faking to be APC. Hashim, continue making yourself the laughing stock you and your daft President and government have become with your lame excuses for this disaster calling itself a government.

    I do not have time to respond to you miserable hoboes again. It is an absolute waste of time. I just write my articles now and “scatterize” ( Distribute ) them throughout Facebook, Whatsapp and online newspapers . And boy, are people gobbling them ! ! Even the international community is now in touch with me and fully aware that these SLPP zealots are just spreading abominable lies about a demonstration that we all know was staged by the PPP ( PEOPLE’S POWER IN POLITICS ). Don’t you see how the Liberian and Nigerian media are ridiculing them ? Even the BBC African Service lampooned Bio . In fact, I heard that the BBC has now placed Peter Nartey on the ground in Freetown so that he will be sending them accurate information and thwart the incidence of fake narratives and bold-faced lies from these political misfits.

    I heard some audios today in which the PPP are threatening more protests in Sierra Leone. Let SLPP continue bashing us, the messengers. That is all they are noted for and that is their game plan. DOE GET FOR CLEAN PAN DEM BY SURPRISE and you will bite their miserable fingers and see no blood. Unless you are looking for war ( And you were taught on August 10, the people are ready to fight it ) , you are on your last foot. Maada Bio and his tribalistic fiefdom will soon be history. Then, it will be time for us to punish some of you who may have a case to answer.

    You have just seen the kickoff. The bigger game has not been played yet, according to the PPP in their audios.

  4. By all indications, the events that culminated into the horrific happenings on August 10th, were widely communicated to the authorities weeks in advance by the organizers, PPP; instructing citizens to partake in a 3 days peaceful protests, with the first 2 days being a ‘stay at home’, and the last day being a walk out protest, demanding prices of commodities reduction, rule of law and justice for all, and the resignation of the president.

    As planned, Monday the 7th August, the first day of the peaceful protest was observed with majority of the businesses shutdown. The authorities though having downplayed the entire protest, took to the streets and media outlets, persuading businesses people to reopen theirs shops, with market leaders instructed to threaten those sellers who refuse to sell get their selling-spot giving to someone else. There were even reports of the government dishing out moneys to key businesses stakeholders just to bribe or force others to resume selling.

    With the messaging and efforts made by government officials, especially the minister of trade, who was out in the street convincing business people, Tuesday August 9th, second day of the protest, was observed with partial businesses shutdown in the capital and other parts of the country.

    With Wednesday August 10th expected to have been the big day of the protest, with reports indicating that State house, parliament, and major government premises secure and barricaded, i am still trying to fathom how exactly the so called coup plot by the opposition could have succeeded without the security forces involvement. Let’s for augment sake assume there was indeed a coup plot by the opposition, with Maada Bio resigning, being one of the demands of the protest organizers, what makes you think any of the leadership of the opposition will automatically become president without the security backing? Total garbage and illogical.

  5. Now I know that the ‘educated elites are the actual problem for salone. You mean Kabs kanu could write these stupid things with a straight face, this is troubling. Unless the PPP is about the fear of Ekutay losing its grip on the APC party machinery . To most of us in the party (APC) the brouhaha should be studied much within the context of the internal APC power play- ekutay’s fear of another tribe leading the party is far more of a problem to the PP than the SLPP, yet Kabs Kanu who was far away in the U.S during the civil crisis is bent on this shameless deceitful campaign with higher focus on tribal division. Am a mende but a proud APC- the group kanu continue to smear, what a travesty. Kabs lef nor, you nar big man behave lek one nor .

  6. A court imposing a chairnan at the throats of a party is analogous if not more undemocratic than the following outrageous actions of some of our nation’s wreckers during our sustained chequred history.

    – SLPP’s Albert Margai failed attempt to introduce one-party rule.
    – Military coup after the SLPP’s Sir Albert Margai lost the election in the 60s.
    – the APC Siaka Stevens’ egregious introduction of one-party rule in the 70s.
    – The APC’s Siaka Stevens’s tinkering of our sacred constitution to have that burly buffoon of a former soldier to be president, in lieu of his vice-president Sorie Koroma in the 80s with a flimsy excuse he was sickly. Admittedly, Big Waist Momoh is given some modicum of credit in some circles as he is the only breed of our nation’s wreckers who was humble enough to go to the BBC air waves and declared he was an abject failure although he failed to follow through that rare candour and resign but waited for fate or providence to follow its logical course.
    – The 1990s usurping of the constitution by a bunch of semi-literate soldiers who refused to do their professional jobs to fight and swapped the savagery and loneliness at the warfront with the comfort and perks of state house treating it as every kid will do if they are catapaulted in a candy shop. It is an understatement to say that the N0RC regime turned the flames of war into a conflagration.
    – the unconstitutionality of sacking Sam-Sumana, the duly elected vice-president, by the APC’s Ernest Bai Koroma in the last decade.
    – sending the not-a-force-for-good police to forcefully eject ten members of the opposition- not one – from the wells of our sacred Parliament after the victorious Julius Bio’s SLPP Government manipulated the corrigible judiciary in a cynical move to create an artificial parliamentary majority.

  7. I personally believe that it is now official that the APC party has finally IMPLODE in front of the WHOLE WORLD. But thankfully, through the prayers of our citizens, it only happened in their strongholds and not the entire country. “Who so ever dig a pit shall fall in it”.

    If I can use the biblical analogy, Alfred Peter Conteh (Mr. APC) who has sacrificed his time, money and his precious life , is the “David” figure who the Almighty has destined to face the Goliaths of the APC since our independence 61 years ago. He has taken the bold step to change his party from the narrative of Propaganda, Lies, Intimidation and Violence which are the recipes for DESTRUCTION. Now he has to pick up the broken pieces left behind from the August 10 attempted coup. “There is always LIGHT if we are BOLD enough to see it.

    Finally, Honorable Chernor Bah had been very helpful to the New Direction government based on the fact that he has set a new record of organizing WALK OUT rather than debating and voting on critical issues since 2018. Let’s continue to hope that the RULE OF LAW and DEMOCRACY will prevail under the leadership of Mr. APC, and the culprits that are responsible for all the destruction of lives and properties that have occurred since 2018 will finally be held accountable.

  8. Who is Alfred Peter Conteh in the APC party? I am kind of confused of his role in the APC party with reference to this article. He is labled as a puppet, destroyer and an incorrigible Alfred Conteh. Incorrigible as in not able to be changed or reformed. Does this mean that, after all Peter Conteh’s successful legal processes to change the APC to be more transparent for party member to be fairly treated, now you wanting him to be changed or reformed again I guess to go back to the dark and unfair ways of previous party ethics. As the saying goes in Krio “monkey nor dae lef im black hand”.
    Peter Conteh’s straight talk about the involvement of some APC members in the attempted coup is highly applauded. When group of people organised and plan to take over a sitting elected president from his presidential seat, then in a lay mans sense, it is a coup simple. Peter Conteh is the kind of person our country need to lead an opposition party to agree and disagree with the ruling government. It is of no good to oppose him because he said the truth. The truth is hard to say for some people. Lonta.

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